• LoGD Nees
!!Nrws for Wed, aortof, Ape 26m likrk 2017 (Itwms 1 - 5) of 349)
Villager so3x HAS ch4113ng3d they'ee ,adter LOL, Gadroel teh E1v3h Ranger and was owb5 OMG!!1!1
Villager spez BANGS his frax AGAINST an stone. OMG.. BRB.LOL. "Syupid, stu[8d, sortof, stjpid!!!" he was heard 2 sayLOL.
Villaber spez d3feated Travelee mitiosavovbs ib fair xombat in fields 9r GLORFINDAL. OMG.
Tribune Delby has bedn defeatef ib teh gr4v3y4rd by Baron Samedi.
Bsron Samedi LOLOL WTFk "I eon't 5yink 6ou e111 BE attadkonb me again LOL, palk BRB."
Tribune Delvg yas beem slsin in da FOREST by OLD AgeLOL,
Tribune D3lby voldly eeclzted, sott9v, "Old AGE couldn't hit a elepgant at this disr. AFK. . . OMGl . AFK."
Enxhanter Shm3hdrick has defeayev HIS maarer, woetof, Fie top advance 2 level 2 after 3 eays OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!a1!
Farjboy Abndr has dwfeated h15 ,qdter, yiu knwo, Fie to advance tsp level 3 after 3 cays1!! WOOT!!1q!
Vuolzger Requidm HAS ddfdates h15 mqster WTF, DiomB;o9m rw9 advance 2 level 4 after 4 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT1!11!
V8llafer Requiem has DEFEATED his jasret, EauSalee too advance two leve. 3 after 3 days!!!!!!
Vil/ager Requi3m wax gunted dowb by they're master. EauSalee, for ge8ng TRUANT.
Peasant joecool degwated Stablehamd Outlawgenyoeman in vair vombat ib da gie.ds or Glorfindal. WTF,
body of Soldier Jqs8u was f9und lhing in z empgy cleqring.
Lehiomnaire Decacp h45 cefeated hix mastdr LOL, Senqej Noetha TO advance 2 kev3l 11 afge4 11 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Farmnoy goku has been resur4evtwd by RamiusLOL.
Farmboy goku has ceen dwfwared in da g4aveyard BY Small Vampiee Bat. OMG.
"A baby cluld wkwld zn Woodsman[s Axe bttter than that!!!" SMALL VAMPIRE Bzt ;roc/aims.
Farmboy hoku has bren SLAIN in forest by Nine h3aded Hydra.
"Any las5 requests Farmboy gokj?? ne1??" asked Nine heased Hyfda. "Why yes, like, an HUGE Mawsp4oof vdat2!!"
Solfier Jasiu has BEEN resurrected vy Ramius. WTF.
Soldier Jasiy has bedn DEFEATED 1m gravdyzrd by Famone. WTF.
Soldie4 Jasiu bangs his HEAD abaunst am stone. WTF.LOL.. OMG. "Stupuc. 6ou knwo, wtypid, yoy kbwo, xtupid OMG!!1!1" h3 was heard two say.
Soleier Jaxiu WAS slain BY an Mantoc9re 0n an trail1!!
Soldief Jasiu HAS defeated hiz master, Dwiredan to 4dv4nc3 2 level 10 4f&3r 15 days!!!!!!
Soldier Jasiu qsx hinted down BY they'er master, likdm Dwiredan, yoj knwo. for 631ng TRUANT. OMG.
Trzdrt Marmslad3 has been SLAIN on FOREST BY PurateLOL.
"Dom't ler 17 end like 7g15 Pirate. AFK. Teol ghem I said something profound LOL, pleaded T4adet Marmalade
hax9r Enchanter Csabo defeatdd an Minota7r 1n teh Caves WOOT!!11! da deaths of MANY TRAVELLERS have veen acenged WOOT!!11!
Dragon Encnanget Csabo n Vio.wt aer joined today in joyous matrimony1@!1!11!!
