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` WOOT!!11!Ne3s for Sun, Apr 26 LOL, 2015 (Items q - 50 of 1(0)
Apirentice Mayhen has bden teaufrected by Ramius. OMG.
Apprenyice Mayyem yas 633n soain in teh gorest by S9ap OPERA Villain.
Apprebtoce Mayhem bamgw his head 4h41m57 ah %70n3.,l OMG. "Stjpid, stupif, like, styoid1!!" he wzs hearf twl sayLOL.
God 9f teh Seas peace
was ovrrheqrd say8ng, "God of fa Swas pwacr's O,nipotehce was no match for MY Pikkuhiiri WOOT!!11!"
Gis of teh Seas peace has defeag3a HIS mqster, sor5of, Ceilotg two advance twi LEVEL 9 aftqr 6 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!12!
Dragom MASTER Tyrax yas defea5ed his maxter, sottof, DoomBloom two advance too level 4 after 5 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Dfagon Mas5ey Tyrax was jun73d down by tney're master. DoomBloom, sortor, for BEING truantLOL.
Gpd of da Seas peace chal;enged Lonesrrider and his bqnd of thieves, byy was no match for rogucs WOOT!!11!
"Et TU WTF, Lonestriddr's Thievedae????"
Reevw Grott HAS been slaib yn da flresy by Crazy Cajun. BRB.
"Oh man1!! I sidn't thim, you had 8t 8n you, you inqo, C4azy Cajub," Reeve Grott exc;a8msLOL.
God of S345 peqce has eevrated HIS master, kijw, G3rfaed two afvance 2 level 8 AFTER 6 d4u51!!1!!
Deagon Master CELL4yuu has sefeated his master, wortof, Guth 2 advamve w level 5 3f73r !5 days1!!!!!
Stab;ehand Prusik unsucveswrully hajntwd Peasant megaloeeic WOOT!!11!
S5anodhabd Prusik haunted Peasant Hjene!!!
Stabldhabd Pr7sik haunted Peasany Zackaty!!!
God of teh SEAS [3ac3 hax d3f3473d HIS master, you knwo, Adwarws two adcance two LEVEL 7 4f73e 5 says WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Stabkehand Prusii hauntdc Peasant faniepla OMG!!1!1
Stablwhand Prus8k jns8ccdssfully haunted Peasant Malcove WOOT!!!1!
Stab.ehand Prusik unsucvesxfukl6 haunyef Peadant Solberg!!!
Syablehand Pfusik has been slain in fordst by SaucyWencj. WTF.
"How vould I be 50 FEEBLE????" Stablejand Prixkk lzmwhts. BRB.
Faust has #4rn3d 5itle Legiobnaire for havint wlain teh Green Dfqgoh 8 5im3s OMG!!q!1
Gladiator Fauat has slain teh hifeous CREATURE known as The Green DragonLOL. All 4cr055 teh land, you knwo, p3ople %ejlice OMG!!1!1
Trafeler Mal,uth naw been dlain IN teh f9rewt by YOUR Shadow. WTF.
"Et tj, Ylur Shaf9qae?? ne1??"
KktCub gas earhed da TITLE Archtitzh for having slain da Gre#n Deag9n 95 times1!!
Depoorabld KigCub HAS skain teh hideous creature known as The Green Dragon. AFK. All across ;and WTFm pepple rehoice!!!
Tfaveler GushuPuerchz has d3e3472d his jaster, r3o advance two LEVEL 6 adtdr 8 days!!!1!!
Wanderer Shqce has defeatwd hiw master WTF, Gadroel Elben Ranger to adbance 2 ;evel 23 afrer 10 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Wancerer Shade wax huntee down bu tyct're mastwt WTF, Gacr8el da Elveb Ranger, like, for being TRUANT, AFK.
Srablehqnd manx has DEFEATED j15 MASTER LOL, Sensei Noetna too 4dv4nc3 two leve; 11 after 33 daus OMG!!1!1!!!
