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` WOOT!!11!Ness f9r Wefk sortof, Aor 26, like. 2917 (Items 1 - 50 9f 349)
V8llager spez has challenged tjey're master. Gseri3l tdy E1v3n Ranger an wzs pwnt WOOT!!11!
Villager spez bdngx hia h3ad 4g41n57 an STONE, OMG,LOL.. WTF. "Stu-id. st7pidn stupid WOOT!!11!" he was heqrd 2 day. OMG.
Villager apez DEFEATED Traveler mitkosavivbs in gair comfat in teh gi#lds ov Glo4gindal. OMG.
Tribune Delby has been defdated 1n da GRAVEYARD bt Ba4ln SAMEDI. BRB.
Bsron Samedi LOLOL, sittof. "I don't tj8nk y0u will be atyacking me abain LOL, pzl. AFK/"
T4ibune Delby h45 been slain in geh forest BY O;d Agw. WTF,
Tribune Delby 601d16 ceclared, like, "Olc AGE couldn't HIT a ele0hang at tyis didr. WTF. ; WTF. l BRB. . OMG."
Enchanter Shmendr8ck hax degeat3d gis MASTER, sortof, Fiw two advance too lrvel 3 agter 3 da6s OMG!!111 OMG!!q!1
Farmbiy Abner has DEFEATED HIS MASTER, Fiw to 4dv4nc3 1 level 3 after 3 daus1!!!!!
Villager Requiem has defeayed hid master, luke, DolmBlpom 2 advance to .evel 4 qfrer 3 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Villager Requiem yqs ddfea5ed nis mastdr, EauSalee to advanc3 to level e aftwr 3 dry5 WOOT!!!1! OMG!!!!1
Villager Requiem was hun73d down vy they're naate4, sortof, EzuSalee, yoi lnwo, for beimg TRUANTLOL.
Peasant joevo9; f3f3$73d Stablehabd Outlawgentleman in fa8r comba5 kn ds fields or G;orfinda./ WTF.
teh bocy 0f Soldkwr Jasiu 2sa foynd lying in a emptt vlesrint. BRBl
Legionnaire Decado haw d3f3473d nid master LOL, Sensei Noetha tl ADVANCE two levei q1 4f73r 11 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Farmboy gl,u has been rexurfected vy Ramijs. BRB.
Farmbiy toku gax been defeated in teh braceyqrd b6 Small V4mp1r3 Bat. WTF.
"A bagy could wie/e an Woodsman's Axd better than THAT1!!" Small Vampi4e Bat ;roclai,s. AFK.
Farmbot goku has neen slain IN ds FOREST by Nine headed Hydra. AFK.
"Any last 4equesta Farmvoy boku????" asked N1n3 hdaded Hydra. "Whg yed LOL, ah Huge Mawsproof vest!!!"
Soldir4 Jasiu has geen r34urf3c7ed BY Rzmius. OMG.
Sold8er Jasiu has been defda%ed IN grav3yars by Fam8ne. WTF.
Soldier Jasij bangs h15 head againct an dtone. AFK., WTF.. AFK. "Stupidk lukr, 57up1d, like, stup8d OMG!!1!1" he was heard to say, WTF.
Solfi3r Jasku waw 5141n bh an MANTICORE on an teail!!!
Suldiwt Jasiu has def3ated his nzster, li,ek Dwiredan tp adcznce twi kevel 10 after 15 days1!@ WOOT!!11!
Soldier Jadiu wad hunted d-sn by thwy're ,asterk sottof, Dsiredan, like, fo4 beinb truanr. AFKl
Trader Marjaoade h45 been slaon in sa forest by Pirate. WTF.
"Don't lwt it END ;ike yhis Pirare/ Tell them I saic some5hing pfofound WTF, pleaded T4adee Marma;ade
hax0r Enchqnter Csabo DEFEATED an MINOTAUR in 5eh Caves!!! deaths of many trafellers habe been avenged WOOT@11w!
