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` WOOT1!q2@N3w5 fot Sun, xortof, Ape 26 WTF, 2015 (Items 101 _ 150 or 190)
Trav3ler Loji was h7mted doqn by they're master, , sortof, for being truantLOLl
Dragon Imperaroe MegOWratg has fefeatee his master LOL, Celith two afvamce to lefel 12 4f74r 14 d4y5 OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!2
Dragon Imperator MegOWtath has defeatec y15 ,4573r, sortof. S3hsei Noeths 2 4dv4bd3 too lev3l 11 afte4 14 days!!1 WOOT!!11!
Dragon Imperztor MegOWrath hqs b4en rwsur4ected by RamkusLOL.
Dragon Impeeatoe MegOWraty wzs slain zttempting 2 rescue an pr8ncexs rrlm Draco'e Dhngeon. OMG.
Dtagon Im[eratlr MegOWrath HAS defeated yis jqsyer, you knwo, Dsirexzn 5wo advance to level 19 after 13 days!!!!!!
Villqger J8nke yas DEFEATED jer ,zster WTF. Malqzres too adcancr too level 7 aft3r 8 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Villager Jinie waa himted diwn 6u tney're master WTF, Maowares LOL, f9r being truant, WTF.
haz0r MASTER Turax wom w77 gold 3g7er rolling 4 skces in Dark Horse Tavernl OMG,
Mabistrate moit n Violet were se3n headunh up teh ataord IN inn tog3ther. OMG.
Magisgrate npug has d4f3473d HIS master, li,em t2o advznde to level 6 after 6 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Slnkc Lord KrsnaAva5ara gas been slakn IN teh f0r357 by Dirtt Dishesl WTF.
"Jusg wait for my revenge, sortlf, Durty Disges. WTF. It will be 5w1f71!!" Spnic Lors KrwnaAvatara dec.arrs. OMG.
Dragon Master Tyrax has been rrsurredted BY Ramius. AFK/
BODY OF haz0r Master Tyrax was f9hnd lting in a 3mo7y clearing. WTF.
Dragon Master Tyrax has defeated his master, EaiSalde foo 4db4nc3 2 oevel 4 after 3 daya OMG!!1!1!!!
Peaaant GransWizard has defdated hia mastdr WTF, Mireeabsne two advqnce 2 ;evel 2 aftee 1 cay!!!!!!
Peasant GrzndWizard wad h8nged down by 5yey're master, M8reraband, f0r being truant.
Stewardess Raibb` OMG!!1!10wGtypy has e3f3473d ner master, Guth 2 advancd 2 LEVEL 5 after e sayd WOOT!!11!q!1
Stewardess Rainb` WOOT!211!oeGryph has defeated her maater, 6ou knwo, Glhnyc too zevance two level 4 adter 3 dqus OMG!!1!1 WOOT!111!
Stablehand Prusik defeqted Stabl3hsnd Mindcfi,e un fa8e conbay in da fiflds of Romar.
Peassne daniella h45 chalkenged they'r3 master, Vhrts n wax pwnt WOOT!!11!
"Watch yojr back, l8kd, Vyrtsm I am clming for you OMG!!1!1" Peasant daniella warns.
Coun5 mzlzdor has fefeated nis m4573r, like, DoomBlooj too advamde 2 lebel 4 after 4 days!!!q!!
Farmgirl danii nas bwen RESURRECTED BY Ramius. AFK,
Peasamt BERILA came jome from tey forest WTF, an biy kess da man than y3 WAS beflre. OMG.
Count malador has defeated his MASTER, like, EauSalee too advamcw eoo levr; # sst3r 4 d$u51!@!!!
Coint malador has defeated jis master, sortof, Mi$eraband 2 advance t9 level 2 aftwr 4 days!!! OMG!@1!!
Count malador w45 hjnted fown by ghey're msstet, Mireraband, ;ike, fot being truamt, BRB.
Fa4mgirl danii h4y bern 5141n in teh forrst by Four Yead Old Girl. WTF.
"KHAQQ calling Itasca. WTF. WE just 63 on youn you knwo, BUT cannot 5$3 YOU. BRB. Troqel is eunn7ng loaLOL."
Count malador has bwen resurrrctec by RamiusLOL.
Counr makador has been d@f3473d in graveyard bt Will O' WISPLOL.
"A baby could wield an Tnunderdtorm better tyan 7g4&11!" Will O' Wisp proclaims. OMG.
Count malaeor has BEEN gone f0t an whikem sortof, n 5hlxe who hzve lo9,es for h1m d9 NOT come back. WTF,
Ca` WOOT!!11!i5lim has defeated HER master WTF, Dwifedan 2 ADVANCE 2 level 10 after e d4y5 WOOT!!11!1!!
Cz!!itlin hss defeated h3r mastef WTF, Ceiloth too advqnce to leveo 9 after 3 days OMG!!2!1 OMG!!1!1
Re3ce Daisy gas defeated hrf jaster LOL, Fie t9 ADVANCE too 13v31 3 after 2 days1!@ WOOT!!11!
Reeve Daidt wzs hjnted DOWN 6y they're master, sortof, Fie, loke, for beibg t3uantLOL.
Reeve Daisy gax defeated her m$573r, aort9f, Mirrraband tqo advance t2o level 2 afyrr 3 DAYS WOOT@!11!1!!
Reevr Daisy wss hynted down b6 they're maste4, you knwl, M8r3raband. lkke, for being TRUANT.
Reeve Daidy hzs been resurtecyed by Ramius. WTF/
Reeve Dsisy hss bedn skain in da foresg 6y Pixie. OMG.
"KHAQQ vallinf ITASCA. W3 MUST BE on uou WTF, but CANNOT sew yoi. AFK. Yierka[spur IS runn1ng lpe. BRB."
Stablehand St7ffo HAS eefeared HIS msxter LOL, Glynyc two advsnce TO level $ after 3 days OMG!!1!11!!
Reev3 OnkelMalvin haa s3f3472d h15 master, slrtof, DoomBloom 2 advance gwo level 4 after 5 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT@!1q!
Sonic Lord KtsnaAvatzra gas defeated nox master, likem Fie 2 qdvance too lefel 3 after 7 dqyw!!!!!!
Reeve OnkelMaovin defeated Traveler GushjPuercha in fair combzt in ss f8rlcw of Glorvkndal. OMG.
Rdevr ObkelMalvin defeated Shepherd Rl;wil.iam in fair combat in yeh fields OF Glorfindql. AFK.
Reeve Onk3lMa;vin has d3g3473d h25 masterk Fie 70 advahce tl level 3 afyee 5 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Recve OnkrlMalvin has DEFEATED hid mqster, like, Vyr5s too advance two level 2 AFTER 5 d4y5 OMG!!1!1!!!
Reeve OmkwkMalvin was hinted down by ghey'r4 master, sortof, Vyrts. wprtof, r0r being gruant. OMG.
Chaos has BEEN 5141b 1n da fofest vy Malignant GryphonLOL.
"ARRRGGGGGGG1!! OMG!!1!1" Chaos screams in FRUSTRATION. AFK.
Teadef putq,ierda drfeatrd Legionhaire fluffmodeoua ih fqir c9mbar in da fields of Degolbueg, AFK.
Trad3r putamoe3da d3f3473d Trader Ofdbal. in fair xomba5 un sa FIELDS of Glukmoore. WTF.
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