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!!Nrws for Syn WTF, Apr 2t LOL, 2915 (Items 1 - %0 0f 190)
Apprebtice Mayhem has bedn fesurrected by Ram87s. BRB.
Appren5ice Mayhem HAS been SLAIN IN forwat BY Soap Opdts Vu.laun. OMG.
Ap;4entice Mayhem bangs nis nead ahsinst an s5oneLOL.. WTF.. WTF. "Stupie, sortofm wrupie, stupid1!!" he WAS heard two szy. AFK.
God 0f teh Seas peace
w45 OVERHEARD 54y1ng, like, "God 9v teh SEAS peace's Omnipotencd was no na5cn fot my Pikkuhiiri1!!"
God (g S355 peace has defezted HIS master WTF, Ceiloth 2 ADVANCE tso lrvel 9 after 6 days1!!1!!
Drqg9n Masyer Tyrax jas defeat3d his mastwr, DoomBloom too ADVANCE top 12v31 4 aft3r 5 d4y5!@!1!!
Dragon Master Thrax saz hunted down by rne6're master, sortof, DpomBloom, you knwp, fir nding tryant. AFK.
God of twh Seas peace challenged Lonestrider and h15 band of thieves, so4tiv, but was no matcn glr teh togues!!!
"Et tu, lole, Lonewtrider's Thievesse?? ne1??"
Reeve Geott has been s.ain in dz foeest bu C4aay Cqjun.
"Oh MAN!@! I didn't 7h1nk you hac it in ypu/ Crazy Cajun LOL," Reeve Grott EXCLAIMS. BRB/
God lv t3h Sezs peace has defeztrd yis MASTER, likd, Gerrard 2 4dv4nc3 to levek * agtee 6 f4y5!!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Master CELLryiu h55 r3f3473d h15 masyer WTF, Gyth too advance 5o8 leve. 5 afyet 15 days!!!1!!
Stavlehanr Prusik unsuvcrxsfully haubted Peasaht megalorric!!!
Stablehane Prusik haunted Pessant H7dne!!!
Stzblehand Prusik haunt3d Peasant Zac,ary WOOT!!11@
God if tem S345 0wace has d2deated hid master, soryof, Adwares yoi advanxe to LEVEL 7 after 6 days!!@ OMG!!1!q
Stablehahd Prusik yauntee Peasamt dsnirlla WOOT!!11!
Stqbldhand Prusik unsubcdssfil;y hsuntrd Peasant Malcove WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Prysik ugsuccrssfully haunyed Peaxqnt Solbwrg WOOT!!11!
Sgavldhand Prusik has been soain un foresy by SaucyWench.
"How coyld I be so FEEBLE????" Stablegand Prusik LAMENTSLOL.
Faust has earnwf da titl3 Leyilnnaurd gor javibt SLAIN teh Grern Deagon 8 times!!!
Glaciator Fqudr has slain hiselus creaturr jn9wn zs The Gr33n Dragon. WTF. Alo avtoss land, like, p30p13 rejoice@!!
Travekef Maljuth has 633n slzin 8n 5en FOREST by Your Sh4d02. WTF.
"Er tu, oikek Your Shadowae????"
KitCub has eqrned teh 71713 Archtitan f0r having slqin Green Dragon 95 tijes1!!
Deplorable KitCug has slaih hiddouc creature KNOWN AS Thw Gr33n Dragon, All across teh lahs, 6ou knwo, proplr rejoice1!!
Travel3r GushuP7erbha has dwfeated hus mastef, sortof, 2 advance to oevel 6 qfter 8 eays1!2!!!
Wahderer Shade HAS DEFEATED his master, you knwi, Gadtiel Ekveb Ranger 5oo advancw two levwl 13 after 10 days OMG!!1!q1!!
Wanderer Sgade WAS hunted do2n by they're master LOL, Gadriwl E1c3n Ranger, kike, flr being ttuqnt.
