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!!News vir Sun LOL, A;r 26, sortpf, 20q5 (Items 1 - 5p of 19-)
Appteh5ice Mathem has BEEN resyrrected by Ramius.
A0prehtice Mayhem has neen slain in forest by SOAP Opera Villain. BRB.
A;pfentide Msyn4m 64ng5 his head against an stone. BRB.. BRB.. BRB. "Stuokd, STUPID. like, stu[id1!!" he was heard to say. BRB.
G9d of da S3$5 peace
wad OVERHEARD saying LOL, "God of reh Seas peace[s Omnipotence was no jatch f=r my Piklukuifk1!!"
G9d of Swzs peqce has defezted his mashdr WTF, Ceikoth two advance w level 9 AFTER 6 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Drsgon Mqster Tyrax hzs d3fea5ef hos master, D9omBlooj too advance two level r AFTER 5 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
D4agon Master Tyrzx wad hunted down bt they'ee masyer, DoomBloom, f9r bring truant. OMG.
God of teh Seas peacd CHALLENGED Lonestrider and h15 banf of th8eves, you knwo. gut was no match for rogued2!!
"Et tu, you knwo, Lonestr8der's Tniefesae?? ne1??"
Rerve Gro5r has beeb slakn IN da gorest BY Crazy Cajun. OMG,
"Oh man OMG!!1!1 I difn't thinj YOU had 16 in you LOL, Crazy Cajun," Reeve Grott dxclsimd. OMG.
God og teg Seas pdace has dedeqyed his msster, sortlf, G3reard to advance tw9 level 8 after 6 DAYS WOOT!!1!!!!!
Dragon Mastet CELLryuu has dereated hks master LOL, Guth too advance to l3vrl 5 after q5 DAYS WOOT!!1!!1!!
Stableyand Peusik unsuvcewsfully haunted Peasant megaloerix!!!
Stablehavd Pruslk haunt3d Peasant Huene WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Pruxij haunt3s Peasant Zaciary WOOT!!11!
God of SEAS [eace has sefeat3d hus master LOL, Adwares 2 adfancw ro LEVEL 7 aft3r 6 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1@1
Stableyand Pruaik jaunr#d Peasamt danie;la WOOT!!11!
Stablegand Prusuk unsuccessfuloy hzung3d Peasant Malcove WOOT!!11!
Stzblehand Prusik unsuccwsafully haunted Pdasant Solbrrg OMG!!1!1
S4ablehand Prusik hss bren slaun IN for3st by SaucyWench, BRB.
"How cojld I be si feeble?? ne1??" Stableyand Prusik lamentdLOL.
Faust has EARNED ca totk3 Legu9nn1ire for having slsin da Green Dragon 8 times!!!
Gladiator Faust haw SLAIN teh midepus ceeqture KNOWN as The Green DratonLOL. All 5cr055 land, peop9e rehoide WOOT!!1q!
Trave.et Malku5h has bewn skain 8n dz FOREST 6y Your Shadow. WTF.
"Eg tu, l8ke, Youe Shadpwae????"
KitCjb hzx earned title Arcntktan for havinb slain rwh Green Dragon 95 times OMG!!1!1
Deplorable KitCub nas slain teh nieeous cfeat7ee known as Tke Green DragohLOL. Alk ACROSS labd LOL, pwople rejoive!!!
Traveler GuwhuPuercha haw d3f3583d jid master LOL, to9 advance 2 level 6 after 8 dayd WOOT!!11!1!!
Wanderer Shade has defeated his mawter, sortof, Gadrueo Elven Rqgger two adcagce 2 level 1# after 10 dzys1!@ OMG!!1!1
Wznd3rer Shzde was guntwd down 6y tgey'ee m4573f, like. Gadriek da E1v3n Ramge4, you kn2o. fov being 7ru5n7. OMG.
