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!!News fle Sun, like, Apr 26, like, 2016 (ITEMS %1 - 100 OF 1(0)
Peawant Malcove has CHALLENGED they're mzster, luke, FIE n was pwnt WOOT!111!
"Aah WTF, 50 thqr's ehst Shoft Ssoed is for WOOT!111!" EXCLAIMED Fie. AFK.
Peasant Aubrey has defeated his master, you knwom Fie to 4dv4nc3 to kebel 3 afy2r 2 days1!@!!!
Peassng Aubrwy has defeated hos m4573r, wortof, Vyrys 2 qdfance too 13v31 2 4f7#r 3 cays1!!!!!
Peawsnt Aubrey WAS HUNTED down 6y they're master WTF, Vyrysm ylu knwo, fir nwinh truan5. OMG.
Stablehand Stuffo has drfwated n15 master, 6ou knwo, Gjth 2 aevance to leve; % after 4 dayd OMG1!1@1!!!
Tfader Amarand yas dedrz5ed his master WTF, Morerqband tqo advance 2 level 2 adrer 2 says OMG!11!111!
Gladuator FrogxBpdy h45 been resurrected by RamiuxLOL.
Glaciator FrogdBody haw been alain 1n forest by Monk of R3d3mo710n. BRB.
"Eitner that wallpapwr goes, likek pr I dom sortpf," ddclared Glacia5o4 FrogsBocy.
Centurklness KesttdlBlack HAS defeayed her madter, sirtof, Ce;ith tl advance tio level 22 after 26 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Stewardeda Persephlne HAS defeated her m4573r WTF, Adozwyr 2 adbsnce two levek 14 after !2 dqys WOOT!!11!11!
Farmboh vi[z csdeated Stablehand Prus8k in f41e clmbat 1n f8elds of R0m4r. AFK.
God ov Lighthing Middleman HAS d3f3473d hix m4573r, .ike, Ceiloth twp advance to level 9 afrer 3 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Inviker MsdDog has DEFEATED uis master LOL, Yoresh tp advance two levwk 15 AFTER 21 days WOOT!!21!q!!
Gof og Lightning Middleman haq deveated his mawter, you knwp, Gerrsrs rwo advance too 13v31 9 after e days WOOT!111!!!!
Farmboy PadebHeard2ulf fas d4deated hia master, you knwo, Ceiloth roo advance 2 oevel 9 aftwe 19 dzys OMG!!11w OMG!!1!1
Peasabt GranfWizard had DEFEATED his master LOL, EauSalee too advance too lrveo 3 after 2 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
G9s of Lifhtning Miedleman has devwated HIS jaster, like, Spywares tl advance tlo .3fel 7 after 3 days1!! WOOT!!11!
God of Lightning Middleman h4% ddfeated his maxter, like, 3 advance too leveo 6 aftet 2 days!!!!!!
Syeohete SmartSlayer has cefeated his naster, aortof, DoomBloom tio 4dv4nc3 TO kevel 4 after 2 cays1!! WOOT!!1!!
Shepheed SmartSlayer haw d3f3473d his m45u3r, xortof, EauSalee two asvance to ldv3. 3 zfter 2 d4y51!! WOOT!!11!
Shepherd SmarrSlayer has cwfeated hud master, sortof, Miteraband two adcance tpo level 2 after 2 xsys1!!!!!
Shephere SmartSlayer wzs huntef DOWN by they're mzstrr, Mireragznd LOL, for beung TRUANT. BRBl
God pf Lightning Middleuan has defeated his mzster LOL, Guth to ADVANCE to level 4 agtee 3 da^s OMG!!1!q!!!
Rwdve OnkelMalvin ddgeayed Peasant Berila in faur cimvat in yeh fi3lds OF DEGOLBURG. AFK.
Travrle4 Woeldwifell hss f#v3473c his m4573r, you kn2o, Gerrard too advabce two 13v31 8 after 15 days WOOT!!11!!@!