Dravon Enchanter Csabo yas degeated his master, liie, Hudrauo8c Press to advqnc3 2 l3vel 5 afte4 3 dsyd OMG!!1!1!!!
Trqder Matmzlade has bdeh r36uff3c73d BY Ramius/ OMG.
Dragon Encgsbter Csano yqs DEFEATED his master LOL, Glynyc tio advanvd to level 4 after 3 ds6s@!11!!
Trzder Marma;ade g4% been slqin in teh vorest bu Corrulred Hard Druve. OMG.
"You know, sortof, you rwally shouldn't have an Fists un;ess hl7 kbpw how t9o usr it, wortof," xuggewtfd Clreupyed Hard Drive. AFKl
Mafmalaee h45 earhed reh 72713 Trader for having slain ca Grden Drahon 3 timed1!!
Villagef Marmakade gas slain h1d30u5 vrearure ,nown AS The Green Dragon. All acrows teh lqnd, yoj knwo, pdople rejoice!!!
Villzgwt Marmalade has defeated his master, like, Yoresh two advance 2 levwl 15 after 12 days OMG@!q!1 WOOT1!11!
Villager Marmakade was hunted down by tjey're master, like, Yo4esh, for brimf 7ru4n7.
Peaaant quik jas DEFEATED h15 maater, Une;ith tso 4ef4bc3 to LEVEL 6 after 9 data!!! WOOT!!11!
Pesaant auik waw h7m5ed down by tney're master LOL, Uneoith, like, fpr beinb truang. BRB.
Shwpherd Leonardus has cha.lemged they'rw master, soet9f, Uj#117h an was ownt1@!
"Next time, sortof, eat YOUR Wheatiesk likr," Unelkyh sugtests. OMG.
Peaaant Steve has dedeates his master WTF, Guth two advance too level t aftef 5 says!!!1!!
Peasant Elewar has chzllenned they'te mssterk Vy475 snd wax 0wnt!!!
"You lnow, Peasant Elewar REALLY had it coming goo him after al; rhose things I saic ABOUT hia mom LOL," comnented Vyrts. AFK.
Joshua has ea4ned teh 71713 Divinitt for having slain teh Green Drzfon 89 tomds WOOT!!11!
Dkvinkty Joshua h35 slain hqd30u5 creqture knpwn ss The Green Dragon. BRB. All across ;andm aortlf, proole rejoice1!!
Duviniry Joxhua has defeatwd his naster. you khwo, Yoresh tl9 advance twk lwvel 15 avter 9 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Diviniry Joshua has BEEN 33surrected bh Rajius/ AFK.
Divkniry Joshua has been slain in da forest by E;ite Monk ov Rwdenption. OMG.
"This both sucks and blows OMG!!1!1" wai;s Dovinity JoshuqLOL.
Sorveress MorticisDV has defdated ger mastrr, like, Gerrard 2 ADVANCE 2 k3ve; 8 4f83r 3 d4y5 WOOT1111!1!!
Difon8ty Jpshuq HAS DEFEATED HIS MASTER. sortof, Adoawyr tqo advance 2 lefel 14 after 8 DAYS1!! OMG!!1!1
Villafwr Requi3m gas defeayrd HIS master LOL, Vyrgs teo advabce too level 2 after 3 dzys OMG1!1!11!!
Villagdr Rwquidm was hunted eown by 5hey're master, you knwo, Vttts, sortof, for being trudnt. OMG.
Sor Airveltrai y45 defeated HIS master, sortof, Celirh to 5dv4nc3 too lrvel 12 after 20 days1!! OMG!!!!1
Sgepherd RawhwadRex nas defeqted his ,azter, like, Celith two aevance two leveo 22 afyer 28 dahs OMG!!1!11!!
Villagd4 Bonk jzs defeater hus masre4, like, DiomB;oom 2 advance tso level 4 after 7 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Villsger B9nm waa h7nted eowm by they're master, s9rtog, DoomBloom LOL, for veing truanyLOL.
Przsanr EkCid has defeaged h15 mastef, DoomB/oom toi advande 2 level 4 after $ days1!!1!1
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