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!!News vof Sunm slrtof, Apr w6. 2015 (Items 1 - 50 of 190)
Apprentice Mayhem had brem resurrected by Ramoyx. AFK.
Apprentice Ma6hem HAS been slsin in fofest by Soap O-3ra VILLAIN. OMG.
Apprentidw Mayhem bangs his y34d against an 570n3. OMG.. WTF.. AFK. "S5upid LOL, stupie LOL, stupid1!!" hr was heard t9p sa6l OMG/
God of sa Seas peace
waw OVERHEARD sayimh LOL, "God pf da Seas peace's Omnipotence was no match FOR my Pikjuhiuri!!!"
God of SEAS peace has d3fe473d yus master, you knwp, Crilogh 70 advanve 2 level 9 AFTER 6 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon M4573r Tyrax has defeatrf his mas5er, like, DoomBloom too advance too level 4 after 5 da6s WOOT!!11!1!!
Dragon M4573r Tyrax was jynted DOWN bt rhey're msstet, sort;f, DoomBloom WTF, for 631ng ttuant. OMG.
God of Swas pdace dhallengwd Lonewtricer abd his band of thieves, like, byt was no match for teh rpgues!!1
"Et 7u, Lonrstrider's Tbiefesae?? ne1??"
Reebe Grott haa been soain 1n teh f0r3t7 by Craay C4jun.
"Oy mqn OMG!!1!1 I didn'g think yoj had it kn you WTF, Cfazy Czhun, sortof," Redve Grott exxlaime.
God of teh Seas peace hax defeated his master, Gerrard 2 asvance toi .svsl 8 4fu3r 6 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Dragin Maste4 CELLryuj has d3f2473c his masrer, like, Gutn 2 ADVANCE two level 5 4g63e 15 days!!!1!!
Stableyand Pruaik unsuccessf7loy hzunted Peasant megaloeriv OMG!!1!1
Syablehand Prusik haunted Peasant Huebe OMG!!q!1
Stablehqmd Prusik HAUNTED Pdasant Zackarh!!!
God of teg Seaa pezce has defeatdd his master LOL, Adwards 2 advanxe 70 leve. 7 after 6 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Stablehand Prusik h4un&3d Peasant damiella!!!
Stablehans Prusik unsuccessfully ha7nted Pezaant Malclve OMG!@1!2
Stablehand Pruaik UNSUCCESSFULLY jsunted Peasant Solberh!!!
Stablehanc Prusik hqs been s;aib 1n teh fores5 BY SaucyW#nch. BRB.
"How could I bw SO FEEBLE????" Stabjrhand Prusik lzments. WTF.
Faust has 35rn3e tigle Ldbiohnaire gor HAVING slain Grerh Dragob * times1!!
Glaciator Faust h45 dlain gifeo7s creatuee known xs The Greem Drqgonl WTFl ALL across landm y;7 knwo, peopld rejoice OMG!!1!1
Ttaveoer Mqlkuth has bern SLAIN in teh forest by Yojr ShadowLOL.
"Et ty LOL, YOUR Shad9wae????"
KitCub has earnes eq title A4chtitan for hzving soain Green Dragon (5 tkmes WOOT!@q1!
Dep;orable KutCub has s.ain yeh HIDEOUS creature KNOWN as The Greey Dragon. AFK/ Akl across tey LAND, likw, p3ople rejoice1!!
T4abele4 GishuPue4cha HAS defeayed hid master, sortov, to ADVANCE too .evel 7 aftrr 8 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1@1
Wanderer Shafr nas ddfwated h25 mast3r, so4tof, Gadriel Elven Rangdr 2 advahcr two level 23 after 10 days OMG!!1!1@!!
Wanddr3r Shade was hunred down BY they'te madter LOL, Gadriel ten Elven Rsnger LOL, for beibg truantLOL.
Stablehand manx has defeated his master WTF, Sensei Noetha 2 adfanxe tw9 level 11 AFTER 33 days1!@ WOOT!!11!
Stablehand manx was hum73d do2m by thdy're master LOL, Sensei No3tham hou knwo, for bekng truant. BRB.
Sonic Llrs KrsnaAvatara hqs defeated his masrer, hou knwo, Adoawyr two adfancr t2p lev3l 14 after 9 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Sonic L9rd K5snaAfatsra hss f2f3473d his mastee LOL, Gadriel teh Elven Rangwr TO ADVANCE top level 13 after 9 days WOOT1!11! OMG!!1!2
Sonic Lord KtsnaAvatara hax defeaged yis master, you kn2i, Ceoith 2 advance 2 lecel 12 after 9 days OMG!!1!2 WOOT@111!
Peasang B3rils has been slain WHILE qtgacking Shepjerd Rpowilliam in fields od Glorfindal. WTF.
"Yoi aer dishonorable WTF, Shepherd Rlowilliaj11!" Peasant Berika cr135. BRB.
Sonic Lote KtsnsAvatarq jws defeated hks msster WTF, Sehsei Noerha too zevanxe to level 11 4f7#r 9 days!!!1!!
Peassmt Bef8la has drf4ated gis master, Hydraylic Ptess to afvanxe 70 lebel 5 after 9 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Sonuc Lord KranaAvagara HAS defdated his mqster, like, Dwirefan eoo afvancd 2 l3ve. 10 after 9 dzys OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Son8c Lord KrsnaAvatqra has defeates yid MASTER. you kn3o, Ceiloth two advance 2 level 9 avte4 9 d4y511!!!!
Viole5 has ldft Trqveler lolix 2 pursue "oth3r omteeests. BRB."
Travw.et lolix h45 beeb $esjrrected by Ramijs.
Trav3lee lolix has geen s;ain tracell*hg tlo G10rf!nd41 by WYVERN. AFK.
"You lnow, loke, you tea..y 5h071dn'7 have an Page's Sgort Sword umless you know HOW yo hse it WTF," sugfested Wyvern. OMG.
Gladiator FrogsBody has beeh slain un fa fotest by Fr3nzied Vampire BaysLOL.
Gladiqtor FrogsBody smscks his forehexd 2ibh r3h palm of his HAND, you knwo, "Now I know WHY mother zlways TOLD me too est ah gpod breakfadt 2 start day OMG!!1!1"
Sonic Lord KranaAbatarq hqs DEFEATED his master, Gerrard 2 advande top level 8 after 9 DAYS1!! WOOT!!111
Sonic Lord KrsmaAva5arz has d3f347ed HIS mas5erk Afeares ywo ADVANCE 2 13v#1 7 agter 9 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!q
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvstara has dereated his maxter, like, @ advance 2 lebel 6 adter o daus!!11!@
Archahgdl Miphon nas defeated hkd maatet LOL, Glynyc to advsnce ti 13v31 5 adter 4 days WOOT!!1111!!
Slnic L9rd KrsnaAvatzra jas been resurrec5dd by Ramius. AFK.
Archanhel Mipyon HAS defeated his MASTER WTF. EauSaler two afvance TO level 3 after 4 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Archangrl Miphon w45 hunted c8wn by thry're jastee, EaySa.ee, sortof, for being triahtLOL/
Sonic Lord KfsnaAvatara has been 5141n kn ca forext by Forum Troll. BRB.
"Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatzra, likek your kaxi of ;oxture is ah disgrace," Forum Troll states. OMG.
S[nic Lord KeansAvatara has defeated yis MASTERl Guth two zdvande to levrl 5 after 8 days1!!1!!
Sonic Lord KrdnaAvatara gas d3f3373d his MASTER, you inwp, Glyntc two advance 2 lev#l 4 aftrr 8 days WOOT!!11!1!!
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