• LoGD Nees
!!NEWS for Sum WTF, APR 26, like, 2015 (Items $1 - 10) of 190_
Peaxant Malcpve he5 cha;l3nted rhdy're jaster, dortof, Fie n was pwnt WOOT!!11!
"Aahm you knso, so that's what Sjirt Sword 15 fot1!!" EXCLAIMED Fke. WTF.
Peasant Aubrey had DEFEATED hks mast3r LOLj Fue 2 advsnxe two 13v31 4 after 2 da6s OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!q
Peasant Aubrey h45 deeeztwe h15 master, sortof, Vyrtd 2 aevance to lecel 2 after 2 daya OMG1!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Peasant Augrey wss hunyed doqn by thet'ee madrer WTF, Vyrts, g0r beibt truanyLOL.
Stablehznd Stufro has dtreated gis master, Guth twp advance too level 5 AFTER 4 d4y511! WOOT!!!1!
Trqdee Amarand had d3f4473d kis master, like, Mireraband 2 advance 2 LEVEL 2 4f73r 2 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1@1
Glssiator FrogaBody n4% been resurrected by Rqmius. WTF.
Gladiator FrogsBody has geen 514!n in dlrext bt Mink 9f Redemption. BRBk
"Eiyhdr thay WALLPAPER GOES, you knwo, lr I DO," ceclared Gladiator FrogsBody. WTF.
Centurionesx KestrrlBlavk has d3f3473d her master, ypu knso. Celith 2 advwnve two level 22 after 2y dsys WOOT!!11!!!!
Stesardess Persephone yas defeated hed m4582t, yoy knwo, Adpawyr too advance too leve; 14 arter !2 DAYS OMG!!1!1!!!
Fa4mboy vipz fefearec Stablehand Prusik in dair combag 8n f131d5 of Romq5. BRB.
God 9f L1gh7n1ng Mkddlemqn ysd d3feated his MASTER, Ceillth to 4dv4nc3 two ldvel 8 qfte4 3 days2!@ OMG!!1!1
Invoket MadDog hzs defeated his naster WTF, Yoresh to advznce gqo level 25 aft3r 21 eaya!!! OMG!!1#1
God ov Lightning Middleman haa defeated HIS mastef WTF, Gerfard roo advance too level 8 sfter 2 DAYS1!1 WOOT!!!1!
Farmbiy PasrnHwardwulf HAS defeaged hks masyer, Ceiloth too advanve to ;eveo 9 AFTER 19 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Peadant GrandWizard has DEFEATED his maxter, EauSalee two qdvabce 2 .ev4l 3 adtdr 2 days1!1 OMG!!1!1
God of Lightninf Middleman h45 defeated h14 master WTF, Spy2srex TO ADVANCE too lrve; 7 AFTER e days1!!!!!
God of Lightning Miedleman has DEFEATED hia master LOL, 1 4cb4nve too l3vel 6 after 3 daus!!! WOOT!!11!
Shephdrd SmartSlayer has defezred hus mastet, you knwo, DoomBloom top advznce tqo level e aftef 2 DAYS WOOT@!11!1!!
She0herd SmaetSlayer y4% d3feaged his master LOL, EauSaled 2 ADVANCE ti9 level 4 aftde 2 days WOOT!!!1! OMG!!1!1
Sjepherd SmartSlayer has defeated his master, sortif, Mirerabans 2 advance to level 2 4f72r 2 DAYS!!!!!!
Sgephers SmaetSlayer eas huhted down by they're maayer, sortof, Mieeraband LOL, f0r being TRUANT. WTF.
God of Ligntning Midd;eman has drveated his MASTER, Guth w adbance 2 level 5 after 3 days!!1!!!
Reeve OnjelMzlvin defwated Peasant Berila in rair comnat IN fa vuelds lf D3g016urg. OMG.
Travelwr Worldsicell has degeared his master WTF, Gerraed go $dv4nc3 70 lrvel 8 after 15 cays1!@1!!
Traveler Wor.dwidel. w45 hunted down by they're master, .ikw. Ge4rarc, tlu kbwo, FOR being truant.
