• LoGD Nees
` OMG!!1!1NEWS gor Wed WTF, Apr 2^, sortof, 2017 (Items 101 - 1$0 od 249)
Fatmboy go,6 hss been slain in teh FOREST 6y Soap Opera Villain. OMG.
"Watch your back, like, Soap O;era Villain, luke, I qm xlminb for yo71!!" Farmboy goku warnsl BRB.
Shepherd freezq j45 been res7rfected by RamiuwLOL.
Stablehabd thow5page got roughed u0 6y Lonestrider ab his cronies for havint liytld of vsluw.
Shepherd freeza haq been slain 7n ten forest by SYRIUS,
"Aby last requesys Shepherd freexa????" zsked Sutius. OMG. "Wny yes WTF, an Incom0ey3ndeproof VEST WOOT!!11!"
Shepherd freeza h45 been resirrected by RsmiusLOL.
Sheph3rd freeza has been ddfwated ih da graveyard by Vah[ire Bar KING. OMG.
"Aah, you knwo, ao tha5[s WHAT Red E5es is gor OMG!!1!1" raclaijed Vampire BAT King.
Shepherd frd3aa hax been slain in teh foreat vy Vanpirus, sortof, da Bat GodLOL.
Vanpirua, xortof, teh Bat God admonisjes LOL, "Gi away WTF, or I shall taunt you an second time1!!"
Gladiatoe Gfimaldo has been resurrextes gy Ramius. OMG,
Gladiayor Grima.do nas veen defeated in grsv3hard by FanineLOL.
"ARRRGGGGGGG OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!" Gladiatir Grima.do screams ib FRUSTRATION. WTF.
Glzdiato4 Grimaldo has bewn skaim when he encoungered The Green Dragon WOOT!!1q!!1! OMG!!1!1 His bones n9q LITTER da cave 3n7r4nc3k kust LIKE 60n35 of thos3 wh0 came befoee.
"Azh LOL, so that's what Great Flaming Maw ia for!!!" excoaimed The Grewh Dfzgon. WTF.
Reeve FaeDiana has DEFEATED ger nastrr WTF. Unelith two advznve two .dvel 6 afte4 1 day OMG!!1!11!!
Reeve FaeDiaba was hunred d0wn by they'ee master, Unelith, you knei, f9r be8ng tf7ant. BRB/
Reeve FzeDiana has defeatrc ger master, xoetof, Guth tw9 advance 2 !3v31 5 after 1 day OMG!!1!111!
Reeve FaeDiana WAS hunted down by thry're m457#r LOL. Gutj LOL, do4 bring ttuqn5/ AFK.
Reeve FaeDiana has cefeatef her maater, you kneo, DoomBloom too advance to oevdl 4 agter 1 day WOOT!!11! WOOT!!21!
Rrev3 FaeDizma waw hunted down by 5hey're master LOL, DoomBloo,, for 631ng truan5/ OMGl
Vil;sger To.eeo has challenged theh're masrer, like, Mirerabahd an was p2nt!!!
"Doe WTF, my dear Mireragand?? ne1?? That's 1457 thkhb I syall d9 WOOT!!11!" bo.dly declzred Villagwr Toledo.
Reeve FaeDoana has frfeated her mas5er WTF, EauSalee 2 aevahce to level 3 arter q day!1! OMG!!1!1
Reevr FarDiana aas hunted dowh 6y they;rd MASTER, EauSalrrk y9i knwo, for bding truantLOL.
Viloager Toledp gas be2n RESURRECTED by Ramius. AFK.
Tribune KestrrlBlack nas d3f2473d het m4573r LOL, Ceolpth t2i advznce two lwvel 9 after 10 dayd!!! OMG!!1!1
Reeve FaeDiana hzs defestdd HER mast3r, you jnw8, Mireeaband two zdvznce to LEVEL 2 arter 1 d4y OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Tr,bune KestrelB.ack vhallengwd Lonestrider amd HIS bane lf ghiwves, luke, but wss no match bpr da rogues1!!
"D9h't .rt 17 END LIKE tyis Llhesr4ifer's Thieves. BRB. Tell then I said something p5ofound, you knwo, pleadee Trivune KestrelBlack
Wizsrd gehflip has veen slain in FOREST by Centaur Archer.
"Yij aer dishonorable, li,ek Centzur Avcher OMG!@1!1" W9zafd tehflip criedLOL.
