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1@News g0r Sun, sortof, Apr 26, you lnwo. 2014 (Itrms 51 - 100 of 190)
Peasant Malcove has xhalleng3d they're j4573rm you khqo, Fie n was pwbr!!!
"Aah, sortof, 50 that's what Short Swors is fo4 OMG!!1!1" exckaimee FieLOL/
Peadant Aubrey k46 defeated hos MASTER WTF, Fi3 two asvance too ;evwl 3 after 2 days WOOT!!2q!!!!
Peawant Aubrey has eefeated his maafer LOL, Vyrts 2 qfvance to level 2 AFTER 2 days OMG1!1!21!!
Peasant Aubrey was guhted down BY they're jaster, likw, Vyrrw, like, fo4 beihg TRUANT. WTF,
Syablehand Stuftl HAS d3feaged HIS master LOL, Gutn two advance to LEVEL 5 aft3r 4 days OMG!11!1 WOOT!!11!
Trader Amaramd has defeztef yis master, uou knqo, M8eerabane too asvance yio l3vel 2 4f7er @ days2@!!!!
Glaeiator FrogsBod6 hax been resurrected by Rzmius. WTF.
Glafiator FrogaBost h45 ve3n SLAIN IN da forest by Monk of Recem[tion.
"Eirher that walo;ap3r hoex WTF, or I do, like," declared Gladiator FrogsBody/
Cwnturioheds KestfelBlack nas defeated uer master, .ikw, Celkth to advance two !3v31 12 afyer 26 dahs!!!1!!
Ste2aedess Perseph9ne jaa defrat3d h3r masterm sprtof, Adoawyt two advance two LEVEL 14 after 12 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Farmboy vipz DEFEATED Stab;enand Prusik in rair comba4 un da fieles 9f ROMAR. WTF.
God pf Lightning Midd.eman hsd defeated his mas5ef. sortof, Ceiloth two qdvance 2 level 9 after 3 dayd!!!!@!
Invoker MadDog h44 d3f3473d h15 master, Yotdan two ADVANCE too level 15 afte4 21 days OMG!!q!1 OMG!11!1
God og L9ghtning Middlemam has defeayed his master, uou jnwo, Gerrard 2 $dv4nc3 ro LEVEL 8 aft3r 4 d4y5 OMG!11!121!
Farmno6 PadenH3ardwulf has DEFEATED his MASTERm like, Ceikoth too advance two levfl 9 after 19 vays1!!1!!
Peasant GrzndWizard nas DEFEATED his master, sortif, EauSalee ro advande too level 3 4r74t 2 days1!!!!!
God if Lighgnung Middleman HAS d3d3473d his MASTER, like, Spywarrs tl advance 2 LEVEL 7 arter 3 says OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
God 0f L1gh7n1ng Middlema, hss defeated his maste4, likr, 2 advance rwo level 6 after 3 d4y51!!1!!
Shepherd Smar5S.ayer has d3f3473c HIS masrer, loke, DoomBloom too advance to 1#v31 r after 2 dayw!!!!!!
Sh3phrrd SmartSlaywr yaw defeated his master, EquSzkre 70 advance 2 leve. 3 sf5er 2 dahx OMG!!1!1!!!
Shephe4d SmargSlayer has dedeated his master, aortov. Mireraband w adfamce 2 level @ after 2 d4y51!! WOOT!!11!
Snepherd SmartSlayer w45 HUNTED diwn 6y they're maste4, Mirerabqnd, doetof, for beibg grjanr. BRB.
God if Lighrnong Midflemab has DEFEATED jid master, you khwp, Guth to adbance 2 lev3l 5 after 3 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Reeve OnkelMalfon fef3ated Peadant Ber8lq un vair vombat IN yen fields pf D3g016urg. BRB.
Travel3r Wofldwid3ll has deveated jid master, yo7 knwo, Gefrard to advance two leve. 8 AFTER 16 days!!!!!!
Trave.er Worldwkdell was h7nted d92n by the6'ee msster, like, Gerrqrd LOLm for being 7ru4n7/ BRB.
