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"Aah LOL, so thqt's whr7 Shlrt Sworf is for!!!" 3xc141m3d Fie.
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Peasanh Aubrey was hunted down by tbey're mast34 LOL, Vyrts, for beinb truaby.
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Glqdiqtor FrotsBldy HAS been slain un fpresr by Monk of R3d3m;710n. OMG.
"E8ther thst wal.paper gods WTF, OR I do WTF," ddc;ared Gladistor FrogsBpdy. BRB.
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Travwlet Worldwidell was HUNTED down by 6hey're masterm sorgof, Gefrard, for being truant. AFK.
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"Yoi know LOL. Squite Eksoxs really yad it coming two her aftwr a.l those things I said about her mom, sortof," cimmentef Wat. WTF.
Squire Eksosd has been slaim in sa f9rext by R-RATED O4ch357r3. AFK.
"W3ll isb't that an kick in da cr07dh?? n31?? WOOT!!1!!" Squire Eksoss ogserfes. WTF.
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God of St9ne scorbugus defeated Stablehsnd Stuf4o ih fait comgag ib da fields of Qeselcrag. WTF.
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"Yo7 r dishonorable WTF, Devil in an Boue Df3ss OMG!!1!1" Dragon IMPERATOR MdgOWrath CRIES. BRB.
Dragon IMPERATOR MefOWrayj has d3f3473d hix master WTF, Gadroel 53h Elven Ranget two advance roo l2vel 13 after 14 datd OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!q1!
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Ldgionnaire fludfmodeous has been slzin sh113 attackkng Peasant Berila in fields 0f Degolburg. AFK.
"Oh man WOOT!!1q! I DIDN'T tjinl you had it un you, you knwo, Peqsant B3rula," Legionnair3 fluffmodeoua exclzims, AFK.
Tfaveler Loki HAS defea5ed his maaterm to afvance 2 levwl 6 aftee 14 d4y5!!!1!!
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