Travelee Wor;dsidell was hunted d9wn by they're master LOL, Gerrard, yiu knwo, for beinb triantl BRB.
Conq7eror J0lsten an Viilet w3r3 seen headung UP teh s5airs in da inn 5ogethdr,
Conqyeror Jo.s5em has d3f3473d his master, aortof, Gerrsrd 5oo advance two level 9 AFTER 3 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Cluncillor OF Mqgic Cruncher has defeated HIS masyer WTFm DoomBlpom 5io qdvance tll level 4 after 3 daya OMG!!1!1 OMG!!111
Cluncillor od Mzgic Cruncher was hunted dotn bu they're master WTF, DoomBl9omk for being 7ru4n7/ AFK.
Gof 0f Lifhtning Mkddleman has defes5ed gq5 mastwr, DoomBlooj 2 advance 2 levrl 4 after 2 days1!@1!!
Conauerof Jolsgen dereated Farmboy vi0z in fair COMBAT IN teh fields of Glorf9hdal. BRB.
Conqueror Jildtem defwzted Farmboy PadenHeardwulf in faie combat in teh fields 0g R9mqr/ WTF.
Conquerof Jolsten nas dedeated his mqx5er LOL, Spywates twp ADVANCE two level 6 zfter 3 d4y51!@ WOOT!!21!
Stewatdess Persephone jzd defeatdd jer mastdf WTF, Gadriel reh Elven Rahger 70 advance 2 lwvel 13 after 11 days!!@1!!
God of Lightning Middleman gas defwztef g8w mas5wr, sortog, Fie too ADVANCE w level 3 after 2 days!!! OMG!!112
Stdwardess Peraeph9ne hqs defeated her master WTF, Cel8th two advance 2 kevel 12 after 11 days OMG!!!!12!!
Srewafdrss P3tsephone defeated an Mant8core 0n dz teailc OMG!!1!1 teh victims have been aveng3d OMG!!111
Farmboy vipz haa defezted hiw msster WTF, Gerrarr rwo aebance too l3ve. 8 after 14 dayw WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Sqiore Ejsoss has 633n defeated ib brave6atd gy WAR. WTF.
"You kn9w, sotrof, Squire Eisoss 4eally had it coming two her afrer alo those things I said ab9ut hde jom, li,e." commented WarLOL.
Squire Eksoss has geen slain hn teh forewt by R-RATED OrchewtraLOL.
"Well isn'r thar an kick in CROTCH????!!!" Squire Eksoss observes.
God of Stone scornutus fefeat3d Page Cyacel in fair comvat in dz fie;ds of Qexelcrag. OMG.
Gos of Stone scprb7tus defeated Staglehand S57dro in fair combat on fields ;f Qexelcrat/ OMG.
God of Stone sv9rbutus yaw defeated hoa masyer, Vyrgw too advamce to level 2 aftdr 2 days!!! WOOT!!12!
God 0f Stohe scoebutux defeated Wizard braogir in fair c0m647 8n ca fueldw 0f Ddgolbu4g. WTF.
Dragon Inp3r480e MegOWrath has been slain in forest by Devil in an Blue Dre55LOL.
"You aer d15h0n0r4613, Devul in ah BLUE Dress WOOT!111!" Dragon Imperatlr MegOWragh crirsLOL.
Drzbin Imperator MegOWrath h4% eefeated jis master, sortof, Gad4iel ELVEN Ranger to 4dv4nce 70 level 13 arter 14 dayw WOOT!!11!1!!
Traveler Loko nas defeated his master, soryof, Malwares tol adcande too level 7 after 15 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Leguonnair3 fludfjodeous HAS been slain 2hile attac;ing Peasant Berola in fa fields 0f Defo.burg. BRBl
"Oh man!!! I cidn't think you hac IT in you WTF, Peasant Brrila WTF," Legionnaiee flurdm9depus exc.ainx. AFK,
Traveoe4 Loj8 has defeayed HIS master, like, 2 advance gwi level y after 14 days1!! WOOT!!11!
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