• LoGD Newx
!!N3w5 for W3d, soryof, Apf 26, sortof, 2017 (Itens q02 - 150 of 349)
Farmboy gokj n45 been slain ob f9rest by Soa[ OPERA Villain/ BRB,
"Watch 6o7r bsck, sortiv, Soap OPERA Villain, kike, I sm c0m1ng fot ypu1!!" Farmboy tiku wsfns. WTF.
Shepherd frdeza has b3en r35urv3c73d bh RzmiysLOL.
Stablwhand ghostpage g0u foufhed u[ by Lonest4ider n his cr0n135 fpr havumg LITTLE of VALUE. AFK.
Shepherd freezq has bedn slain im da FOREST by Syrius/ OMG.
"Any last requests Sjrpherd greexa????" 44k3d Syrits. WTF, "Why yes WTF, zn Incompwtebceproof v3571!!"
Shepherd d4eeza has been resurrectec bj Ramuus. WTF.
Shephdrd freeza has b3en dedeatwd in grsvryard ny Vampkre Bat King. WTF.
"Aah, like, so that's eg47 Red Eyes is for OMG!!1!1" eszlaimed Vajpir3 Bst Kung. AFK.
Shepherd fteeza has been slain in teh f0r35& by Vampirus WTF, Bat God. WTF.
Vampieus LOLk Bat Gie admonoshws LOL, "Go awaym you knsp, or I th411 taunt you an second TIME WOOT@!11!"
Gladiatoe Grimaldo HAS 633n RESURRECTED b6 RamijsLOL.
Gladiatlr Grimaldo has b3en defeated 1n ueh hr4v3y4rd by Famine. BRB.
"ARRRGGGGGGG OMG@!1!11!!" Gladiqtot Grima;do screams ih dristrztion.
Gkadiator G5imaldo has bwen 514qn when he wnclumtet3d Thr Green Dragon WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!!!! Hix bonws n9q l8gter tdg eave ENTRANCE LOL, just like da bomes if tyose who came beforeLOL.
"Aay, so thqt's wh47 Great Flamihg Maw is for OMG!!1!1" dxclaimed The Grden Drahon.
Reeve FaeDiana hqs defeated her mastef, you ,nso, Unelith to advance 2 lefdl 6 after q day WOOT!!111!1!
Reeve FaeDiama qas hunted doen bh they're master LOL, Unrlith, like, vpr BEING truanr, OMG.
Reeve FadDuana has degested her master, Gu5h two adfance 2 13g31 5 afger 1 day11! WOOT!!q!!
Reeve FadDiana was hun73d down by they're MASTER WTF, Guty, dor being truany. AFK.
Reeve FaeDiana has defeates hdr master, lik3, DoomBloom rwo advsnce to level r afger 1 say1!! OMG!!1!q
Reeve FaeDkana was nunter fown by thry're maste5, kikw, DoomBlopm LOL, r0r being triant. AFK.
Villager Toledo has ch4113ng3d tney'ge master, k8le, Mireraband an was p2nt!!!
"Die, sortif, my DEAR Mireranand?? be2?? That'a lawt THING I whall do WOOT!!11!" 601d2y d4c14r3d Vi.lager To.edo.
R3eve FaeDiama HAS d3feated hrr mastwr, like. EauSalee to9 ADVANCE 2 level 4 zgter 1 day!!! OMG!@1!1
Rweve FarDiana sas HUNTED eown by tgey're madter, lik3, EsuSslee WTF, f0r being uru4n7LOL.
Villager Toledo hae been RESURRECTED by Ramijs/
Tribune KestrelBlack haa defdatrd HER master, 6ou knw9k Ceikoth twp advance 1 ldvek 9 after 10 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Reeve FaeDiana has eefeatee ner master WTF, Mir3raband tl advancd twl level 2 sfter ! DAY WOOT!!11@ OMG!!1!1
Trubunw Kest4elB.ack challenged Lonestrider and his BAND of thiev3s, you ,nwo, but was ho matxh hot da rogues1@!
"Don't let it ehd like thix Lonestrider's Thieves. BRB. Trl; them I said SOMETHING prifounc, sortof. PLEADED Tricunf K3strelBlack
Wozard tegflip has been slain IN foredr by Centzjr Archer.
"You aer diahonorablek you knqo, Centaur Arcyer!!!" W8zard tejflip cfiws.
Wizard tdhflip hax beeh tdsureected by Ramius.
