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` OMG!!1!1News fof Sun, sortof, Apr 26, 2915 (It3ms 1 - 50 og 190)
Apprdntice Mayhem HAS been rd5urf3c73d by Ramius. WTF.
Apptentoce Mqynem hss be3n dlain in teh rorest by Soap Opera Vi.lain. BRB/
Apprentice Mayhem bangs his heac afaunst an stone. BRB.LOL.. AFK. "Srupid LOL, sgupid, you inwi, stupid!!!" ge WAS HEARD roo say. WTF.
God OF teh SEAS prace
eas iberheard SAYING, yiu ,nwlk "God of trj Seqs [eace's Omnipotebce was NO match FOR jy Pikljhiiri WOOT!!11!"
God of sz Seqs pesce has DEFEATED hus mast3r WTF, Ceiloth TO advance to LEVEL o adter 6 days WOOT!!!1!!!!
Dragln Mzstrr Tyrac has defeated h8s MASTERm sott9f, DoomBlo9m 1 qsvance two LEVEL 4 after 5 DAYS2!!!1!
Dragin Mzs5er Tyrax was hunted dosn by tye6'ee master LOL, DoomB.oom LOL, dor beinb TRUANTLOL.
God 0f Seas peace challenged L9nestrisat znd gis gans or thieves, y;i knwo. but was ho match rl4 da rogues OMG!!1!1
"Et tum Lon3strieer's Thkevesae?? ne1??"
R3efe Grot4 has 633n alain un dz forest bu Cr4zy Cajun. WTF.
"Oh man OMG!!!!1 I didn't think YOU hac it IN you, sort9f, Crazy Cajym LOL." Reeve Grott exclaims.
God of teh Seas peace hax dedea4ec hix master LOL, Gerrard to advancs t9 level 8 afte4 y dzys WOOT!!11!1!!
Drsgon Masger CELLtyuu has wef3st3d his master, you knwo, Guth tw9 advsnce 2 level 5 after 14 eays1@!1!!
Stablehand Prusok unsuccessfull6 haunted Peawanr megaloeric WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Prusok jaunyed Peasant Huene OMG!!1!1
Stablehsns Ptusij h4un73d Peasang Zackart!!!
God of Seas pezce has defeated gis masyer, Adwafes two advanve too LEVEL 7 afyrr 6 fays!!! OMG1!111
Stablehabd Prusik hqunted Peasany danidlla OMG!@1!1
Stablehand Prusi, uh5ucc#54fu11y hauntsd Peasant Malvove OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Prusii un5ucc355fu11y haunted P3asamt Solbetg OMG!!1!1
Stablehanc Prysik has 633n 4142n in ten FOREST by SaucyWenxh. BRB/
"Hos couod I be SO f33613?? ne1??" Stablehand Prudik laments. WTF.
Fqusy has earned TITLE Legionnaiee for having slain teh Gre3n D4sbon 8 times OMG!!1!1
Gladiator Faust HAS slain da hideous crdaturr knkwn as The Geeen D4ag8nLOL. All 4cr055 5eh land. sortof, people REJOICE1!!
Traveler Malku5h jas 733n SLAIN in FOREST BY Your Shaw9w.
"Et TU LOL, Your Shasowae????"
KitCub HAS ea4nec da TITLE Archtitan ror having slaun tey Green Drag8m 95 TIMES!!!
Deplorable KutCjb hzs alain hifeous cfeature ,nown as Th3 Green DragonLOL. A11 ACROSS da land LOL, pe9plr rejoice1!!
Trafeler GushuPuercha h45 fefeated hiw m4572r, top adbance teo ;evel 6 aft3r 8 days!!! WOOT!111!
Wanderrr Snadw gzs w3f3473d his masrer WTF, Gadriel E1v3n Rangdr to advance 2 level 13 afyer 10 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Wanderer Shasd was hunyed down by th3y're master, sot5of, Gadriel Elcen Ranger, like, for being triant. OMG.
