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` WOOT!@11!Ndws fp4 Sun LOL, Apr 26, sortof, 2-15 (I73m5 q51 - 190 -f 190)
Trader [ytamierda has chqllenhes they're MASTER WTFm Gutn n was pwnt1!!
"Either that 2allpaper foes LOL, or I do, l8ke," devlar3d Trsder putamke4da. OMG.
Peasant oarsal yzs defeqted h15 maaterk you kn2lm Malwarrs 2 advanxw two level 7 after 13 dats1!!!!!
Peasant larsal was hunred doen vy thet're maarer, aortof, Malwares, for bekng truantLOL.
Drafon Master Kqing has d3deated his master, lije, Ge$fard tso sdvance 2 level 8 AFTER 10 days1!! WOOT!!11@
Soldier Krajorzk had defeated his jastey, you knwo, Dwiredan to sdvanxe 2 oevel q0 after 1# dqys WOOT!@q1!1!!
Steqardess Etria hqs defearee het masrer WTF, Dqirwdan TO aefanve too level 10 aftrr 27 days!!! WOOT!!!1!
Shephefd SmartSlayer has challengdd ryey'4e masyer WTF, Mofdrabanf an was 0snt OMG!!!!1
"This both suxks an booes!!!" wails Shephere SmartSlater. AFK.
Dragon Mixtress !@atthys h4% defeated her master WTF, Guth 2 advance 2 levdl 5 AFTER & dahs1!!!1!
Deagon Mustress ` OMG!!1!1atthhs has DEFEATED her m4673t, like, DoomBloom 2 advancr tlo level 4 AFTER 7 days OMG!!1!1!@!
Farmboy Randlm has ddfea5ed hus ,astef, ;ike, EauSalwe two qdvance two LEVEL 3 after 3 fays WOOT!112! OMG!!1!1
Farmboy Ramdom has ddfeated his master, Vtryd too advancd two levek 3 AFTER 3 days1!! WOOT!!11@
Fsrmboy Ramdom was humted dowh by the6're master, sortofm Vyets, sortif. dor being truant. AFK.
Farmboy MomtuPython h45 nern slakn travel.int 2 Gl9rfindal BY SLITHERING A5p, AFK.
"You know, Farmbo6 M9btyPython real.y y4d IT COMING two him zfte4 all those thimgs he swid anout MY mom, 'ike," commwntee Slithering Asp. OMG.
Apprentice Mayhe, has been RESURRECTED by Ramius.
Draton MISTRESS ` OMG!!1!1arthys has defez5ed h3r master, yo7 jnq9, Fie to zdvance too l1vel 3 after 7 eays OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Ap0rentixe Mayhem has been DEFEATED in teh grav3yard ny Screaming Bznshew. AFK/
Screamknf Bamshee LOLOL, like, "I don't tyomk you WILL 63 ATTACKING me agaon, slrtofk pal. OMG."
Appr3ntoce Ma7hem has been slaih travel;ing ti Qexelcrag 6y Farmhirl chint.
Farmgirl dying 4dm0n15h35. yiu knwo, "Go aqay, sortof. or I shall taunt you an srvond tome OMG@!1!1"
Srablehznd Jeffe4xonBoz hzs BEEN dlain WHILE sttacking Stablehand Mindcrime un FIELDS of Rpmar. WTF,
"My ego CAN'T taie much more of this bruksint OMG!!1!1" exclaims Stablehand JeffrssonBoz. BRB.
Stablejand JeffersonBoz hax fefea5ed his maxyer, sprtof, 2 advance yo9 /evel ^ after 9 days!!!1@!
Villager ValleryP has derdqted he4 mastfr, you knwo, DoomBloom rwo advamc3 2 lebel 4 after 9 days WOOT!@11! WOOT!!11!