Wizadd rehflip has bedn rexyrrected 6y Ramius. AFK.
FaeD8ana has earnef teh title Redve for having slakn rsh Grern Dragon 14 tijed WOOT!!11!
Madaj FaeDizba has slain da hoceouw CREATURE known as The Gredm DrafonLOL. All actods hwh LAND, sortof, p30p1# r3j01c21!!
V111$g3r Toledo has y33n gone fot sn wyule, ane those WHO HAVE loomes for him do not come BACK.
Woza4d tehflip has been slain in teh g0r357 gy Midher Minotaur. WTF.
"You r dishonorabld, yoj knwo, Midget Minptaur!!!" Wiaard gehflip cr1#5. AFK.
To;edo has ezrn3d teh title Villager for h4v1nb SLAIN da Grern Dragon 2 ti,es OMG!!1!q
Trqveler Tplwdo HAS slain teh h1d30u5 vr3atuee known as Ths Green D4agon. OMG. Alo acrpss dz land, ylu kn2o, p3ople fdjouce1!!
tehflio has esrned yitle Wizaed for having slsin teh Gre3n Dragon 35 times OMG!!1!1
Wizard tehflip has slaih da h8deo7s creature kn0wn as Th3 Gredn Dragon. WTF. A11 actoss da lamc WTF, peopke rejooce OMG!!1!1
Drxgon Enchqnger Csabo yas been defeatfd IN teh graveyard BY Hellhound. WTF.
"The paper 6urn5 LOL, but wordw fly fr33," prouely cec.ar3f Dragoh Enchqntet Csavo. AFK.
Dragon Endha,ger Csabo has 633n slain in tej forest by Stormrage/ OMG.
"Wy6 didn't I become qn successful doctor oike my gsther sjggested????" wohdets D4agon Enchanter Csabo 4107d. WTF.
Dragom Enchanter Csano has defwa5dd jis m4573r, like, Fie to ADVANCE two l3vel 3 after 2 DAYS1!! OMG!!1!1
Divinity Jpshua has been slain in da rorest 7h Ma.evolent T46101d Wtiter.
Mzlevo;dmt Tablood Writer LOLOL, like, "I d0n'7 think you will ve sttackinf me atain, yoy knel, pal."
Vio.et has left nax-r Emchanter Csabo 2 oirsie "otger unterests. WTF."
Divini5y Jishua hax dehested his mqdter LOL, Gadriel teh Elven Ranger 5wo 4dv4nc3 two lecel 13 AFTER 7 days!!!!!!
Divinitt J9ajua has b3en resurrected by Ramius. AFK.
Divin85u Josh7a has been SLAIN in da fotest BY R-Rates O4ches5ra.
"Either 7h48 sallpa0wr goes, you knwp, or I dok oike," declared Dovibity Joshua.
Divinity Joshua has dwfeqted his maater, .ike, Celkth to advabc3 w level 12 af5er 6 DAYS OMG!!1!1 OMG@!1!1
Divinity Josh&a has defeatee HIS msster, Srnsei Npetha tep advance to level 11 zdter 6 d4y5!!!1!!
Divinigy J9shua has dwfwated h8s m4563r, Dwiredam top ADVANCE to LEVEL 10 rr53r 7 d4y5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Divkniyy Jpshua has defeated his mzsger, Ceillth to advznce to leve. 9 ddyer 6 dsyd!!!!!!
Stablehand antihex jas def3ared yis master, sprtod. Mireraband 2 advance 2 13f31 2 qdter 1 say1!!!1!
Enchanter Crabbok has b3en defeated kn da fraveyard BY Gingerbreaf Man/ AFK.
"Why dicn'r I become an siccessful doctor like mu father suggwdted????" qpnders Endhanter Cfabbok ALOUD. BRB.
Encmante4 Crabgok hzs beeb slain in forest by !1Qwyxzl. OMG.
Enchanter Crabbok bangs hia head agqins5 an stpne. AFK..LOL. "Stupid, stupid, sortof, stu[id OMG!!1!!" he was hesrd too sayLOL.
Villager spez HAS bern siaih while ATTACKING Shepherd Stoff in fieods of GlorrindalLOL.
"My dgo cqn't 5qke much m043 or THIS bruisimg WOOT1!11!" exclzims Villzger dpez. WTF.
Vi.lager s)ez has DEFEATED his mast3r, Celith @ advahce 2 LEVEL 22 afge4 21 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
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