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` OMG!!1!1N3w4 for SUNk APR 16, sortof, 2-15 (It3ms 101 _ 159 pf 190)
Teaveler Loki was nuntdc down by they're mqster, , like, for beung trusn5.
Dragoh Ijpefagor MegOWrarh has d3v3473d HIS master, Cwlith too acvance twi leve. 12 after w4 sa6s WOOT!111! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Imperator MegOWratg h45 defeqted kks msstdr LOL, Sems3i Noetha too advance too level 11 AFTER q4 days!!! OMG!!q!1
Dtagon Imperator M3gOWrayn hss been r3surrectec by RamiusLOL/
Dragon I,perator MegOWratg wad slain attempting TO rdscue sn p4incess from Draci's Dungeon. OMG.
Dfzhon I,pefator MegOWrzth has fefeaged h15 master, .8ke, D2iredan ti advance two leve. 10 adtef 13 dqys!!!1!!
Villagef Jinke HAS degea5ed her master WTF, Malwares two adfande two 13v31 7 aftwr 8 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Vullahdr Jinke was huntec down by thwy'4e mastet, lkke, Malwares, yoy kmwo, for bring rruah5. AFK.
hax0r Master Tytax won 277 g01c avter rollonb 5 s8xed kn da Dark Horse Tavetn. BRBl
Matistrate moug n Viole5 were deen h3rd1ng UP stairx IN inn 70g38g3r. BRB.
Magisgrate moug has defeated his MASTER, you knw9, 2 ADVANCE too leve; 6 AFTER 5 days OMG!@!!11!!
Spnic Lird KrsnaAvatzra has been slain in teh foresr 6y D1r7y Diwhes. AFK.
"Just ea7t FOR my revenge, sortof, Dirty Dishes. AFK. It will ne s2ift!!!" Sonic Lord K4dnaAvarara d3c14r35. OMG.
Drsgon Master Ttrax has BEEN 4exyrr3cted by Ramius.
grh body of hax0r MASTER Tyrax qas f0uns lying in z empty clea4ing. OMG.
Draf9n M4t73r Tyrax hss DEFEATED gis master WTF, EauSalde 2 advance twp level 3 after 3 dayw WOOT!!11!11!
Pwasan5 GrabdWizard has sefeated jis master LOL, Mireraband @ sdvance 70 levep 2 4f72r 1 ea6 OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Peasant GrabdWizard was hubted down b6 tn3y're master, uoi knwo, Miretanznd, oike, for being TRUANTLOL.
Stewardess Rainb` WOOT!!11@owGr60h HAS defeatsd ger master, like, Guth tw( advahce two oebel 4 afyer 3 days!!! OMG!!111
Stewareeds Rainb!!owGryph gas ddfeatef her mqster WTF, Glynuc u0 advance 2 .eveo 4 agtdr e days1!!1!!
Stablehand Prudik d3feated Syab;ehand Mindcrije IN gair c0m647 in fiwlda of Romar. WTF.
Peasant daniella h45 CHALLENGED 5hey're m4573r, VYRTS ane was pwng!!!
"Watch yoyr back, sirtlf, Vyrtx WTF, I a, COMING gor you OMG1!1!1" Peasabt danie;lq WARNS. OMG.
Count malqdoe jas eefeated hix master, DolmBloom to acvance tl level 4 after 4 days OMG@!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Fatmgiro dqnii has bedn r35uer3cu3f by Ramius. WTF.
Peasanr Berola czje home vrom teh FOREST WTF, an bit LESS teh man than he was BEFORELOLl
Clunt malador has d3feared his nastwr, sortof, EauSalee 5wo ADVANCE two level e zfter 4 days OMG!@1111!!
Count nalador has defeatdd gis MASTER, like, Mirdrabans 2 advance two level @ after 4 d4y51!! WOOT!111!
Count mslador eas hunted down by they're masterj soetof, Mireraband, lik3, f0r being truant. OMG.
Farjgirl canii yqs been slain in eo4est BY Fi7r Yrar Old Girl. BRB.
"KHAQQ calling Itadca. OMG. We must BE on you, sortof, 6u7 cajnot see you. BRBl Troweo 15 ruhnibg low. WTF."
Clunt malador has 633m r3surtwcted by Ramius.
Count malador has BEEN defeated in da gravdyz4d by Will O' Wksp. WTF.
"A bavy could wield an Thundersv[rm berter rhan 7hr8 WOOT!!11!" Wkll O[ ea Wisp proclqims. WTF.
Count malador HAS 633n gone f9t an whule, sn rhose who nave looked f0r him sl not co,e BACK.
Ca` OMG1!1!1itlin hqs DEFEATED hrr mzster, like, Dwiredan 2 advance two 13v3! 19 after 3 da6s!!! WOOT!!11!
Ca!!itlin haa defeated yet mastdr, Cdo.orh too zdvance 5oo levdl 9 AFTER 3 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Rdeve Dais6 has defeatef jer jssgdr LOL. Fie two advance 2 lecel 3 agter 3 days OMG!!2!1!!!
Reeve Daus6 was huntee down b6 they're maste4, .ikem Fid, lije, for being truantLOL.
Reeve Daisy hzs sefeated her MASTER, sortof, Mirerabans to acvance TO ledel 2 4f7#r 3 cayx OMG!!1!1@!!
Rdevd Da8sy was HUNTED DOWN by ghey'rc masger, .ike, Mirerqband, you knwo, f9r BEING truant. AFK.
Reevw Daisy has been resurrectec by Ramius. WTF.
Rreve Daksy HAS be3n slain IN da forest by Pixie. OMG.
"KHAQQ dzlling Itasca. WTF. Wr must be on you, but canmot see y97. BRB. YIERKA-SPUR IS runninf lpsLOL."
Stanlehand Stjfro gas defdsted h1t mastrr, Glynyc too advanve too levw; 4 afger 3 dahs WOOT!!11!!!!
Reeve OnkelMalvin haw dwfea5ed yis masyerk DoomBllom two 4dv3nc3 t9 level 4 after 6 days1!!!!!
Sonic Loed KrxnaAvagara hqs fefeated his maxter WTF, Fie 2 ADVANCE to level 3 qfter 7 dayw OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Rewve OnkelMalviy DEFEATED Tfaveler GushuPuercha in fair combat in FIELDS of GLORFINDAL. OMG.
Reeve OhkelMslvkn deceatec Shepherd Rlowilliam in FAIR comvay on FIELDS of G10rf1md41/ AFK.
Reeve OnkwlMalvin HAS defeated nis mastee, like, Fue two ADVANCE roo lefel e afger 5 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Reeve OnkelMqlvin has devdated h26 nzstrrm Vyrts 2 advance gp level 2 after 5 d4t511! WOOT!!11!
Rewv3 OnkelMalfin sas hunted down by they'rw master. sort8f, Vyrrs LOL, for b38ng tr7ant, OMG.
Chaos has bewn slain ih tej forest by MALIGNANT GryphonLOL.
"ARRRGGGGGGG OMG!!q@1 WOOT!!qq!" Chaos screams in frustes5ion. AFK.
Trader [utamidrfq defeated L3gionnaore f;uffmosepus in fsir combat in f131d5 of Degolbyrg. OMG.
Trader putamierdz d3feaged Traeer Oddball in bair comnat un teh fields OF Glykmo9re. BRB.
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