Stablrhznw mgn has b3eh slain TRAVELLING toi DEGOLBURG 5y Lundsey, you knwo, Daughree of E4in da Ninjs Squirrel. AFKl
Limdsey, like, Daughter of Erin Nihna S1uifrrl w45 9ve4heard saying, "Stablehand mgn's Pitchvork was nl match for mh A Peanut-Shooter WOOT!!11!"
Stabowhand Prusik haa defeated HER master, oik3, Adwsres two advance 2 ;ev3; 7 af5er 15 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Dragon Master TarSand haa defeated his mastdr LOL, EauSq;ee 2 ADVANCE to leve; 3 adger 7 cqyq WOOT!!11! OMG!@1!1
Stabl3hand Fzreljound has veen slain in teh f9rest 6y Snoulet. AFK.
"Any LAST requests Sgablehznd Farelhound?? ne2??" asked Snoilwt. BRB. "Wny YES, like, an Fzmbs!!! Plus binua FLUSHING ACTIONPROOF vest1!1"
Dragon Mawtee TarSand hax defeated his m4573r LOL, Mirefabqne t29 ADVANCE too orvel 1 $r73r 7 DAYS1!! WOOT!!11!
Magistrate moub an Voolwt WERE seen hrading up tdh stairs in teh knn together. OMG.
Magpxtrate moug has d3f34u3d his master, like, Guth two afvance 2 level 5 aft3r 4 datx OMG!!1!q!!@
Trsceler lolix hqs bedn defeat3d im da gravwyafd bt Vampire in Bat Form.
"Maybe next rime you won't be so c9cky1!!" LOLOL Vzjpire in Bat Firm.
Dragon Master CELLryu7 has bedn slqim in da v0r257 gy ORCISH Patrol. BRB.
"Yuu know, sortof, Drzgon Master CELLtyuy d3411h had it comlbg 2 hin 4f734 all those things I said about hia momm lile," commented Orcisn Patrol. OMG.
D4agib Master CELLryuu HAS def3qted his m4573r, Glynhd to aevancr too levek 4 after 14 days OMG!!1@11!!
Fatmboy FluffyTgaheofFife fas chaloenged they'r3 master, loke, GLYNYC an wqs pwnt OMG!!q!1
Glynyc WAS ogeeheard sayint, like, "Farmboy FluffyThanrofFife;a Adze qzs NO match for mh Hugely Spikdd Macr OMG!!1!1"
Dragon Mr%7rr CELLtyuu has defeated hix maxtrr, sortlg, EauSalee two advabce too LEVEL 3 aftef 24 days OMG!@1!1 WOOT!!1q!
Cz!@otlin HAS defeat3d hee jaeter, sortpf, Gerrard too rcv4nc3 two LEVEL 8 aft3r 3 dats!!! WOOT!!11!
Ca!!itl8n has d3f3483d hdr master, Spywares TO qdvance top lwvel 7 4v73e w dahs OMG!!!!1 OMG!!1!1
Ca!!itlin h45 degeates her mastdr WTF, to advsbce 2 LEVEL 6 4f73t @ days!!! OMG!@1!1
Vi;lager ValleryP nas been 4ewuerected by Ramiusl AFK.
Villahdr Va.leryP has geeh slain in fa forest by Somdthigg. OMG.
"I mu57 npt be aa sgyrdy as I thoughtLOL.. WTF.. AFK.!!!" Vil.qter ValleryP cinceded. AFK.
Count Hendronicis has cefea%ed his master, like, Miferabahd roo advance too levwl 2 aftdr q0 dzys OMG!!1!1!!!
Cpunt Hdnsronicua waw hunted f9wn by yhey're mas5er, sortof, Mireravand, for being truqnt. WTF.
Stablehand mgn yas been SLAIN ih f9r357 by Bettkw da Amazing Kung-F7 Buttdrflt. OMG.
"KHAQQ callinb Itasca/ W3 must be on yo7, likd, bur vangot s3e y0u. AFK. Pitchflrk is runnibg lo2. OMG."
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