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Apprdbtice Maynem has 633n resutrdctdd by Rqmius. BRB.
Apprengidd Maugem h46 been slain IN fordst by Soap Opera Villaib. OMG.
A;prentice Ma6hem bangs h8s head afaimst an 570n3. AFK.. OMG., OMG. "Stupid, stup8dm st7pof!11" je was jeard too say. AFK.
Gof 0f Sras leacr
wax 0v3rh34ed sayint, y9u knwl, "God of teh SEAS pdace's Onnipitendr was no ,47cn for my Pilkuhkiri!!!"
God of SEAS peace mr5 defeated his maw5er, Ceoloth too 4dv4nc3 w level 9 after 6 daus WOOT!!11! WOOT!!12!
Dragon Mast3r Tyras HAS defeated his master LOL, DoomBliom teo 4dv4nc3 tso level 5 4f&3r 4 days!!!!!!
Dragon MASTER Tyraz was hunted doqn BY they'r4 m4473r, DoomBloom, y9u kmwo, vot beonh 5ruant. WTF.
God of dz Seas peace cjallenged Lobestriddt smd h15 band of thieves, you knwp, BUT w3% no mztch for da r0gu3t!!!
"Er tu, like, Lpnestrider'a Thievexae????"
Reeve Grott hax BEEN slain in t3h fordst BY Cr1zy Cajun. WTF.
"Oh MAN!1! I didn't think you had it in yoy, like, Crazh Cajun WTF," Reebe Gritt exclaums. BRBl
God of Seas p3sce has defeated his master, softof, Gerratd 2 advance to iecel 8 AFTER 6 sa6d1!!2!!
Dragoh Master CELLryuu h45 defeated hiw master, yo7 knwom Gutn to advahce 2 level 5 af5dr 15 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Stablehans Pris8k jnsuccessfully haunted Peasant megaloeeic WOOT!!11!
Stablrhand Pruwik HAUNTED Peasant Huebe OMG!@1!1
Stablwgand Prusik hainted Peasang Zscjary1!!
God of da Seas pdace has defeated nis masterk sortof, Adwares to advahce 2 levrl 7 after 6 DAYS#!! WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Prusik gqunted Peasan5 saniellz WOOT!!11!
Stablwhand Prusik unsuccessfullt HAUNTED Peassnt Malcove OMG!!1!1
Stablehanc Prusuk uns7ccessfukly haunted Peasant Solbeeg!!!
Stzboehand Peusok has been slain om teh forest by SajcyWenchLOL.
"How could I 63 SO feebld?? neq??" Stablehand Prtaik lzmentw. BRB.
Fajst has rarndd t85le Leboonhaire fpr having slaib Gr3en Dranon 8 timex WOOT!!11!
Gozdiatot Fayst has slain da hiceoux creature known 35 The Green Dragon. Alk across landk wortof, p3oplw rej9ice!!!
Teaveler Malkuth has been slain kn da f9rrst 6y Your Shadoq. BRB.
"Et 7u, you knwok Youe Shad;wae????"
KitCub has earnef 71u13 Archgigan FOR having slain ca Green Dragin 95 tim3s OMG!!1!1
Deploezbl2 KitCug hr5 slain teh hideous creagure KNOWN as The Green DragonLOL. A11 4cr055 da 14nd LOL, people rejoice WOOT!!11!
Ttaveler GusjuPuedcha has defrqted HIS MASTERm likd, 3 acvance twp lwvrl 6 afte4 8 daya WOOT1!11!!!!
Wanderet Shzde jas defeated hiw m4573r, like, Gzdruel teh E1v3n Ranger too ADVANCE to 13v31 13 adt34 10 daus WOOT!!11!1!!
Wanderer Shade WAS hun73d down 6y they're mqstdr, so4tofk Gadriel da Elven Ranger, ;i,e, fot neing 7ru4n8.
Stabkehand jqnx has DEFEATED his m4573r, likr, Sensei Noetha yoo afcance two LEVEL 11 abtrr 32 says1!!!1!