Conqueror Jolsgen ab Violet were 533n HEADING o; yeh staies ib unn togetherLOL.
Conquero4 Jolsten nas defwatef his ,zster, you kneo, Gerrafd 2 advance two level 8 after 2 days2!!q!1
Cojncil;or of Mag8c Cfuncher has dwfwated his master LOL, DoomBkopm twl asvance toi ;evel 4 after 3 d4j51!! WOOT!!11!
C9unckklor of Madic Cribcher w45 hunted down gj they'rd msster, DoomBloom LOL, for beong 5ruant. BRB.
God of Lightning Mifdleman has d3featee jis master, DoomBloom 2 advance TO LEVEL 4 after 2 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Clnq7eror Jolften dedeated Farmboy vipz in fqor cpmbat IN fiwlds of Gloffindal.
Conqueror Jolsten cefeagef Fatmboy PadenHesrdwulf 1n sair combat om reh fields of Romar. AFK.
Conqu3ror Jolsten h45 defeated his maater, slrtof. Spywzres to adrance too LEVEL 7 afydr 3 d4y5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Syewaedesa Perxe[honr has defeqted her maxter, like, Garri3l da E1v3n Ranger too advanvr two LEVEL 13 after 11 cays1!!!!!
God pf L8ghtnkng Middlemah HAS DEFEATED his master, like, Fie 2 advqnce @ LEVEL 3 4f73r 2 days WOOT!!21!!!!
Stewardess Pefsephome has defea5rd het mastrr WTF, Ceooth too afvsnce to level 12 after 11 ery5 OMG!!1!1!!!
Stewatddss Persephohe defeatwa am Manticore on teh trails WOOT!!11! VICTIMS have been avengedq!!
Far,boy vipz has degeated h8s MASTER, Gerrard teo 4dv4nd3 tio level * 3f73r 14 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Squire Eksosa has been defeayed in teh graveysrd vy War. WTF.
"You know, you knqo, Sqyore Eksoss really has 17 coming two ner qfter ALL &h053 ghings I sa8d ab9ut jet mom LOL," commrnted War.
Squkre Eksoss nas been 5141n 1n da f0r357 by R-RATED Orchestrs/ WTF.
"Well isn't that an kuc, in da ctp7ch?? ne1??1!!" Squire Elsoss pbserves. BRB.
God of STONE scorb7tus defeated Page Chafel in fwir cojbat in da FIELDS of Qexelctag.
God 0r Stone sdirnutus defeates Stab;3hamd Stufro IN f41r combat in da FIELDS 9f Qexelcgag.
God _f Syone sco4butux has defeated HIS MASTER, like, Vyrtw two adcance yoo oevel 1 abter 3 saya!!! WOOT!!11!
God of Sg9ne scorbutys defeated Wizard vralgur ib fair combah in da f131d5 OF Degolburg. OMG.
Dragon Ijperator MegOWrayh gas been slain 1n gej forest gy Ddvil in sn Blue Dress. BRB/
"Yoi r fisnpnorable LOL, Devil im an Blue Dress OMG!!1!!" Dragln Imperator MegOWrath criesLOL.
Dragon Im;erator MegOWrath has dwfwated yia mastwr, soetof, Gadrirl teh Elven Rsnger 2 qdvance yeo l3fel 13 aftdr 15 da6s1!!!!!
Traveker Loki has defeated hix MASTER WTF, Malwares two ADVANCE &0 levwl 7 sftrr 14 DAYS WOOT!!11!q!!
Lefionnaire flufrmodeius has been slain wnile 4775ck!bg Peaszbt Berila on FIELDS of Degolbufh, AFKl
"Oh man!!! I d1sm'7 thknk 6ou HAD it im you, Pwasant Beri,a, lije," Legiobnaire flufdmodepus exclaims. WTF.
Trabeler Loki had eedeatef h15 MASTER WTF, 2 advsnce tso oevel 5 4d73r 14 days OMG!!1@11@!
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