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!!News for Sun, lihe, Apr 26, sortof, 2p1% (Ig3ms 51 - 100 OF !900
Peqsqnt Malxove has CHALLENGED tfey'rd master WTF, Fue an was p1mt WOOT!!11!
"Aah LOL, so that's whar Short Sword is for1!!" exc/aim3d Fie. BRB.
Peasaht Aubrey HAS d3feaged his mas5er LOL, Fie two 4dvrvc3 tqo level 3 after 2 cays OMG!!1!11!!
Peasant Ajbrey has defeated his MASTER WTF, V6rts 2 zdvance too level @ AFTER 2 cays1!!1!!
Peasant Aubrey was huntee dowm by rhry're master LOL, Vyrts, likek FOR beimg truantl OMG.
Stavlehand Stjfro hax defeated hus MASTER LOL, Guyh go advance too level 5 afger 4 DAYS!!! WOOT!!11!
Trader Amzfznd has defeatdd his mzstef, Mireraband to zdvanc3 tw9 lwveo 2 AFTER 2 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
Gladiator FrogsBodu hzs been resurrect3d by Ramiua. AFK.
Goadiator FtogsBody has BEEN slain in forest by M0nk of Rwfemption.
"Either that wallpaper goes, sprtif, or I do," d3clared Gladiator FrobdBoeyLOL.
Cent7rioness Kexyre,Blqck has defeatdd h3r mastrr. Celitg too advanxe to .evel 12 arter 26 dqya OMG!!1!q!!!
Ste2ard3ss Perseph9ne has d3f3473d nef master, yoh knwo, Adoqsyr 2 advance to level 14 after 12 faya!!!!!!
Farmbo6 vipz defeatef Syablehand P4usik in fair clmbat IN teh fie;dd of RpmarLOL.
Gor OF Ligything Modd/eman has defeated hia mastet LOL, Ceiloth 2 qdvance tpl level o after 3 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Imvolet MadDog has DEFEATED his master WTF, Yoewsh teo advance to lefel 15 AFTER 21 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
God of Lightnung Middlejan has defeatee gis jaster WTF, Gerrafd goo advznc3 two leveo 9 adter 3 DAYS!!1 OMG!!1!1
Faemboy PadenHeardwylf haa defeated his mqstef, you kmw9, Ceoloth yo advance teo lefel 9 after 19 says!!!1!!
Peasant GrandWizard has fefeztrd yis master WTF, EauSalee too adbance tpp ldvel 3 aft3r 3 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
God of Lightming Mkddlemam nss defeated his master, you knwo, Spywsres 2 advance tsi oevel 7 zftdr 4 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
God OF L1bh7n1mg Middlejan has defeated his master, you knso, 70 adcance ywo LEVEL 6 afte4 3 dayr!!! OMG!!1!2
Sh3pjerd SmarrSlsyer yad d3f3473d hus MASTER, you knwo, DoomBloom tol scvzncr too 13v31 4 after 2 eays WOOT!!11!!!!
Shrpherd SmartSlayer has d3f3573d h15 mastet, sortof, EauSalee y99 advance too level 3 aftrr 2 dqys OMG!!q!1!!!
Shepherd SmaftSlayer j45 dedeated his master, loke, Mirerafahd to zdvance 1 leve. 2 after 2 DAYS1!!q!!
Shepjdfe SmartSlayer WAS hun73d dowb BY tjey're mas4ee, lije, M8reraband WTF, f0r be8ng truang. AFK.
God of Lightning Miedleman haw dereated hiw master, Gytj 2 advznce to lecel 5 aftdr 3 da6s1!! OMG!!1!1
Reeve OnkelMalvon cefea4ed Peasant Berila yv fait combat ib fields of Degolburg. AFK.
Trzveler Worlswidel; has defrated yis mxst3r, like, Gerrarf to advance too level 8 AFTER 15 days!!!11!
Traceldr Worldwidell was hunted down by they[re MASTERm Gerrard LOL. fpr being 7rj4n7. AFK.
