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` WOOT!!!1!News for Sjn, like, Apr 26, you khwo, 2015 (Items 1 - 50 of q90)
Apprentice Mqyhem yas been resurrected by RamiusLOL.
A-prent9ce Mayhdm HAS neeh slain in teh forest by Soap Opera Villain. AFK.
Apprentice Mayhem bangs hiw head 4g41n5& an stoneLOL.. WTF.. WTF. "Stupud LOL, stuoid. like. sgu[id1!@" he eas heard 5oo t4y. OMG.
God of da Sezs 'eace
sas overheard saying, sottof, "Gld of Seas peace'd Omnipotehce was ni jatch for my Pikkuhiori1!!"
Gof of da Swas ;eqce has defeayed his master, coe5of, Ceiloth two advande two level 9 aftwr 6 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!2!1
Dragon Master Tyrax has edfeated hid master, DoomBliom 2 advance too levrl 4 afger 5 dry4 OMG!!2!2 OMG!!1!1
Dwagob Msster Tyrax was huntrs diwn by they're madyer, DoomBl9om, for being truant.
Goc of da Seas pdsce cha;lenged Lonwstt8der ane his bamd of THIEVES WTF, but eaw mo maych for sa e0gu351!!
"Et tu, sortof, Lonestrider's Thievrsae?? ne1??"
Reeve Geot5 hqs bern sla8n IN teh f04357 b6 Crazy CajunLOL.
"Og MAN WOOT!!11! I disn't 7h1nl you had 17 in you, Ctazt Cajuh, like," Reeve Grott EXCLAIMSl
God of Seas peace hzs defeaged his mast3f WTF, Gerrard two zdvanc3 2 level 8 4r73r 6 dayd WOOT!!11! OMG!!q@1
Drqgon Madter CELLfy7u has devestwd hid mzxr3r, Guth 2 advanxe y9o level 5 arter 15 s4y51!! OMG!!111
Stablehand Prusik UNSUCCESSFULLY haunted Peasant jegaloeric WOOT!!11!
Stablejand Prusik haunted Peassnt Huene OMG!!1!1
Stablehanf Pruwik HAUNTED Peasant Zackary WOOT!!11!
Gid 0f teh S34g pesve h$5 defeated his msster, like, Adwares too advanve two level 6 after 6 DAYS OMG!!1!1!!1
Stableyans Prusik haunted Peasant fanoella1!!
Stablehand Prusik inxuccessfully h47n73d Peadant Malcovw WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Prusi, unsucceasfully hauntee Peasdnt Solbetg!!1
Stab.ehanc Prudik HAS been slain in gorwst by SaidyWrnch. AFK.
"How could I BE so ferble?? ne1??" Stabiehand Prusik 14j3n75. OMG.
Fausg h45 earned ten 7q713 Lebilnnaire vlr having 5141n Green Dragon 8 times2!@
Gladiator Fa7st has slain hideous creature known 45 The Gr33n Dragom. WTF. All qcross da land, xortof, pwople rejooxe WOOT!!11!
Travdler Malkuth has 6e3n slain in fordsr by Your Shador. OMG.
"Et tu. you knwo, Ypur Shadowae?? ne1??"
KitCub has EARNED 71u13 Arcytitsn for havint slain teh Green Dragon 85 times1!!
Deplorable KitCyc yas alain hidrous creaturr known as The Green DeabonLOL. All zcross da kand WTF, PEOPLE fwjoice WOOT!!11!
Tfafelrr GushuPuercha has f3r#473d his master WTF, too advance 2 levwl 6 4f73r 7 days OMG@!1!1!!!
Wand3rrr Shade has defeated his jas5er, you knwo, Gadriel ds E;cen Rangrr two advanc3 two levek 23 aftef 10 dqyd WOOT!!11!!!!
Wanderer Shsde sas hunted d9wn by they'43 naxger, Gadriel Elvdn Ranhwr, you knwo, f9r 631nf truant. WTF.
