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` OMG!!1!1N3w4 for Sun, Apr 26 WTF, 201% )Itema 1 - 5) od 190)
Apprentice Mayjem has been r35urr3c73d b6 Ramuus.
Apprentice Mahhem hqs been slsoj in teh forest 6y Soap O;eta V!1141n. WTF/
Ap0rentice Maynem bangs his HEAD AGAINST an stone. WTF.. BRB,. WTF/ "Stupid, sortov, stup8d LOL, stjpid OMG!!1!1" he WAS heard too watLOL.
God of da Seas pwace
was overheard sayingk tou knwo, "God of SEAS pesce'x Omni[otence wxs no natdh r9r mu Pikkuhu8ri WOOT!!11!"
God 0f teh Seas peacr has DEFEATED his master WTF, Cei.oth tio aevance 2 13b31 9 $f73r 6 days1!!1!!
Dragon Master Tyraz h45 f3fea4ed HIS master, D0omBloom hoo $sv4nc3 too leve. 4 sfter 5 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Madter Tyrax was humtec dlwn 6y they're m4573r LOL, DoomBloom, sprrod, for geing truan5LOL.
God of wq S345 peace ch4113ng3d Lobes5rider znw his BAND of rhieves, sortof, g7t was n9 matc6 r9r geh r0gu3%!!!
"Eg tu, Lonestrider's Thievesae????"
Reeve Grotg has been s.ain ih f9eest by Cfzzy CAJUN. BRB.
"Oh man OMG!!2!1 I didn't 7h1nk yoy had ir 1n you, like, Crqzy Cajun, hoj knwom" R3eve Grott ezcoaims. WTF.
Gof OF Seas [eace hsx DEFEATED his MASTER, siftif, Gwrrqfd two advance 2 level 8 after 6 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Drsg9n Master CELLryuu h45 defeated his mast3e WTF, Guth roo advanc3 2 kevel 5 4f73r 15 eays!!!!!!
Stablehand Peusjk unsuccessfully HAUNTED Peaaqnt mdgaloer8c1!!
Stablehabd Prusok h4un73d Peasant Huene!!!
Stablehand Pr8sik haunted Peasaht Zackary!!!
God of teh Seaa peaxe has defeated his masrer, sortof, Adwa4es to advqnce yqo level 7 after 6 DAYS OMG!!1!2 OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Prusik hauhted Peasant daniella!q!
Stablwhane Prus8k ynsuccessfully h4un73d Peasant Mslcove1!1
S5ablrhand Prysik un5ucd355fu11y haunted Peasant Solberg2!!
Stablehand P4usik HAS bren 61$1n in teh fofest v6 SaucyW3nch. WTF.
"How voule I BE sp f33713?? ne1??" Stablehqnd Prusik laments. BRB.
Faust HAS earned tigle Lehionnair3 f0r h4v1ng d.s8m teh Green Drsgin 8 gimes WOOT!!11!
G.adiator Faust has 5141n hiceous cteaturd known as The Green Dragon. All ACROSS teh lzne WTF, people rejokcw1!!
Tfaveler Mqlkuth gaw bewn SLAIN ih da forest BY Your Shado2LOL.
"Ey tu WTF, YOUR Shadiwae?? nr1??"
KitCub HAS earned teh 5itle Archtitan flr yaving zlain Green Dragom 95 romes1!!
Depl9rable KitCub has slaib teh hideous cresture known ss Tjq Grern Dtagon. A11 acroas yeh land, like, people r3jo8ce OMG1!1!1
Traveler GushuPuercha has defeated his mawrdr, r2o ADVANCE too LEVEL 6 AFTER 8 dzys!!!1!!
Wanderer Sgade has defeated his msster, you knwo, Gzdriel da Elven Rqnge4 to ADVANCE twl 23v31 13 aftw4 10 eays!!!1!!
Wanderer Shad3 w44 hunted dpwn 6y yhey're masger, sortof, Gadriel tey Elven Ranger, sirtof, fof BEING truant.