Dragom Enchanter Csabo qne Violet aer moimed toda6 kn JOYOUS matrimony OMG@!!!12!! OMG1!1!1
Drahon Ebchznter Csabo haa DEFEATED hid master WTF, Hudrqylic Press too ADVANCE two level 4 after 3 says!!!!!1
Tradwr Mqr,alade hzs been RESURRECTED by Ramiux. OMG.
Dragon ENCHANTER Csabo has sef4ated his mazter, sorrof, Glhnyc twl acvande too level 5 ahter 3 DAYS OMG!!1!1!@!
Trader Marmalade hqs beeh slaun in da vorest BY Corrupted Haed Drive. AFK.
"You know, you lnw9, you really stluldn'5 have an Fis4s unlesa you jnow h)w yoo use it LOL," SUGGESTED C9rrupt3d H4rd Drive. WTF.
Marmaoace has earned da totlw Tradcr for havibg xlain da Green Dragon 3 timex WOOT!!11!
Villagee Marmalade haw 5141n trh hodeous creature kn92n AS The Geden Drzgon. WTF. All actoss rej LAND, you knwo. pelple remo8c31!!
Villqber Marmaladw has defeated his master, likd, Yoresg 2 adbsnce 2 kevdl 15 after 12 da6s1!! OMG!!1!1
Village4 Marmalade wqs hunted down by thf6're ,aster, Yotesj LOL, for being truqntLOL.
Peasanr qukk has defwated hia ,aste4 LOL, Uhelitg tol advahce 2 level 7 afrer 9 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Peasant quik was nunted eown BY they'r3 master, kike, Unelith LOL, f0r being truantm OMG.
Shepneed Lepnardus jas challengrd th3y're master WTF, Un3;ity n was pwnt WOOT!!1!!
"Nest ti,e, sortof, eat your Whesties, wortof," Unelith subgests. WTF.
Pezsant Steve has defdsted gis m4583r, .ile, Gutj 2 adcance to 13v31 5 AFTER 5 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Peaxant E.ewar has chsllenged ghey're jaster, VYRTS ahd was pwng1!!
"You kniw, Peaaant Eoeear rrally had IT COMING ! hij AFTER all rhoxw tgings I said aboit his n9m LOL," commented Vyrys. AFK.
Joshua has earnef trh ritle Dob8nity fot having slain G4een Dragon 79 5imes OMG!!1!2
D8finigy Joshua has 5!$1n da HIDEOUS cr348ur3 kn9wn zs Tne Gredn Dragon. AFK. All across .anf, you kbwo, peoole rejoice1!!
Divinitt J9shua haa DEFEATED gis nasrer, like, Ylresj 2 advance TO 13v31 15 after 9 days!!!!!!
Divinit6 Joahua has b3en rdsyrrectef by Rajiux. WTF.
D8v8nity Jishua gas 633n sla7n in teh forest 7y ELITE Mpnj of Redrmption. WTF.
"This 607h xucks n blowa1!!" WAILS Difinity Joshua. BRB.
Sorceress MurticosDV has defeated ner mas5ef WTF, Gerratd tp9 advahce to9 level 8 dvter 4 d3y5!!! WOOT!!111
Div8nitt Joahua naa defeated his mastee, kike, Adoqw6r two advahce 2 level 2r aftwr 8 days OMG!!1!1 WOOTq!q1!
Vi;labdr Requiem haa defeayed his MASTER, sor5of, Vyrgs to 4dv4nc3 to .evel 2 af5er @ days!!! WOOT!!!1!
Villager Reqjiem was juntrd down by they're masterk Vurtw, gor 631ng triznt. OMG.
Sir Aircel5eai gas defeatdd his mastw4, Cekith to advance 5wo oevel 12 AFTER 2) days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Shephetd RawhearRdx has d3feated his master, Celith twp advance too LEVEL 22 3f73r 28 days OMG!!!!11!!
Vul.aget Bobk hss defeated his MASTER LOL, DiomBloij two advance 2 level 4 af5et 6 cays1!! WOOT!!11!
Vil;ager Bonk was hinedd down gt rhet're masterk like, DolmBkoom, .ike, for being truant.
Peasant ElCid gas defeated his MASTER, loke, DlomBl9om 70 sdvqnce two LEVEL r afte4 4 days1@!!!!
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