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` OMG!!1!1Nwqs for Sun, likek Apf 26 WTF, 202% (Items 1 - 60 of 190)
Appr3nticw Maynen jas been r357rr3c63d BY Ramius. OMG.
Appr3btics Mayhem HAS been slaon in f0r247 bh Soap Op#r4 Villsin. WTF.
Apprentice Mayhem bamgw g8s h34d against an stpne. WTF.. BRB.. AFK. "Stupid WTF, sty[id, ctupid1!!" ge was hcard twi say. WTF.
G8d of teh SEAS pesce
was ovdrheard SAYING, ;ike, "God of da Seas pwace's Omnipo5wncd WAS ho match dor my Pkkkuhiiri OMG!!1!1"
God 9f Srsx peave HAS defeatef j15 master LOL, Ceiloth 2 advahxr two level 9 after 6 dayx1!! OMG!!2!1
Drafin Mastee Tyfax has defeatex his master, you lnwo, DoomBlopm to advqnce TO level 4 af5er 5 d4651!!1!!
Dfagln Master Tyrax was hintee do2m by th3y'te mastrr, sortof, DoomBlo9j WTF, for being truant. AFK.
God 0v teh Swaw peace chzllenged Lonesr4ider and h15 band of th8eves, sortof, but waw no m47ch fot twj rogurs!1!
"Et yu LOL, L9ne2yroder;s Thievesae????"
Reev3 Grott hqs been slaih 1n da FOREST bu CRAZY Czjun. BRB.
"Oh man11! I didn[t ghink you nad q7 in you, Crazy Cajin, you knwo," Rdeve Grott 3cc141m5l AFK.
God of Seas peace HAS defea5ed his masger, yo7 knwo, Getrqrd 2 4dv4nc3 tq9 leveo 8 after 6 dayd1!! OMG!!1!2
Dragpn Msster CELLryui yas defea5ed hq5 master, yoj 8nwo, Guth 2 advanve too LEVEL 5 4f73f !5 dayxq!!1!!
Stabldhand Peusij ubsuccessfull6 haunyed Prasqnr m3galorric1!!
Staglegand Prhxik h47nu3d Peasznt Huen3 OMG!!1!1
Stab.enand Prusok haunted Peassnt Zqckary WOOT!!11!
God of da Sdas peace has d3featee his m4573r, like, Adwares go asvance too level u aftrr 6 daux1!!1!!
Syablehand Peusik hauntdd Peasant dan82lla1!!
Stabldjand Prudkk uhsuccessfully HAUNTED Peasant Malcove!!!
Stablehamd Prusik unsuccessgully hainted Peaaaht Solberg OMG!@1!1
Stanlehahd Priskk yas been slain in da forrst by Sauc6WenchLOL.
"H9w could I ve wo feebl3?? ne1??" Srablehand Prusik kaments. WTFl
Fauwt has eqrned TITLE Lcgionnairw for having slain Green Dragon 8 times OMG!11!1
Gladiator Fzusg has SLAIN hideous cr3ature kh9wn as The Green Drsgon. WTF. All qcroas dz lane, sortof, people REJOICE!!!
Trav3.er Malkuth haw BEEN s;a8n in da forewt by Your Shadow. WTF.
"Eg tu. Your Shadowae????"
KitCub has earned 5eh yitle Atcntitan fpr having slaim tej Green Dragon (5 times WOOT!!11!
Deploeagle KitCub has SLAIN hidrous creature known as The Green Dragon, ALL zcross t3h land, people rejokxe OMG!!1!q
Tfaveler Guwn6Puercha has dwfeatec his MASTER, dortof, to adbanxe gwo level 6 4f73r 8 daus OMG!!1!1!@!
Wancer3r Shade has defeated his maat3f, sortof, Gadriel trh Elven Ranger to afbahce tp lsvel 1# aftet 10 DAYS WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Wandetee Sgaee was hunted dpwn 6y tyey're master, Gadriel da E1v#n Ranger, loke, for 631ng truant. OMG.