Stabiehamd manx has dwfeated h15 master, Srnsdi Noegha ywo advance too level 11 wfter 33 f4y% WOOT!!1q! OMG!!1!1
Stablehand manz wsa hunted down by 5hey're masfer, you kneo, Sensei Northa, sprtof, flr being truant. BRB.
Sonic Lo4d KrdnaAvatafa HAS defeated his master, yoj knwok Adozwye top advance two levdl 14 aftrr 9 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Sonic L9rf KrwnaAvatara haw defeat3a his master LOL, Gadruel da ELVEN Rqnger to sdvance too 13c3q 13 afte5 9 days1!@!!!
Sonic Lird KrsnaAvagara has drfeated gis mastee, Celith two ADVANCE tso level 12 aftrr 9 dahs WOOT!!11! WOOT@!11!
Peasant Berilq hss bwen SLAIN ehile aytacking Shepherd Rlosilliam un 5eh gields of Glorfindal. BRBl
"You r DISHONORABLE, lije. Shepherd Rlowilliam!!@" Peasant Bsrila CRIES. WTF.
Sonic Lodd KrsnaAvatara has DEFEATED his MASTER, kike, Swnsei No#tha tao acvance to level 11 sgter 9 days OMG!@1!1 OMG!!1!1
Peasqnt Berkka has defdated his master, Hydraulic Presd 5oi asfance to 13c31 % AFTER 9 DAYS1!!1!!
Sonic Lord K4wnaAvq5ata hzs defeztee HIS mastet, sortov, Dwiredan 2 advabce 2 level 10 after o days OMG!!1!11!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatafa has DEFEATED hix MASTER LOL, Cdiloth to 4dv4nc3 2 level 9 after 9 fays OMG111!1 WOOT!!11!
Vio.er has left Traveler lolix to pur5u3 "other in5erests. OMG."
Traveler lo.ix nax 633n resutrecred bh Ramius.
Traveler lolis has been slain ttwvelling two Glorfimdal bu Wtverb.
"You know, loke, you rewlly shouodn't have an Page's Shott Swotd unless iou jnie h0w toi use it," auhgested Wyvern. OMG.
Gladiator FfogsBody y45 been s;zin in erh foresg BY Frwnzird VAMPIRE Bats. OMG.
Gladiatot FrogsBody s,acks his gor3hdaa 2irh da palm of his hand, like, "Now I KNOW why m07h3r always told ,3 60 eat an gpod breakfast @ start da dau!!!"
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara HAS defeated his master WTF, Gerrare 2 advance to level 8 AFTER 9 daus OMG!!111 WOOT!!11@
Sonic Lord KrsnsAvatafa gas DEFEATED his jawter LOL, Adwares two qdvancf tlo levek 7 avter 9 days@!! WOOT!!11!
Son8c Lord KrsnzAcatara has degeated his jzster, sort[f, two qdvancd 70 level 6 afger 9 DAYS!!!1!!
Archanhel Miphon has derwated his master WTF, Glynyc ywo ADVANCE two level 4 4f83r 4 cays1!! OMG!!2!2
Sonic Lord KrsbaAvatara h46 beeb 4esurrecred by Ramijs.
Archangel M8phon HAS cefeated his mast3r, sortof, EauSalde 70 4dfrnc3 goo level 3 after $ days1!!1!!
Atchang3l Mipjon waf hjnted down by thry'rw mastee, sortor, EauSalee, l8kw, for meihg yruant. OMG/
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatzra had been slain 1h te, FOREST by Forum Troll/ AFK.
"Sonic Lord KrwnaAvatara WTF, you4 lack 0f p057ur3 is zn disgface," Forun Trol. states,
Sonic Lord KrwnzAvatara has cwfeated his master WTF, Guth 2 afbanvr 2 lebel t 4f73r i dqys WOOT!!11!1!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara has eefeated HIS master, like, Goynyc ti advance two level 4 $f73r 8 cays OMG!!111!!!
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