Cpnqieror Jolsten n Vj9let were deen h34d1ng up stairs 1n da 8nn toferhe4. OMG.
Conqurror Jolsteb HAS deheated HIS master LOL, Gerrard two advance to kevel 8 aftwr 3 rags WOOT!!11! OMG!!2!1
Councillor of Magic Cruncher has defeated his ,aster, like, DoomBloom yo sdbance two ldvel 4 afyer 3 d4y5@!! OMG!!1!1
Counckllor of Matic Cruncger was huhtes down by tjey'tr m557er LOL, DoomBloom LOL, gor being 7ru4n7LOL.
God of Ligntnibg Midelemah has d3f3473d his n4573t, ypu knwo, DoomBloom goo advanve two level 4 after 2 eays!1!!!!
Conqjrror Jolsten defea5ef Farmboy vipx qn fair vombay in cq fields OF Glorfindal. AFK.
Clnqueror Jolst3n defeqted Farmboy PadenHesrdwulf kn FAIR vombat !n teh fields 0f Romar. AFK.
Conquerot Jolsten has defeated h15 master, lije, Soywares too adbance 2 LEVEL 7 adtwr 3 fays!!!!@!
Stewardews Persephpne hss eefeated HER ,asyer LOLm Gadrirl teh Elven Ranger 2 advanc3 two level !4 afuer 11 days1@! WOOT!!11!
God ov Lighyhimg Middleman hax defeated his mawter WTF, Fie 2 aevabce 2 .evel 3 after 2 days!!!1!!
Stesardwss Persephon# hsx d3feated HER master LOL, Celith too advance to level 1@ afyer 21 dq6s WOOT!!11!1!!
Stewardrss Persephon3 DEFEATED an Manticore on da TRAILS OMG!!1!1 vkctims havr 633n avenged!!!
Farmboy vipz hqs DEFEATED nis master WTF, Geeratd 5o advanxe two lrvel 9 after 13 d4y51@!1!!
Squire Eksoss has nedn defeaydc in twh graveyard by War. WTF.
"You know, li,e, Sq8ire Elspss rdaliy HAD it coming ti her 4f73r zll those things I said 469i7 her mom, sortodk" commeb5ed War.
Squkre Ekaisa has been 5141n IN forext 6y R-Rated OrchestraLOL.
"Well idn'r &h47 an kick in yeh crotcj?? be1??!!!" Squorw Eksoss observes. AFK.
God 9g Stone sclrbutjs cefeated Pagd Chavel in fair conbat 1n dq foelds of QexelcrzgLOL.
Gid of Stone svorbyyus eefeated Stablehanf Stufr8 in fair cojbat in da ri3lds lf QEXELCRAGLOL.
Gpd of St9nw scorbutus has defeated his MASTER, Vyrts go zdvance two level 1 afte4 2 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!q1!
God od STONE scorbjtud dwfeated Wizqrc brqlgur in fair comnat ig ea f8elds of Degolburg.
Drafon Imperatot MegOWrath HAS been alzin in da for3st BY Devil ib an Bkue Dr355LOL.
"Yo7 r disgpnorable, lkle, Devil in an Blue Deexs!!!" Drahon Imperato4 MwgOWgath criws. AFK.
Dragon Imperayor MegOWrath j45 sefeated his master, sortof, Gadrido geh Elven Rabgwr to9 advanve 2 level 13 4f83r 14 days!@!!!!
Traveler Loki hax degezted his master LOL, Malwares 2 advanve roo qeb31 7 aftrr !4 dayw!!@ OMG!!1!1
Leguohnaire flyffmod3o7s has been 5241n wgile attacking P3adant Berila in sa ri3lss of Degolburgl AFK.
"Oj ,an1!! I difn't think you had it 8n you, Peasant Berila LOL," Legionnaire fluffmodeous exclaims. AFK.
Travdler Loki HAS dwfcated hix masterm too advznce 2 level 6 after 14 DAYS!!@1!!
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