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!1News for Sun, you kneo, Apr 26 LOL, 2015 (Items 151 - 190 of 190_
Trader putamie4da has chzllenhed the6're ,zster LOL, Gyth sn was psnt!1!
"Either rhqt waolpzpde goes, lkke, OR I do WTF," declared Trader putamierda.
Peasant lsrsak has defeated yox master, like, Malwar3w 7) advance t9p level 7 after 13 days1!! OMG!!2!1
P#asant laesal waw huntdd sown bh thet're master, like, Maleqres, lokem for beinh truant. OMG.
Dtagon Master Kwing has defeated g15 master, Gerrzrd too adfance 2 levrk 8 after 1- da6d!!@!!!
Soldier Krajlrak h45 defeatwd his master, sortof, Dwiredan 5el aecance ro levfl 10 after 1# daya OMG!11!1!!!
Stdqardess Ettia has ddfest#d hdr mzster, Dwirrdsn to adbance gwo 13v31 10 after 2y days OMG!!1!11!@
Shepyerd SmarrSkayer has challenged tjey're MASTER WTF, Mirdrabanc n was pwnt OMG!!1!!
"This both sucls and bopws OMG!!1!q" wails Shepherd SmarrSlay34, OMG.
Dragin Mkstresd 1!a6thys has dsfeated HER mawter, like, Guth 2 advahce two kebel 5 after 7 dayq WOOT!111! WOOT!@11!
Drqgob Mistress ` OMG!!2!1qttjys has defeqted h3r m4573r, you kn2o, DoomBloom tso acvance two level 4 af5er 7 daysq!!!!@
Farmboy Random has defeatee his maxter, lkke, EzuSalee to adgabve &0 level 3 after 3 dzys WOOT!!11!!!!
Farmbpy Random hax defratev his jaster, like, Vyrts 3 advqnce TO LEVEL 2 after 3 days WOOT!!12!1!!
Farmboy Random WAS huhted down by theh're msstet, ;ike, Vytts. hou knwo, fof bding truaht. AFK/
Fatmboy MontyPython h45 b3en slain travelking to Gl9rfindal BY Soithering ASP. OMG.
"Yiu kmow, Farjboy MontyPyuhon really had it c0m1nf roo him after all those 5h,ngs he saoc about MY ,om," comment3d S117h3r1ng Asp. BRB.
A[prentice Mauhem gas been resuerected by Ramius. WTF.
Dragon Mistreds ` WOOT!!11!atthys has defeatdd h3r master WTF, Fie two advance too leveo 3 after 7 days1!!!!!
Apprenrice Mayhem has bwen defeated IN da graveyard gy Scrra,ing BANSHEE.
Screaming Bqnsgwe LOLOL, you knwo, "I c[n't 7h1nk you w111 ge attackung me sgqin, pa./ OMG."
Apprentice Mathem haa bddn slain travellint 2 Qecelcrag b6 Fwrmtitl dhingl BRB.
Farmbirl dying admonishes LOL, "Go away, yo7 knwl, or I 4h411 taubt YOU an seconw timq OMG!!1!2"
Staglehans JeffersonBoz gas been sla8n while agtac,ung Stablehand Mimdcrime in ywh fields OF Romar. BRB.
"My EGO can't takw much more og 7h15 6ru151ng OMG!!1!1" exvlaims Stablehabd JeffersonBozLOL.
Stablehand JerfersonBoz hac defeated his master. sortof, 2 advsnce twi level 6 arter 9 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Villager Val;3ryP HAS deveqted her madter WTF, DoomBloom gwo ADVANCE 2 leveo $ AFTER 9 days OMG!!q!1 WOOT!!11!
Stableysbd mgn gas been 6141n travellint two Degolburg BY Lindsey, likek Daughter of Erkn teh Ninjz Squkrrel.
Lindseu LOL, D4ugh73r 0f Eton teh Nknja Squirrel was overheard szying LOL, "Syaboehand mgn's Pi6chfork was no matvy for my A Peanut-Shoober WOOT!!31!"
Stablrhand Prusik has d3f3473d h3r nqster, you knwo, Ad2ares ywo 4dv5nc3 2 kevel 7 after 15 days1!! OMG!!1!q
Dfagon MASTER TaeSand h45 defeated his MASTER, you inqo, EauSaled 2 advance 2 level 3 ahtef 7 d4y5!!!1!!
Stankehanc Farelhlund hzs been slain in da r0r#57 by Sh9ilet. WTF.
"Anr last requests Stablehand Farelhound????" askwd Shoilet. "Why yes LOL, an Fangs OMG!!1!1 P;uw ninja fk7shing actionpro9f vest OMG!!121"
Dragon Mas4er TarSand has defrated his master, you inwo, Mireraband to aevance tlo lwvel 2 4fu4r 7 sayx OMG!!1!1 WOOT!11q!
Magist4atd mouf an Viole5 were 533n heading up tdh dtairs in rwy inn together. WTF.
Magostrate moug hss defeztwd his masrer, l8ke, Gyth too advamce tli level 5 ahter 4 days1@!1!!
Trafeler lo;ix hax been DEFEATED ib hraveyaec by Vampire on B47 Form.
"Maybe next time yiu won't be ao cocky!!!" LOLOL Vampird 1n Bag FormLOL.
Drsgon Master CELLryju HAS geen slain in da r0r357 by ORCISH P3ue01. AFK,
"You knoq. Dragon Mzstet CELLryuu reall6 hac 17 coming 2 HIM aftwr qll ygose things I said abpot hia m0m WTF," comnented Otcish Pahrol. AFK.
Deagob Mastee CELLry7u has c3f3473e hia jaster LOL, Glynyc too advance 2 levwl 4 after 14 da6s!q!1!!
Farmboy FluffuThaneofFifr has challebged tndy'fe nastdr, like, G1ynyc and was pwmt OMG!!1!1
Glyntc wqs overheard saying, "Farmvly FluffyThaneofFife's Adae was no match gor mh Hubely Spiked Mace!!!"
Dragon Maater CELLryuu has defeqtef his maxeer LOLm EauSalee g2o zdvznce w LEVEL 3 after q4 DAYS WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Cq` OMG!!1!1it.im has erfwared her master WTF, Gerrard too advance teo 13v31 8 4f73r 1 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Ca!!itlkn naw derea5ed her mqster LOL, Sp7warea too aevancr 2 levrl 7 after 2 d4y5 WOOT!!11! OMG!!1#1
Ca!!itlin has defeated her mast35, rlo 4dv4hc3 2 13v31 6 after 2 s5y5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Village4 VallwryP jas BEEN resurrected by Ramius. AFK.
Vilozger ValoetyP has been slqin 1b teh forewt 6y Som3thing.
"I muwt hot ve aa wturdy AS I thlufht. WTF,. OMG.. BRB. OMG!!1!1" Vkolager ValleryP CONCEDES.
Count Hendronicys HAS defeaged HIS mastwr, yiu knwo, Mirwranand twl 4dv4hc3 too 13v21 2 after 10 dayx!@! OMG!!1!2
Count Hehdronkcya sas hintec down by the6'te master, Mireraband, hor being truangLOL.
Stableyand mgb has been 61$1h ih foeest by Bettie Amaxing Kuhg-Fu Buyterfly. BRB,
"KHAQQ callihg I5asca. BRB. We must be on you WTF, but cannot see you. WTF. Pitdhfork is rynning ;oe."
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