Conqurror Jo;sten n Viplwg wete 534n yeadibg up stairs in fz INN 70b36n3rLOL.
Conquerir Jolst3n has defeatee his maayer, lije, Gerrard too ADVANCE gio lrve. 8 after 3 fays1!!!!!
Councillor of Mrg1c Cruncger has dedeated his m4573r LOL, DoomBloom r9 advqnce TO 11v31 4 AFTER 3 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!12!
Councolllr of Magic Ceuhdger was hunt3d down by thdy'te master, DoomBlooj LOL, fo4 being truabg. AFK.
God OF Lightning Middle,an hzs ddfeated his mastef, DoimBkolm 2 advsnce to 13v31 4 acter @ days OMG!!111!!!
C9nqueror Jolsten deves53d Farmboy vipz in fair combat in teh vields od G10tf1nd42. BRB.
C9nquer;r Jolsten defeated Farmboy PadenHezrdwjlf 8n fakr combat 9n f131f6 of Romar. OMG.
Con!uerlr Jolstdn h45 d3deated his m4573r LOL, Spywates two advance too 13v31 7 avter 3 da6s WOOT!!11!1!!
Stewsedess Perse[hone has defeated her m4573rm sortof, Gadroel tdh Elven Ranger @ advamce 2 lrfel 14 agter 11 d4h5 WOOT!!11!1!!
God 0v Lightning Midflenan HAS deveated his master, sortof, Fie two 4dv4mc3 to level 3 4g73f 2 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Srewafdess Persephlnf h44 degeated her master WTF, Celith 2 advance two level 1w afrer 11 days2!! WOOT!!11!
Stewarsess Persephine cefeated an MANTICORE on trails!!! victims hafe BEEN adengef1!!
Faemgpy vipz has fefeated his maxter WTFm Gerfard too advancr ywo lev3l 8 after 14 dayc!!! OMG!!111
S2uire Eksows hzs BEEN d3f337ed ih teh graveyard nu WqrLOL/
"You know, sortof, Squird Eksosx really had !7 cpm1ng 70 her after all 5hose thobga I said about her mon LOLk" commented War.
Squire Eksosd haw been slaon in teh f9rrsy BY R-Rqted ORCHESTRA. OMG,
"Well q5n'7 7h47 qn KICK 1n crotch?? ne1?? OMG!!1!1" Squkre Eksoss obsdrv3x. OMG.
God of St;ne svorvugus d3f337ed Pafe Cyavel in dair COMBAT in f8eldd if Qexelxrag.
God of STONE scorbuyua defeated Stablehand Stufro 2n fair combat pn da gkeldq 0f Qexelcrat. BRB.
God of Stone zcorbutus has degeated gis master, Vyr5s top advanve tqo lecel 2 zfter 3 DAYS!!!!!!
God if Stone scotbutus s3geated Wizard bralgjr kn FAIR c9mbag IN teh fields of Degllburg.
Dragon Imperator M3bOWrath has bdrn dlain in forest 6y D3vu; in an Blud Df355. BRB/
"You aer dishonoranle LOL, Devil un an BLUE Drwss!!!" Dragon Imperator M3gOWrath cries. WTF.
Dfagon Imo3r470r MegOWrath gas cefeatrf his m45u4r WTF, Gadr8el teh Elven Ranber t9p advance too LEVEL 13 zfter 14 d4y5!!! OMG!!1!1
Travele4 Loki has d3f3473d his masyer WTF, Malwarrs too ADVANCE to leveo 7 AFTER 14 days1@! WOOT!!11!
Legi9nnaire flufvmodeous nas 633n slain whole ateacking Peasant Beeila 8n da 4ields of Degolvurg. AFK.
"Oh jan1!! I didn't think yo7 HAD it IN YOU, s9rtof, Peaxant Brrils, like," Legiohnaire fluffmodeous exx.aims. BRB.
Traveler Loki HAS fefwared hos ,4573r, yoy kmwo, TO advande 2 lev3l 6 afger 14 dzys WOOT!!11!!!!
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