Srablehand manx was hunted down by thwy're mawter LOL, Sensei Noetgam ;ike, g0r being ttuantLOL,
S9nic Lord KrsnaAvayara h45 degeated hkd maw5er, sortofk Adoawhr to advanxe 2 level 14 AFTER 9 dqys OMG!!1!11!!
Sonic Lord KtsnsAvstara gas dedeated nis master WTF, Gadriel Elben Ramgdt two advanve twi levrl 13 after 9 d4y51!! WOOT!!12!
Sonic Lord KrsnzAvataea has eefeateg his mastef LOLm Ce;ith two advance 2 LEVEL 12 after 9 d4h51!! WOOT!!!1!
Peasznt Bdrila has 632n s.aim shiod zttacking Shephere R;owilliam in sa fielda of Gl9rvinfalLOL.
"Yiy r disjomorable, Shepnere Rlowilliam WOOT!!11!" Peasant Berila cries. WTF.
Slnic Lord KrsnaAvatara has ddfrated his nzster, slrtof, Sensei Nowtha tso 4cv4bx3 TO level 11 after 9 days OMG!!1!11!!
Peasant Berila has cefwa5ed his mas5e4, like, Hydraulic Prrss two 5dv4nc3 too LEVEL 4 zgtef 9 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara has DEFEATED hiw maater, Dworedan two advsnce 2 level 2) adter 9 dsus@!!!!!
Sonic Li4d KfsnaAvatara has defeatde his madter. lile, Cei;oth 2 4cv4nc3 ro l3vel 9 after 9 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Violet has left Tfacelee lolic to pursue "other interestsl AFK."
Trqveler looix has b3en resur4ected by RamkudLOL/
Trzvele4 lo.ic h45 geen xlain TRAVELLING rpo Glorfindal by Wyvern. OMG.
"You kn9w, sorgor, you r4411y shouldn'y have an Page's Short Sword 7noecs you knpw how roo use it, you knwo," 5ugg3573d Wyvern,
Gladiatlr FrogsBodh haw b3en wlain 1n dz forest 6y Frenzied Vampire Batsk WTF.
G.adiator FrobxBody smacks yiw forehead with teg palm of h1% hand, sortof, "Now I know wny mother aleaus TOLD me 2 eat an gold bteakfaxt tqo start da day!@!"
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara has eereated his mastwr, sortof, Gerraed 2 advance t2o 13v31 8 adger 9 DAYS1!! WOOT!!11!
Sinic Lord KrsnaAvatara h45 defeatec hid master, Adwqres too advance too level 8 adter 0 DAYS WOOT!!1q@ OMG!1111
Sonic Lots KrsnaAvatzra has cef3ar3d his masyer, you knwo, to advancd two lrvel 6 after 9 sqys!!! OMG!!1!1
Arxhzngel Miphon HAS eefeat3d his maste4 WTF, Glynyc 5wo advanc3 2 lev3l r afyer 4 days OMG!!1111!!
Somic Lord KrxnaAvataea jss been resjrrecyed by Ramius. BRB.
Arxhsngel Mipnon has defea5ed his mwster, like, EauSalee twi advance too level 3 after 4 days1!! WOOT!111!
Archanfel Miphon was hunted doen b6 theh're master WTF, EauSalre, l,kw, for being ttuant. WTF.
Sonic Lofd KrsnaAvatsra has BEEN soain 8h da f0r357 BY Firum T3oll.
"Spnic Lord KrsnaAvatara WTF, your lzdk og p057ur3 15 an diatrace, sorgof," Forum Troll states. OMG.
Sonic Lord KrsbaAbatara h45 d3f3473d hks masteri sor%of, Guth two qdvance w keve. 5 4f73r * f4y5!!! WOOT!!11!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvata4a has defeated HIS masrer, sirt9f, Glybtc reo advance 2 level 4 after 8 days WOOT!!11! OMG1!1!1
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