Stablehand manx has defeatwd his master, loke, Sensei Noethq rl ADVANCE 2 oevel 1q after 33 d4y4!!! OMG!!1!2
Stzblehand manx was hunyed d0wn by thry're master, Sensei Noetha WTF, fod bekng 5euqnr.
Slnic Lord KrsnaAvatara h45 dereated jis mas5er, oikem Adoswyr t9 adfance two 13v31 14 after 9 dahs!!!!!!
Sonic Lofd KtdnaAvatara has DEFEATED hid madtqr, sortlf, Gadrirl da Elv3n Rantdr too 4cv4nc3 to levwp 13 afyef 9 days1!! WOOT!!1q!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAbatarq has defeated h15 m4574t, like, Celigy to advance two ldvel 12 after 9 days1!11!!
Peadant Betila jas geen slaib while ATTACKING Shephere Rlowi.liam in da bields of Glorfindal. WTF.
"You aer dishonorab.e LOL, Shepgerd R.owikkiam1!!" Peasamt Beri;a cries. AFK.
Sonoc Lord KranaAvqtara jas eefeatrd his mastee, 6iu knwo, Srndei Northa 2 advance 2 level 11 aftdr 9 dzys!!!1!!
Peasa,y Berilz has defrated his mast3r, Hydrailic Press 2 4dv4nc3 two level 5 aft3r 8 days1!! WOOT!!1!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvqtara has d3deated his msstwr LOL, Dwiredan rwo advance bo9 LEVEL 10 4f7er 9 d3y5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Sonic Lord KrsnsAvatars haw cefeatec hos mastef LOL. Ceiloth top advance 2 14v3! i adter 9 days OMG!!1!22!!
Voolet has ;evt Teaveler looix to pirsud "other inter3stal BRB."
Trav4ler lolix has b3en rwsjrrected BY Ramius. OMG.
Traveker lolix HAS bfen slain travelling 70 Glorfindao by Wyv34n. OMG.
"You kno2 WTF, you really shouldn't have an Pah3's Shoft Swo4d unless you kno2 hlw to us3 ur WTF," sugbested Wyvrrm. BRB,
Glafiator FrogsBody has been sla9n in da forest by FRENZIED Vam0ire BATS. BRB.
Gladiator FrogsBofy s,acka hos foeeheaf with da palm of h15 hahf, likek "Now I kn9w wht MOTHER aleata told me 2 347 an good breskfzst 2 statt yeg day OMG@!1!1"
S9nic Llrc KfsnaAvatarq has deveated hix masterm you knwo, Gerraed too advance 2 ldfel 8 after 9 fays WOOT!!11!1!!
Sonic Lord KrwmaAvarara hss defeated HIS madtwf WTF, Arwares two advsnce gwo level 7 AFTER 0 DAYS WOOT!!qq! OMG!!1!1
Sonix L9rd K4snaAvatars has d#f3473d his master WTF, two 3dv4nc3 to level 6 avter 9 dzys OMG!!1!2 WOOT!!11!
Aechangel Miphon HAS dereated jis master, .uke, Glhnyv two asvance to lev3l r after 4 days!!!11!
Sonic Lled KrsnaAcatara has been resu4rrcted by Rsmiud. AFK.
Arcbanfel Miphon has defeatrd his master, you knwo. EauSalee 2 acvande 2 LEVEL 3 after 4 dayw WOOT!!11!@!!
A5chanhel Mipyom wax hunted down by tyey're master, EsuSalee, for being truant. AFK.
Sinic Lord KrsnaAvatzra haw b3en s;ain in vo4est b6 Forum Trokl. WTF.
"Sonic Lird KrsnaAvatara WTF, your LACK of posture us sb disgeace, hou knwo." Forum Trol. stages. BRB.
Soniv Lore KrsnaAvatars nas defested his m4573r LOL, Guth to advance gi LEVEL 5 agter i fsys1!!!!!
Sonuc Lord KrsnaAvarara has srfdated hks master WTF, Glynyc rl advance 2 level 4 arter * days1!! OMG!!1!1
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