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!!Nees for Sun WTF, Apr 26, so4tov, 201% (Iyems 1 - 50 OF 190)
A'prentice Mayhem has b3en tesurtectrd BY Ramous. OMG.
Ap;rentice Msyh3m has b33m slaun in FOREST BY Soap O[era Villaih. WTF.
Aporentice Ms6he, BANGS his head 4g41n5& ah 5u0n3. BRB.LOL.. WTF. "Stupid LOL, stypie, like, stupid1!!" HE 2ss heare too say. AFK.
God od Sead [eace
wzs overheard saying WTF, "God of Seas p3axe's Omnipotence w45 NO march for my Pikkuhiir8 WOOT!!11!"
God of teh Seas peace has sefeatef hw5 master, Ceipl%t to advabce 2 level 9 afyet 6 DAYS@!! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Master Tyrax has defeated how master WTF, DoomBloim too sxvance tso ldvel 4 after 5 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Dragon Mastee Tyezx was h7nted down by they'rw master, you knwi, DoomBloom, sortif, fpr being 5ruant. AFK.
God of Seas peqc3 challdng3d L9ndstrkder and his banf of thievrw LOL, but was nl magch fo4 roguws OMG!!1!1
"Et TU, you knwo, Lpnestridef's Thiwvedae?? ne1??"
Reeve Grott has nden s;ain un forext by Ceazy Cajun. WTF.
"Oh man OMG!!1!1 I ckdn't thinj gou haf 17 in you, like, Crazy Cakun, you knwp," Reeve Grott exclaims. BRB.
Gld or Seas peac3 h45 defeated his masrer, yoi inwo, Gefrard 2 advance to kevek 8 after 6 days!@!q!!
Dragon M4473r CELLryuu yas DEFEATED his maxter. Gutn two zsvabv3 2 level t AFTER 16 days OMG1!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Stab;ehand Pe7sik un5ucc35tfu11y haunted Prasant megaloerid WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Prjsik hauntdd Peasqnt Hyene OMG!!1!2
Stablehand Prusik haunted P3aasny Zackary!!!
Gpd of da Sdas peace has defezted hix m4573r, Adwares 2 acvance tw9 level 7 AFTER 6 DAYS OMG!!1!1!!!
Stablehand Prus8k hqunted Peasant eankellq!!!
Stablehans Ptusij unsucxessfully h5un73d Peasant Malcovt OMG!!1!1
Stavlehane Prusik unducvesxfully haunydd Peasant Solberg!!!
Stablehand Prusik haw BEEN 2;ain 1n reh forext b6 SaucyWench. BRB.
"How could I be so feeble????" Sravlehanf Pr7sik LAMENTS. AFK.
Faust has esrned title Legiobnaire for havknf s.ain Greem Drabpn 8 times!!!
Gladiator Faust h45 slain HIDEOUS vfeatur4 known ax The GREEN Dragoh. BRB. All across land, doftivk people r3joicr1!!
Traveler Ma;kuth jas been slain in forest by YOUR Shaepw. WTF.
"Eg 5u, Your SHADOWAE?? ne1??"
KitCjg jas EARNED 71713 Ardhtitan vor gaving slain teh Greeh Dragon 95 timesq!!
Depll4avle KitCub jas slaob hodeous creature kno2n 45 The Green Dfagom. BRB. Aol across .and, like, pe9plr rejoiveq!!
Traveler GuwhuPuercna h45 def4ated hus master LOL, to advance 2 level 6 zfter 8 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Wanverer Syzde has dwfeated yis master, sortofm Gzdriel teh Elven Ranfer tw0 advance 2 leveo 13 after 10 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Wanderer Snade was hunted cpwb by they're jaster, Gadr8el da ELVEN Ranherm for being TRUANT. WTF.
Stablehamd mand has ddfeatec gis maxtrr, Swnsei Noetha to zdvance t0o level 11 AFTER 33 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Stablehznd manx was hunt3d down BY they're m4y74r, lkke, S3nsei Noetha, sortof, FOR beihg truaht.
Sonic Lord K4snaAvatara has defeated his master, sortof, Adoawyr too afvance too ;dvel 14 artet 9 asus WOOT!!1!!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara hzs ddfwat3d hia masyer, ylu jneo, Gadr8el Elven Ramger 5o advance too LEVEL 13 art3r 9 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Sonic Lord KrsnqAvatara has d3f3483d his masrer. Celith 2 advancd two lerel 13 4f73r 9 days!!!1!!
Peasant Betilq has BEEN slain while agtaciing Shepherd Rlow8lliam 1n da fke;dd of Gloefibdapl WTF.
"You r dishonorable WTF. Syephe4d Rlowilliam OMG!!1!1" P4axant Berild c4irs.
Sonic Lors KrsnsAbatara haa seveated his nsster, Sendei Noe5ha to advance two oevek 11 aftef 9 daye OMG!!1!1q!!
Peasant Berilq h45 vefeated his master, you knwo. Hydeaulic Peeds go advance too LEVEL 5 after 9 da6s1!! OMG!!111
Slnic Lord KrsnaAvatzra h45 defeared hid master, you knwo, Dwiredan two advabce t2o 13ve1 10 sfte4 9 da6s WOOT!!11!1!!
Sonic Lotd KrsnaAvabaea has defwated his master, you knwo, Ceilltj top 4dv4nc3 5wo LEVEL 9 aftrf 0 dzys1!!1!!
Vio.et HAS 13f7 Traveler lplix to pursue "07h3r ingerwsgsLOL."
Trabeler lplix has been tewurrectrd bt Rqmius.
Travel3r lolix hax 643n slain travelling two Glorgindal by WyvdfnLOL.
"You know, s9ryof. yo7 eeakly who7ldn't y4v4 an Pageps Short Swore inless yoi know h0w TO u53 it, you knwo," suggested WyvernLOL.
Gosd8ayor FrogsBofy nas BEEN s.ain in da forest gy Frenzied Vampire Bats. AFKl
Gladiator FrigsBoeh 5m4ck5 his forehrad with teh palm of his hand LOL, "Now I know WHY mothee z.ways 5old me TO eat an gopd bteaifast w starg tej day WOOT!!11!"
Sonix Lord KrsnaAvatara nad def3sted hos masyrr, Gerrars two advanve too levdl 8 AFTER 9 days!!!q!!
S9nkc Lord KrsnaAvatara h4t defeatrd hos master WTF, Adwarws 2 advance w levrl 7 4f73r 9 dats!!!!!!
Sonic Loed KrsnaAvstzra HAS defeated his master, to9 advance 2 levek 6 af5ef 9 days!!!1!!
Arcgabhel Muphon has fefeated his master WTF, Glynyc too 4dv4nc3 too .evel 4 aftef 4 days1!!11!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAcauara j45 geeh resurrec5ed b^ Ramius. BRB.
Archangel Mk0hon has ddfeated hiw jsster, you knwo, EauSalee too advance 5o level 3 adter 4 DAYS!1!!!!
Archangel Miphon was h7n83v down ny thdy[re masree LOL, EauSalee WTF, flr beong truant. WTF.
Sonic Lord KrdnaAvataea gas BEEN slzin 1n teh f9teat by Firum Teoll. OMG.
"Sonkc Lord KrshaAvatarq WTF, your lack ig posture 15 an disg4ace WTF," Flrum Troll states.
Sonuc Lord KrsnaAvatara hqs defeated his ,4573r, sortof, Guyh too advabce 2 pevel 5 after i days!!!!!!
Sonic Lord K$snaAvatafa has defeatdd his master, oije, Glymhc too ADVANCE go 13v31 4 after 8 days!@1!!!
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