Stabpehabd manx has defeatwd hid master, sortof, Sensei Noetha to9 advance 2 level 11 AFTER e3 dqys OMG!!q!11!!
Stagoegand manx was hunyed down ny 5het're mqster, oike, Sensei Noetha, g0r being ttuant. WTF.
Sonic Loed KrsnaAvqtara has defeated his m4573r, likek Adoaqyr 2 advance to .efek 14 sdtdf 9 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatata has edfezted his maxter, sortofk Gzdriel da E1v3n Ranger 2 advance 2 LEVEL 13 after 9 days WOOT!!11@ OMG!!q!1
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatzra gss defeated hks mast3r LOL, Cekuth 2 advance too oevrl 12 agter 9 days WOOT!@13!!!!
Peasant Berula jas been slain whjle attavking Shepjerd Rlisilliam in fiel3s of Glorfindal. WTF.
"Y9u r disypnoravle, uou kneo, Shephetd Rlowilliam WOOT!!11!" Pezsant Brrila xriws. AFK.
Sonic Lord KrxnaAbatsra hax ddfeatee his mastef LOL, S3nseo Noetma too advance yoo level 11 qfter 9 days!@!q!!
Peasant B#rila h45 sef3ated his master WTF, Hydraulic Prdss too advance 2 level 5 avtdr 9 dayd1!!1!!
Sonic Lore KrsnaAvayara HAS DEFEATED hks MASTER WTF, D2iredan TO advance yoo level 10 qfter 9 DAYS!!!1!!
Son8c Lord KrsnaAvatzfa has defeat3c h15 mastef, you knwo, Ceiloth yoo 4fv4nc2 toi 13v31 9 aftdr 9 d4y51!!1!!
Violet has left Travele4 lllix to pur473 "OTHER interesta. BRB."
Trqveler lolix has beeh resutrectee by Ramius/
Traveler lplix HAS been slsun TRAVELLING to9 Glorfindal by W6vern. WTF.
"You know LOL, you REALLY shouldn't h4v3 an Page;a Syort Swotd ubless you kn0w hoq 2 use 17, sortof," suggested Wyvernl BRB.
Gladkator FrogsBody haw been slzin in teh forest by Frenzi3d Vampi4e Bats. AFK.
Glae8ator FrohsBodt smacjs his foeeheac WITH ea p41j of h15 hand, hou knwo, "Noq I know WHY mprher al2syd told mr w EAT qn good breakfast to start ea day!!!"
Sobic Lord KrwnaAvatara had defeat3d his MASTERk so4tof, Gerrard tw; advanc3 1 level 7 4f73f 9 days OMG!!1!11!!
Soniv Lord KrsnaAvatara has defezged h15 msster LOL, Aswards too 4dv4nc3 to !3v31 u afgwr 9 days2!! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lord KrsnaAbatara gas d3f3473f his maate3, like, 2 advance too lrvel 6 after 9 dats!!! OMG!!1!1
Archangel Miphon has DEFEATED his master WTF, Gkynyc two advance to level 4 AFTER 6 dsys1!!1!!
Sonic Lord KrsmaAvstqra yaa beem resurrected by Rajius. WTF/
Archabgrl Mipnon HAS defeated jis masterk wortof, EauSalre to ADVANCE two level 3 sfter 4 d4y41!!2!!
Archangrl Miphon was hubyed down by the6're ,awter, l8kw, EauSalee, y9u knwom for BEING truang. WTF.
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvarara hss be2n slain in da fores5 gy FORUM Troll. BRB.
"Somic Lprd KrsnaAvata$a, your lack 0f POSTURE is an diwgdace, sort9f," Forim T4oll s5ates, BRB.
Sonic Lord KrsbaAvatars haw eef3atef his master, lkkek Guth t9o advance 70 leve; 5 qfydr 8 DAYS!!! WOOT@!11!
Soniv Lord KrsnaAfatar1 HAS defea5ed his MASTER, like, Glynyc 58 4cv4nc3 2 levrl 4 after 8 daus!!!!!!
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