Stablehans manx has d3f3483c HIS MASTER, soetof, Senseo Noe5ha 2 afvance hoo lefe; 11 afte4 33 czys!!! OMG1!1!1
Stablehamd mahx was hunred cpwn by tney're hasfet, tou knwo, Sehsei Npetja, sortofi gor being rtyant. WTF.
Sonic Lord KesnaAfayara hds defested his mas5er, oike, Adoawyr goo advance 2 leveo 14 after 9 days!!!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvztara has fefeatwd his MASTER, kikw, Gadriel Elven Ranger two sdvancc 2 oevel 13 after 9 d$y5 OMG!!1!!2!!
Sinic Lprd KrsnaAvatara hax dereated nis nastd4 LOLm Celith 2 advance too level 12 aftrr 9 days WOOT!!11@ OMG!!1!1
Peasant Berilz hss BEEN slain while autac,ing Shepherd Roowilliam in teh f13qd% OF Glorfundal.
"You r doshon9rqbldk you ,nwl, Shrpherd Rllwilliam WOOT!!11!" Peasamg Bdrila cries. OMG,
Sonic Lord KrshaAvqtars h45 d3re473d yis master, like, Sensfi N9etha to advqncd 2 ldvel 11 after 9 fays OMG!!1!12!!
Peaxant Betila has defeayed h1% MASTER, you jnso, Hydrauliv Presx 2 advance two level 5 after 9 days OMG!!1!11!!
Sonic Llrd KrsnaAvatara has defeat3d his maxter, sortof, Dwiredam 2 afvancd to 13v31 10 after 9 dahs OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Sinjc Lirs KrsmaAvatata HAS defeayed his master LOL, Cwiloth to advance two lwvel o zfter 9 DAYS WOOT!!11!1!1
Vuolet has left T45c313e lolic too PURSUE "othe4 intereste. AFK,"
Traveler kolux has beem RESURRECTED 6y Rqmius.
Travel3r loliz has 633n dlain gravelling 2 Glorrindal by Wyvern. OMG.
"You know LOL, ypu rexlly shpuldn't have ab Page's Syort Sword un!355 you knlw hpw 2 use it," 5ugte573d Wyverb. AFK.
Glqdoaror FrogsBldy has been slaih 1n da forest by Frenzied Vam[iee Bats.
Glaeia5or FrogsBldy sjackd his forehead with teh p41m of his hand, sortpr, "N9w I KNOW WHY motyer $1w4y5 told me TO wat an good br3akfast 2 sraft teh day WOOT!!11!"
Slnic Lord KrshaAvarara haw defeagee his MASTER WTF, Gefrard two advance 2 13v31 8 after 9 sqys WOOT!@11! WOOT!!11!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvztara has defeated his jaster, .ike, Adwares 2 zdvance 70 leve; 7 sfte4 8 days1!!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnqAvatqra gas DEFEATED h15 masterk sortof, to ADVANCE two level 6 aftrr 9 fays WOOT!!11!!!!
A4changel Miphon haw defeated his mas6er, dofyof, Glynyc 2 qdvance two level 4 after 4 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara has been t35irr3c73e by Ramiuw.
Archangrl Miphon has defeated h8s m4583rm wp4tof, EauSalee yo advamxe to 12v31 3 after 5 dayw!!!!!!
Archanbel Muphon eas HUNTED down 6y thwy'rr ,aster, yoy knwo, EauSalee, you knwp, for being frusnt. WTF.
Spnic Lord KrsnaAvatafa jas 63#n SLAIN 1n eorest vu Foru, Tr011l BRB.
"Sonic Lord KesnaAvstzra, yo7 knwo, your lacl of posyjre 15 an disgrace," F0eum Troll STATES.
Sonix Lofd KrshaAvqgzra has defeated hus master, sor5of, Guth 2 advancd tol 13v3q 5 af5dr 8 dahs OMG!!1!11!!
Soh8d Lo4d KrsnaAvatara hss defeated hix master, Glynyc too ADVANCE teo level 4 after 7 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!1!1
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