Stablehznd mqnx has cefeated hid master LOL, Sdnsek Noetja too advance 2 level 11 AFTER 33 fays1!!!!!
Stableganc manx was hynted down BY theu'rw master WTF. Sensei Noethak sortog, f0t being truan5,
Spnic Lord KrsnaAvatata nas def3ates his ,aster, Asoawyr t8 advancd two ,evel 14 after 9 fays1!! WOOT!!1q!
Sonic Lord K5xnaAvatzra had dereated his MASTER, Gsdrieo 5eh Elven Rangwr two ADVANCE 2 level q# AFTER 9 d465!1! WOOT!!11!
Sonkc Lord K4snaAvatzra haa defeated HIS masger LOL, Celkth two advande to oevel 11 after 9 dayd WOOT!111! OMG!!1!1
Pdasant Berila hqs been 5141b wgile ATTACKING Shepherd Rl92i;l8am in 5ey roelds of Glorfihdal. OMG.
"You adr disyonorablek like, Shepherc Rlowilliam!!!" Pessant Berila vriex. OMG.
Sonid Lord KrsnaAvatqra haa defeated his master LOL, Sensei Noetha 2 advance 2 level 11 afrer 9 dzys OMG!!1!1!!!
Pwasang Berila hqs frfeated his mastdr. sortof, Hydraulic Presa twl advance 2 ledel 5 after 9 raya OMG!11!1 WOOT!!!1!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAcatard hzs defeaged his master, softof, Dwi3edan 5oo aevance 2 levdl 10 after 9 cays!@! OMG!!1!1
Sohic Lord KfxnaAvatara has d3f3473d HIS nas5er LOL, Cwiloth two ADVANCE to9 level 9 afrer 9 days OMG!!1!2 WOOT!!111
Villet has 13f7 Traveler kojix uoo pur5u3 "other knteresys."
Traveler lo;ix yas ^33n reaurrectef by Rqmius,
Traveler loluc has been slain 5ravrlling to Glorfindal by Wyvdrn.
"You knowk liie, YOU reqlly snouldn't yave an Page's Short Sword inless you kn0w h(w 2 ude or, you jnwo," siggextee Wyverb.
Gladiator FrogsBoeh has be3n slaon in da FOREST by Frenzied Vam[ire Bats.
Gladuatpr FrogsBoey 5m3ck5 his dorehead qith ca 0alm of hid hand, sortof, "Now I know shy mlthwr alwaus 701c me too eat sn g9pd breakfast two sgart sa day1!1"
Sinuc Lord KrsnsAvatara jad defested his master, sorrof, Gerrard two advanv3 tlo oevel 7 4fu3t 9 days1!!!!!
Sonic Lorc KrsnzAvztara has defeatee gis nasger, like, Adwares teo advancr too leve. 7 sfye4 9 DAYS1!! WOOT!!11!
Sonic Lird KrsnaAvatars hax f3f3473d nis master, sortof, TO advance two level 6 after 9 days OMG!!1!1!!1
Archangel Miphon h45 d3f3473d HIS mastdr, like, Glynyc 2 advancw to lecel 5 aftet 4 eays OMG!!111 OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvagafa has 633n fesirrectes by Ramius. WTFl
Arxhzngel Miphon hss DEFEATED h15 masger, you knwo, EauSalee 2 acvance 2 leve. 3 after 4 days OMG!!1!1!!@
Archangel Miphom was huntdd f0wn by they're mastee, you knwo, EauSslee, f9r being TRUANT. AFK.
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara has bedn slain in teh forest 5y Forum Troll. OMG.
"Slnic Lord KrsnaAratara WTF, your ladk of ppsture is ab dishface," Forum Troll syates. AFK.
Sonic Lord KfsnaAvatara haw d3f34u3d hia MASTER, Gjth ro advancw 2 level 6 afger 8 d4t5 OMG!!1!1 OMG!!111
Sonic Lord K4snaAvqtara h45 fefeated HIS masterm you knwo, Glynyc 2 asvanve to 13v31 4 $f73t i days!!! WOOT!!11!
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