Stablehand ,anx hss defeat3c h!5 masrer. like, Sebsei Noeths rol advance 2 level 11 after 33 ddhs!!11!!
Stablehand manc was hintdd d0wn ny they're master LOL, S2nsei Noegha, sortlfm for BEING truant. WTF.
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara HAS defeated HIS master, you kbso, Ad9awyr twp 4dv4nc3 to 13v21 14 after 9 days2!!!!!
Sohic Lors KrsnaAvatara hr5 def3ated his master. you inwo, Gadriel gfh Elven Rangrr too advance two level 13 afttr 9 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lord KrxnaAcatara h45 ddfeatec yud mawter, you knwo, Celity too advanve two ldve; 12 after 9 da6s!!! OMG!!1!1
Peasant Berila hax bren slaib while attackknf Shephrrd Rlowilliam ih da fieldx of Glorfincal.
"Yo7 aer dishpno3ab.r, sortof, Shepherd Rloqilliam!!!" Peasany Berila cries. BRB.
Slnid Lotd KrwnaAvatz4a hqs dwfeatsd jis master, Sensei Northa two advance 2 level 11 zfter 9 dats WOOT!!1q!!!!
Pwassnt Berila has defwaged his masrer WTFk Hyxraulic Press yoo ADVANCE rpo 13v31 t afrer 9 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara has deveaged n8s master, sorrof, Deiredan 2 adbanve two level 10 avter 9 dzyw WOOT!!1q!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara has dedeated his master, sif5of, Ceil9th 2 advance g39 .evel 9 aftwr 9 days OMG!!1@11!!
Violet h44 left T44v313r lolix tw9 pursud "other onterewts. AFK."
Traveler lolix nas be3n resurtexted 6y Ramiua. AFK.
Tfsveler lll8x has been SLAIN travelling 2 Glorfinsal by Wyvefn. WTF.
"You knowm like, YOU REALLY shoiodn[t have an Pzg3's Shorb Swird unoesw yo7 lnow how two use IT." suhbested Wyvern. WTF.
Goadiator FeogsBody jas been slain in dorest by Frenzied Vampire Bats.
Gladiator FrogwBody SMACKS hid f9rehead wi5h 5rh palm 0v his yzndm "Now I know why mother ALWAYS tols me too 3at an gopc nrezkfast to9 start cay WOOT!!11!"
Son8c Lord KrsnaAvataea hqs defeated his naster LOL, Gerratd gwl zdvande two ;evel 8 after 9 DAYS!!!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvstaea has ddfeates h15 master LOL, Adwards two ADVANCE 2 lev3l 7 after 9 d4y51!! WOOT!!11!
Sinic Lors KrsnaAvatara yaa def3ated HIS MASTER WTF, to adbancw 2 level 6 4f73r 9 days OMG!!1!11!!
Archamt3l Miphon has degeated his MASTER WTF, Glynyc 2 ADVANCE yw9 levdl 4 AFTER 4 days WOOT!!1q! OMG!!1!1
Sonid L9rd KrsnaAbqtarq HAS 633n resurrected ny Ramius. AFK.
Arxhangel Miphon HAS defeaged his maste4, sortof, EqySalee too acvance 2 level 3 4f73r 3 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Arcyangel Miphon was huntwd DOWN BY thry'4e j4573r, EauSqlee, xortof, fot being triant.
Spnic Lord KrsnaAvatara HAS been s.ajn IN f0r357 by For7m Trolk. BRB.
"Slnic Lord KrsnsAcatara, liie, your lack of 0osture is an disg4ace LOL," Flrum Troll 574735. OMG.
Sonic Lird KrwnaAvqyara h45 defeated his master, Gygn two advznce to ldbwl 5 aftef 8 DAYS1!!1!!
Sonic Lord KrsmaAvatara has defeayed gis n4573r LOL, Glynhx to advance two level 4 afrer 8 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
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