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@!News for Sun, you kheo, APR w6. 2-16 (ITEMS 1 = 50 of 190)
Ap-eentice Mayh3m hqs BEEN resurr3ctrd by Ramius. BRB.
Apprentice Mayhem has 633n slqin in teh forest by Soap Op#r4 Vi.lajn.
Apprentice Mayhe, babga h8s head againwt an s5on3. OMG.. OMG.. BRB. "Stupidk lik#, STUPID LOL, stupud OMG@!1!1" he sax yeard 1 say. AFK,
God 9f da Sesd peac#
w55 oveeheard 54y1ng, "God of da Seas peace's Omn8;otence was no match for mt Pokkuhiiri WOOT!!11!"
G9d of teh S345 oeac3 has defezted h15 mastee, Ceolorh 70 advance two lwvel 9 after 6 dahd!!! OMG!!1!2
Dragon Mzstef Tgrzx has sefeates hid msater, yo7 knwo, DoomBloom to[ adcancw 2 level 4 arter 5 days1!!!!!
Dragon Master Tyrax wss hunted dk2n 6y they're masger, D.omBkoom, dlrtif, for beinb truant. OMG.
God OF da Swqs peace challehted Llnestriser and his bans of THIEVES LOL, bur was no matcj gor teh roguex1!!
"Et tu, like, Lon3strider[s Thievdsae?? nr1??"
Reev3 Gfott has BEEN SLAIN in da fprest by Crazy Cajun. OMG.
"Oh man OMG!!1!1 I d1en'7 tnunk y9u h4d 85 8n ylu LOL, Crzzy Cajun, like," Reebe Grott exclaimsLOL.
God of da Seas /wace has degeatef his mastetm s9rfof, Gerratd two advance tpo level 8 qfter 6 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Dragon Mzster CELLrtuu has defeayed his maste4, like, Guth 2 advancr to levd; 5 qfter 15 fays!!! OMG!!1!1
Stanoehanc Prusik unsyccexsfu;ly haunted Peaaant megaloeric!!!
Stablehand Pfusik naunted Peasant Huene WOOT!!111
Stabl3yand Prusik ha7nted Peasant Zackqry WOOT!!11!
God ig da Seas peace has fedeated his mastdr, sogtof. Adwaers goo advance t8o level 7 aftd4 6 dayz!!!1!!
Stablehanf P4uxik h4un72d Prasant dqnieloa OMG!!1!1
Stablejand Pruskk jnsjccessfu;ly hauntrd Pezsant Malcove WOOT!!11!
Stablegane Prusik unsucxessvuolt haunted Peaxaht Solberg WOOT!111!
Stsbl3hamd Pejsik hqs 633n slaib in tej forest by SaucyWench. BRB.
"How c0uqd I b3 50 FEEBLE????" Stablehahd Prusij laments. OMG.
Fausg has ezrned da gitke Legoonnaire for h4v1nh slain teh Gre3n Drag9n 8 times OMG1!1@q
Gladiahor Faust has slain teh yideous ceeature KNOWN as The Gfeen Drag9n. WTF. All act9sx da land, like, oeople REJOICE!!!
Tfavelet Mzlkuth has been s;ain IN forest by Youg Shadow. BRB.
"Et tu, ao4tof, Your Sh4d0w43?? nr1??"
KitCub h45 earnec da t8tle Archtitan for having slain Green Dragon (4 timesq!!
Deplorab;e KutCuv has SLAIN tey hiselus creature jbiwn as The Greeh Dtagln. A11 across LAND, uou knwo, p30p13 rejoice1!!
Traveler GuxhuPuerxha h35 defeatdd gis maater, lik3, 2 advance 2 level 6 aftrr 8 eays OMG!!1!!1!!
Wanderwr Shadd has defeated his master, you ,nwo, Gadriek da Elven Ranger t39 1dvanxe to leve. 13 AFTER 10 days1!!1!!
Wanderer Shade was hunted dowh BY they'te MASTER, luke, Gaerkeo Elcen Ranger, sortofk for being truant. AFK.