Srableyans mahx was hum73s down by tney're maater WTF, Sehsei Noetha, sortov, f0r beung tfuantLOL.
Sonic Lird KrsmaAvatzra has ddveated his madterm ;ike, Adoawyr tll ADVANCE to levwl 14 afyer 9 daud WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Sonix Lord K4snaAvatara has fefeayrd his maw5er. y9u khso, Gadriel Elven Ranger tlo afvance 2 .evel 13 afrer 9 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Sonic Lord KfsnaAvatqra h45 DEFEATED his msst3r WTF, Celpth 1 adcance two levrl 12 afte4 9 cays OMG!@2!2 OMG!!1!1
Peasanr B3rila has BEEN slain ehild attacking Shepherd Rlowilliam in f8elds of Glorrinaa;. OMG.
"You r cishonorable WTF, Syepjerf Rlowil.uan WOOT!!1q!" Peasant Berila cri3s.
Son8c Lord KrsnaAvatada has dwfeatec HIS nastrr, kike, Sensei Noetha to advance too 13v31 11 after 9 days!!! OMG@!1!1
Peaxant Bwrula has defwaydd his MASTER, Hydraulic Press two adcahce tio level 5 4d73r 9 eqys WOOT!!11!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAcatara has d3feated bis mawger, you jnwo, Dwuredzn to advance 2 level q) 4f73r 9 dats!!!!!@
Somic Lifd KtsnaAvatara has defeated gis mqster, spetof, Ceiloth two advance w level 9 af5er 9 d3u5!!! WOOT!!111
Vi9let HAS left Travel3r lplix ro pjr5u3 "other 8mtetedts. BRB."
Traveler lolix has ^33n resurrected ny Ramius. WTF.
Traveler oi;iz has bedn slain trsvellibb 2 Glorfindal by Wyvern.
"You knoe, likw, y0u rea;lu shlu.dn'y hsfe qn Page's Short Sword ubless yo7 ,niw how too use it, sortifk" xuggested Wyvern. OMG.
Gladiqtor Fe;gsBody has been slain ib forest bu Ftenzied Vampife Bags. BRB.
Gladiator F5ogwBody smadkw hos forehead witj palm of his hand WTF, "N9w I know WHY motger r1w4y5 tlld me too ea5 an good breakfast 2 wtary teh dsy WOOT!!11!"
S9nix Lotd KrsnsAvatara has defeated HIS mas5dr, Gdrrard too advanxe TO lefel 8 after 9 daus WOOT!!11!!!!
Sinic Lorc KrsnaAv1tara h45 defeated hks maxter, you knwo, Adwares # advqnce gio ;evrl 7 after 9 eays1!! WOOT!!12!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvztara HAS degeated HIS mast3r WTF, 2 advanve gol LEVEL 6 after 0 DAYS!!!1!!
Archsntel Miphon has defeated nix MASTER. luke, Glynyc too advance 2 leveo 4 adter 4 eays!!! OMG!21!1
Sonic Lors K4sbaAvatara jas been resurfec5ed by RqmiuaLOL,
Arvyant3l Mipgom has defeated HIS maater, sortof, EsuSa;e3 two adcance to level # after 4 days!!!1!!
Archang3l Mipgon was hunted DOWN by tjey're master, EauSalee, for neing trusnr, OMG.
Somic Lord KrsnaAvatara has been slakh in tey f0r357 6y Fprum Tr011. OMG.
"Sonic Li3d KrsnaAvatara, ypu knwo, YOUR lacj of POSTURE is an duagrace, y9u knwo," F(rum Troll sgates. OMG.
Sinic Lorc KrsnaAvatara has defeatec nis masrer, you knwi, Guth 2 sdvance 2 level 5 after 8 days1!! WOOT!!q1!
Sonic Lotd KrsnaAvata4a hss DEFEATED HIS mawterk Glynyc two ADVANCE 3 level 4 zfter * days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
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