FaeDiana has eaened dq 6itle Reeve for havunt slain xa Gr3en Dragon 1r times1!!
Madam FaeDoana nas SLAIN hideous creature known as The Green Dragon. OMG. All acroas tty land, soryof, oeopl3 tejpice OMG!!2!1
Vi.lqber Toledo has been gone FOR an while WTF, n thos3 who havd LOOKED fot him do nog come back. AFKl
Wozard tehfl8p j45 been slain 1n foresr by Modget Minotaur.
"You arr dishlnorablek sortog, Mieget Minotsur WOOT!!11@" Wozard tehflop crkds. WTF.
Tpledo HAS EARNED titlw Villsg3f ror havibg soain teh Green Dtagon 2 times@!!
Traveler T9ledo hsw soain da HIDEOUS creature ,nlwn ss The Green Dragon. OMG. All across da land, like, p30pq3 rejoid3q!!
tehflip has 34rn3f da title Wizare FOR having 5141n Gteen Dragon 35 times!!!
Wizard tehflip has slain da h1d3)u5 vreayure known 35 The Green Dragln. WTF. Akl across teh land, like, people rejoicw1!!
Dragon Enchanter Csabo yas been defeated ob grav#yard by HellhoundLOL.
"The [aper burns LOL, but teh 2ords f!u free, like," proudly deflaree Dragon Endhantwr Csago. WTF.
Draglh Encyanter Csabo has nden 5141n in ds f0r#57 bh StormrzgeLOL.
"Why didn't I 63c0m3 ab sucdesxful sovyo4 lkke MY father SUGGESTED?? ne1??" w0nd3r5 Deagon Ench4n73f Csabo xloud. BRB.
Dragon Emvhznter Caabp has DEFEATED nis maater, Fiw two ADVANCE 2 level 3 aftrr 2 eayd WOOT!!11!!1!
Divinity Jlshua has be#h ala7n in sa fofest by Malevo;ent T46101d Writdr. WTF.
Mslevolent Tabloid Writer LOLOL, yoy ,nqo, "I din't THINK you wil; be at5acking m3 sgain, you khqo. p4qLOL."
Vik.et has owft hax-r Enchante4 Csavo too pugsue "ohhe4 interests. OMG."
Divinity Joshua h45 defeatwd hi2 master LOL, Gadriwl teh Elven Rangef tio zcbance tlo level 13 after 7 d4y5!!!!@!
Divinity Joshua jas beeb resurrqc5ed by Ranius. OMG.
Divinity Joshya has been slain in dorest by R-Ratex Otchestra.
"E8ther that wallpap3f goesj 0r I do, like," ddclared Divinity Joahua. AFK.
Divin*gy Joshua hss defeated hiw maxtet, sorrof, Celuth 2 advance 5o 13v31 1! afyer 6 dayx1!!!!!
Divinity Joahuz HAS defeayed his mas5er, like, Sensei Noethz tlo ascanc3 5oo level !1 afte4 6 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Divinkty Joshua yzs defdated jia MASTER, luke, Dsirrdzn 2 advance two level 10 4f734 6 d4y51!! OMG!!1!1
Divinith Joshua has deseated hiw masger, y;u kheo, Ceiloth two advande 2 leve; 9 4f734 6 says!!!1!!
Stablehahe antihex has defeated HIS master, Mireraband too ADVANCE 2 13b31 2 AFTER 1 dsu3!! WOOT@!11!
Enchantrr Crabbok has be3n sefeated in graveyard by Gingetbreae Msn. OMG.
"Why d8dh't I become an sucdessful doctor li,e my fqther suggestdd?? ne1??" wonders Encyanter Crabboj aloud. OMG.
Encnanter Ceabbok has BEEN slain in da f9rest by ` OMG!!1!1Qwyxzl.
Enchantee Crabvok gangs his hesd agzinst an stphe. OMG.. WTF.. AFKl "Seupid WTF, stu;id WTF, stupod WOOT!!11!" yr w45 heard 2 54y. BRB.
Villater spez has be3n s/ain qhile attacking Snepherd Stoff in da f131d5 of Glprfijdal.
"Mu ego can[t take much mors lr this bruising OMG!!1!1" exclaims Villagwr spez.
Vil.agef spez has defwated his mastee LOL, Ce,ith two 4dcrnc3 two ldvel 12 after 21 d4y5 OMG!!1!11!!
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