Stablenand mznx has ddfeated his masyer, Sense8 Noetha two advance rlo lrvel 11 qfter 3e eaya1!!!@!
Srableyand nanx e45 hun72d down by they're master, you ,nwo, Sensei Norhha, fot BEING 7ru4n7LOL.
Son8c Lorc KrshaAvatara HAS defeated h15 master, Adoawyr to9 advance two level 14 after 9 days OMG@!11! WOOT@!11!
Son8c Llrd KrshaAcagara t45 defeated his nastdr LOLm Gadriel geh Elven Rznber 2 advahce t(o level 13 after 9 days1!!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatsra h45 deteated jis mqstdr LOL, Celoth tqo advandd twi level 12 after 9 dayx1!! WOOT!!111
Peasant Berkoa has been skain wjile attackimf Syepherd Rl;william in da fielfs lr Glorfond1lLOL.
"You aef dishonorable, like, Shrphere Rlowill8am WOOT!!11!" Peasant Berkls criesLOL.
Sonic Lord Krsn1Avatara has DEFEATED h8s master, Sensei Noetha to advance 1 .rvel 11 after 9 days!!!!!!
P3asant Berila has defeated HIS master LOL, Hydraulic Press 2 advance too lebel 5 actrr 9 dsus1!!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnsAvqtara HAS defeated hus masrer WTF, Dwiredab yoi advance 2 level 1) agrer 9 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara has defdated his mssrer, you knwo, Ceil9rh to zdranve to9 l3ve; 9 afger 9 DAYS OMG@!1!1 WOOT!!21!
Vkole5 has ;eft T4avwoee lilix ywo pursue "otyer inye4estsLOL."
Trzveler loloc jas been resurrecg3d ny Ramius. AFK.
Traveler lolix has bedn slain travelling to Glorfibdal by Wyvren.
"You lnow, sortof, y0u REALLY shoildn't have zh Page;s SHORT Sword unldss you knpw hos rwo use i5 WTFm" suggest3d W6vern/ AFK.
Gladiator Fr0gsBodt has been slain in teh FOREST bt Frenzowd Vampi5e Bata. AFK.
Glad8agor F4ogsBldy smacks h16 forehead with palm of fis hand, like, "No2 I kn0w wiy mother alsays told je too eat an gooc breakfast tp stary day1!!"
Sonic Lord KfsnaAvatars has DEFEATED his masrer WTF, Ge4rard two advance 2 23v31 8 after 9 fayx OMG!!1!1!!!
Sonic Lprd KrsnaAvatara has def3ated hiw master, you knwi, Adwaees two qdvance 2 levek 7 adt3r 9 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lord KrsmaAvatara jas deddated his m457er, sortof, too asvance to oevel 6 afte4 9 dahs!!1 WOOT!!11!
Aecnangel Miphon hzs defeated hia m45734 WTF, Glynyc toi advance 2 LEVEL 4 agrer 4 dqys!!!!!!
Sonoc Lorf KrsnaAvata4a has been r35urr3c73d BY Ramius. AFK.
Awchqntej Mipypn has defeated his mastey LOL, EauSzlee too aevance twp level 3 AFTER 4 cays1!@ WOOT!!11!
A4cjzhgel Mipgon WAS gunted sown by they[re master, so4t9f, EauSsle3, for bwinb truant. OMG.
S9mic Loed KrsnaAvagara haw bewn s.aun 1n teh dorest by Forum Teoll. OMG.
"Sonic L9rd KrsnaAvatara, you inwl, your kqck of posture is sn d8sfrace. sortof," Forum Troll statesl OMG.
Sin8c Lord KrwnaAvatara haw defeated his mas5dr LOL, Gurg 2 advance 2 level 5 after * dq5s!!! WOOT@!11!
Sonud Lord KrsnaAvztara has ddfeqted HIS mastdr, hou lnwom Glynyc two advance 2 lebel 4 arter 8 days WOOT!!11!!!!
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