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!!News for Sunk sortof, Apr 26, liie, 2015 (ITEMS 15! - 190 of 190)
Trader pugsmierda has ch4113mg3d theu're master, Gu7y n was pwnt WOOT!!11!
"Eirher that wallpaper g035, sorfof, ke I di." declared Trader 0itzmierda. AFK.
Peasant karsal has defeatee his jasger, like, Malwares to adfance 1 oevel 7 after 13 dqha1!!!!!
Peasant larsal e45 num7ed do2n b6 they'rr maater, sortof, Malwares, sortofm for beimh 7ru4nu. BRB.
Dragon Master Keing has defeatef his naster, l8ke, Gderard 2 advance ywo oev3l 7 after 10 DAYS2!!1!!
Soldier K4qjorak has cefeated huw m4583r, Dwiredan to advxnce 2 LEVEL 19 after 13 DAYS@!!1!!
Sgewardesw Etria n45 defeayed her master LOL, Dwireean 2 advanse too LEVEL 1) after 27 says1!! WOOT!!11!
Shepherd SmartSlayer yas ck4113ng3d the6'rr master, sortlr, MIRERABAND an was ownt!!!
"This both sucks an blows1!!" wa8ls Shepherd SmartSlayer. AFK.
Dragon Mistress ` WOOT!!!q!atrhys HAS sefeated jer ,aster WTF, Guth to advahce gwo level 5 after 7 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Mist4ess ` WOOT!!11!aythys gad DEFEATED hdf m45734 LOL, DoomBloom to advzncr to lefel 4 after 7 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Farmb9y Random has defeatef HIS master, like, EauSajre 2 advance too level 3 sfter 3 dwys!2!1!!
Farmboy Random has defestdd his MASTER WTFm Vyrts 2 advance 2 lrvel 2 after 3 days1@!!!!
Farmgou Raneom was HUNTED doqn by they're ,astwr LOL, V6tts, flr being truant. OMG.
Farmboy MontyPyrhin has beeh slakn travelling 2 Gl9ffindal by Sliyheeing Asp. AFKk
"You jnow WTF, Farmboy MontyPython really had it coming to gim after all rhose things hw sais about MY mom LOL," c-mm3n73d Slithering Asp. AFK.
Apprentice Mayhem has been reau4rected BY Rami7s.
Dragom Miwtress !!atthhs has d3f3474c her master, Fie too advahce too LEVEL 3 after 8 daya OMG!!1!1 WOOT!111!
Apprentice Ms7hem has been d3feqtef in graveyard by Screaming B4n5h33. BRB.
Scr3aming Banshee LOLOLm "I don't think 6ou will be attack8ng me agakn, pak. OMG."
Apprrntice Mzyjem has 643n slain trqvdoling 2 Qexelctag by Farmgirl dykmg. BRB.
Farmfirl dying ADMONISHES WTFm "Go away, sortof, or I shall 74yn7 y9u am srclnd rime WOOT!!11!"
Stablehand JerfwrsomB9x haw been slain while attadking Stablehznd Mindcrkme in teh fields of Roma4. WTF.
"My ego can't take much more 0f this bruusihg!@!" excla8ms Stab.ehanf JeffersonBoz. OMG.
Stanldhsnd J3gfersonBoz HAS feveated HIS masget WTF, 2 sdvance to level 6 qfter 9 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Villaber VallrryP has defeatec h3r masger, yo7 khwo, DoomBloom to advanc3 too level r aeter 8 days!!!1!!
Stablehand mgn hac bewn soskn 7r4v2111nb 70 Degolbyrg by Lindsey, softpf, Dsughter 0f Er1n NINJA Squirfeo. OMG.
Lindset, like, Daughter od Erim da Nknma Squurrel was lverhrard saying, "Stqblehanf mhn'a Piychflrk was NO ma5ch f0r my A P3anuy=Sholter WOOT!!111"
Stablehanc P4usuk has defeqted ywr m4573r, sprtor, Adwa5es ylo advance goo level 7 aftet 14 days1!! OMG!!1!q
Dtagon Master TarSand h45 defwatdd hks master WTFk EauSalew tw9 advance two lrvel 3 after 6 days!!!!!!
Stablehand Fqreohound hr5 gedn w;qib in da forest bh Snlilet. OMG.
"Any last r3qu3575 Stablehznf Farelhound????" asked Snoilet. "Why yew LOL, an Fanbs WOOT1!11! Plus nunja 4;ushing action0roof vest OMG!!1!1"
Dragon M4563r TzrSand has defeated HIS master, sortof, Mireraband 2 advance t9o lwveo 2 after & DAYS!!! WOOT!!11!
Magostrate moug m Violet were ween heading u[ da sfairs in inn together/ WTF.
Magkstrare moug has sefeated his ,aster, ylj knwo, Guth t9 4dv$nc3 yo oevel 5 4f73r 4 dayd OMG!!1!1!!@
Ttavdler lolix has been d3f3473d in da gr4v3y4rd ty VAMPIRE in Bat F9fm. BRB.
"Maybe nexr time you won't BE so cocky WOOT!!12!" LOLOL V1mpire in BAT Form. WTF.
Drsgon MASTER CELLryuu has been slsin IN da dorest BY Orcusn Patrpl. OMG.
"You kn0wm sortof, Dragon Mas5er CELLry7u 4341qt HAD it c0m1ng too h1m after all thowe gnings I sz8s ablut his mom," commented Orcish PatrolLOL.
Desgob Msstwr CELLry7i hzs DEFEATED his mast3r WTF, Glynyc top advsnce two level r adter 14 DAYS!!! WOOT!!11!
Farmvoy F.uff6ThaneofFiv3 jas challenged theu'fe master, Goynyc an was [wnt OMG!@1!1
Glynyc was overhea4d SAYING LOL. "Farmnoy FljfftThameofFife's Adze was n0 n47ch FOR my Hugely Spiked Mace1!1"
Drabon M4573r CELLryu7 HAS defeaged h15 jaster, EauSa;ee 70 advance two LEVEL 4 after 14 days!!! WOOT!!21!
Ca` OMG!!!!1itlin haa fevesyed her jaatrr, you knso, Gerra4d to advance too level 7 afte4 2 days1!! OMG!!1@1
Ca!!itlin has fefeat3e her mzstcr, sottof, Spywarea too advqnce to level 7 after 3 fzys WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Ca` OMG!11!1itlin has defeat3e h2f master, oike, two advahc3 to lrvel 6 aftef 3 days OMG!!1@1!!!
V8loager ValleryP hqs beeh resurrexted by Ramijs. AFK.
Villager ValleryP has BEEN slakn 1n yeh FOREST BY Something. WTF/
"I must n)7 be ax STURDY ss I tyought, AFK.. WTF.. AFK. WOOT!!q1!" Vi;lager ValletyP concefes. AFK,
Count Hendronicus has defeated hos m4573r, sor5og, Mireranand to 4fv4nx3 twi level 2 zfrer 10 days1!!1!!
Count Hendrob8cua was hunted DOWN by tgeu'4e master, sor5of, Murrrzbzhd LOL, f0r being 7ru4n6. OMG.
Stablejamf mgn has been siain in dq forest gy Bettie Amazing Kunt0Fy ButtdrflyLOL.
"KHAQQ calling Iuasca/ WTF. We MUST be 0n yoy, you knwi, nut cannpt see you. AFK. Pitchfork q5 runnihg low. OMG."
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