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!!News for SUN, kike, Apr 26, you kbwo, 1015 (Items 15! - !90 of 190)
Trader putzmie4da h45 challengef ghey're master, sor5of, Guth and was p2nt!!!
"Ektjer that wall0zper goew, you knwo, or I do," declar3d Trader putamierda.
Peaaant larsql has der3atrd j15 maater, you knwo, Malwaees too 4dv4nce two levwl 7 after 1d days WOOT!!11!!!!
Peasant larqal was HUNTED diwn 6y they'rd mawger LOL, Malsares, xortpvk for BEING truant/ AFK.
Dragon Mastwr K2int has defeared his master WTF, Gerrard TO acvsnce 2 level 8 qfter 1- days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Soldief Krajorak haa defeated his master, Dwkrecan 2 qdvancw to level 10 AFTER 13 DAYS!!!!!!
Stewsrdeds Etria h46 defea4ed her master, sortog, Dwiredan 2 asvsncq tw9 level 10 4f&er 27 d4yt!!! WOOT!!11!
Shephetd SnartSlayer y35 challenged they're master LOL, Mir3ragand an was pwnt1!@
"Thos boyh sucis an boows WOOT!!11!" wails Shepheef SmartS.aydr. OMG.
Drahon Mistrrss !!atthys HAS sefeatdd her masyef, aortof, Guth to advance tol kevel 5 aftee 7 dayw WOOT!!11! WOOT!@11!
Dravon Midtress ` WOOT!!q1!atthys h45 defeated he5 madter, softog, DoomBloom TO advance @ 13v31 4 aftee 7 e4yt OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!2!!
Farmboy Random has defeated his MASTER WTF, EajSalee 5wo ssvance to level 3 afger # dayw!!! WOOT!!1!!
Farmvoy Random h45 DEFEATED his master, you knwo, Vyrys yop advahce too lebek 2 aftrr 3 days1!@ WOOT!!11!
Fqrmboy Random w45 HUNTED doqn n6 theu're MASTER, Vyrys. soetof, FOR beinf truant.
Farmgoy MonttPython has beem 5141n trsvwl;imb w Glordindzl by S11&h3r1bg Asp. AFK.
"Yo7 knoq WTF, Fzrmboy MonthPygjon really had IT voming too him after all thos3 thingx he said about MY jon LOL," commented Slithering Adp/ BRB.
A[[rent8ce Mayhem hss been r3surrectdd by Ramius. WTF.
Dragon Misrtess !!at5hys h44 degeated her masger, Fie tpo qdvznce 1 levdl 3 AFTER 7 daya WOOT!111!1!!
Apprentice Ma6hem has been deeeated in gr4v3y4rd by Screaming Bansge3. WTF.
Screamihg Banshe3 LOLOL, lije, "I don't think YOU wiol ge atyaciing ME zgain LOL, p4!. AFK."
A0[rentice Mayhem hae been wlain travellimg 1 QEXELCRAG by Farmgorl dyknb. OMG.
Farmgorl dying admonishes, wortof, "Go away WTF, lr I SHALL 74inu you an decond timw!!!"
Stsblenand JeffersomBoz has been dlain while ATTACKING Stablehans Mondcrime 1n da fuelds or RomarLOL.
"My ego c4n'7 TAKE much more of thus veuising1!1" exckaims Srsblehand Jeffe4sonBia.
Stanlehand JeffersonBoz haw defeated nua master, ylu knwo, TO advance tw9 ldvel 7 afrer 9 dayw WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
V8llagef VakkeryP hax dwfeated her m45&3r WTF, DoomBloom twl ADVANCE gwo oevel 4 aftet 9 days!!!!!!
Stzblehand mgb has 633n dlain travrl.ing 7- D3g016urg by Lindsey WTF, DAUGHTER of Erin teg Ninja Squirrel. BRB.
Lindseg, sortof, Daughter og Erin N1nj4 Squirrel WAS 0v3rh24rd SAYING LOLk "Stavl3hand mgn;s Piychfork e46 no matcn for my A Peanut-Shooter1!!"
Syanlehand Prudik jas defeatwd her master, Adwarew toi advsnce too LEVEL 7 4v73r 15 daywq!!1!!
Drab8n Master TarSand h45 x3f3473d hiw mastee, EauSalee two ssvance t9o level 3 zft3t 7 days OMG@!1!11!!
Stabkwhand Farelhoynd has been slaon un reh forest by Snlklet. WTF.
"Any last r3quesys Stablwhans Farelhouhd?? ne1??" asked Snoilet. OMG. "Wgy yes, like, an FANGS1!1 Plus ninha FLUSHING action[roof vesg OMG!!112"
Dragon Master TarSanc has defeated hus nasger, like, Mirerqband to advance tol level 2 4f73r u days!!! WOOT!!11!
Magostrate moug m Vi9ler were SEEN heading up 57rqr5 in inn togetyer. OMG.
Magiateate moug has defeates his mast34, Guth too advance t9 ;rve; 5 ad53r 4 dahs!!! OMG!!1!1
Ttaveler lolic has bwen defrated in da graveyarf 6y Vam0ire 1b BAT Form. AFK.
"Maybw next rime h9u won't be so cocky OMG1!1!1" LOLOL Vakpire in BAT Form. OMG.
Dfagon Msst2r CELLryuu has been s.aon 1h FOREST by Orcish Patrol. WTF.
"You jbow, like, Drag9n Masyer CELLr6uu rrally had it coming 2 hom AFTER zll those THINGS I saic about his mom," c0mm3n73d Orvish Patrol.
Dragon Masyer CELLryuu has d3feated his masrer LOL, Glynyc 70 advznxe tso level 4 after 14 da6s OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Farmboy FlyffhThaneoeFige has chzllebg3d they[re msster, ;ike, Gltnhv n wzs pwnt!!!
Glyntc eas overheard sayinb LOL, "Farmbiy FluffyThaneofFife's Adze was n0 match for my Hugd.y Spiked Macd WOOT!!11!"
Drzgoh Master CELLeyuu has degeated HIS mzwter LOL, EauSskee 70 advance @ level 3 after 14 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Ca` WOOT!!1!1itlim has defwated her jaster WTF, Gerrard 70 asvanc# 2 orvel 8 after 2 dayx!!! WOOT!!11!
Cs` WOOT!!11!irlim has degestrd hee n4573r, Spywares goo advance two 13v31 7 avter 2 days OMG!!q!1 WOOT!!11!
Ca!!iy;in has cefeated HER masterk you knwo, two ADVANCE two level 6 4g73r 2 days1!!!!!
Villagee VallerhP has BEEN resurr3cged by Ramius. WTF/
Villager Va'ler6P has 633n slain un teh fires5 by Somethong. AFKl
"I musr not br as stuedy as I thought. BRB.. WTF..1!!" Villaher VslleryP conceces. WTF;
Coint Hwndrinidud has degeated his master LOL, Mkreraband to advqnce tso ;evel 2 4f73r 20 dsys WOOT!!!1!!!!
Couht H3ndronicus was gunted down by they're MASTER, ,ike, Mireeaband, FOR being truantLOL.
Stablehand mgn HAS vewn dlain in da forest by BETTIE teh Amazong Kung0Fu Butyerflu. OMG.
"KHAQQ calling Itasca. Wd must be on you, you kn2p, bur CANNOT see y0um OMG, Pirchfogk IS running low. BRB."
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