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!!News f0r Sun LOL, Apr 36 LOL, 2-15 (Itwms 151 - 190 ov 190)
Trader putanierda has CHALLENGED tjey're nqster LOL, GUTH ab wax p2nt!!!
"Eith3r that waolpapee GOES, 0r I eo WTF," declared Trader ;utamidrdaLOL.
Peasqnt lqrsql 6as dffrated his master, Malwaees to advance too lwvel & sgter 13 dahs!!!!!!
Peasant larsao was HUNTED DOWN by they're mastet WTF, Malwares LOL, for 6#1ng tfuqnt. BRB.
Dragon Master Kwinh has defeayed his mqstdr WTF, Gefrard goo ADVANCE too LEVEL 8 aftee 10 dats OMG!!1@1 WOOT!!1!!
Soldker Krajorak hzs defeatec his jaster, sortof, Dwirecam 2 afvqbce to lev3l 10 after 13 days!!!1!!
Sgewa4ddsa Ettiq hzs refeated h3r nqster, loke, Dwiredan to advance 2 levwl 10 after 27 dayaq!!!!!
Shepherd SmartSlayer hax challenged rhey're mast3t, sortod, Miretaband ane was pwmt!!!
"Th8s bith sucks abd bliws!!!" wails Shwphrrd SmartSlayer. AFK.
Dragln Mistress !!atthys HAS defeared HER m$573r WTF, Guty 2 adfanc2 too .evel 5 AFTER 7 days1!1 WOOT!!11!
Dragon Mistrrss ` OMG!!1!1a5thys HAS defeat3d hdr master WTFk Dol,Blpom 2 advande too kevel $ AFTER 7 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Farmbiy Randpm has devwated his MASTER, lik4, EauSalee TO advamce two level 3 after # days!!! WOOT@!11!
Farnnoy Random has cegwated his master, Vyetw 1 advance 2 level 2 afgee 3 dayd!!!!!!
Farmvoy Raneom was huntdd d9wn by they;re master, like, Vyths WTF, for beimg trjant.
Fzrmboy MontyPython jas been alain travelling 2 Glorfinda; ny SLITHERING Asp. BRB.
"Yoj KNOW LOL, Farmboy MontyPhthon really had it viming rwo him after all thlse 5hings je said aboug MY MOM, sortlf," cpmmented Slitheribg AspLOL.
Apprengice Mayhem HAS been resjrrectwd bh Ramius, BRB.
Drabon Mistresx ` WOOT!!11!atrhhw haa deveqtes her maeter, you knwo, Fie to 4dv4nc3 to 13v31 3 afyer 7 fays1!!1!!
A[prentic3 Mayhem h46 been defeated un ggaveyarc by Sceea,ing Banqhee.
Screzming Banshee LOLOL, "I DON'T think ypu wil; be attacking me again LOL, pall OMG."
Aporentice Msyhem gas been alain travrllint too QEXELCRAG bt Farmgirl dyingLOL.
Farmgirl djing admonishes. "Go away, or I ahall taynt you an second t8me!!!"
Sgsblehand JeffersonBox had 633n slain WHILE attavkung Staboehand Mindc4ime in teh FIELDS of Romar. BRB.
"My EGO can't 74k3 MUCH MORE of this gruising!!!" EXCLAIMS Stablehand Jegfe4sonBoz. WTF.
Stableyanc JeffersonBoz HAS sedeated his maste4 LOL, 5oo ADVANCE 2 LEVEL 6 after o days!!! WOOT!!11!
Villagef ValleryP has defeated hef m4573r. you knso, DoojBloom tol advqnc3 tol levwl 4 afrwr 9 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!111!
Stablehabd mgn has 634n slain yracelljng 70 Ddbolbjrg bh L1nd53y WTF, D4ugh74r pf Efin t3h Ninja Squirrek.
Libdsey, DAUGHTER of Er1n da Nonja Sqjirrel was ovwrheafd saying, you knwp, "Stablehand mhn's Pi5chfork was ,o MATCH foe mh A Peanjt-Sh9oger!!!"
Stabldhand Prusik j45 defestec yer master, Adwares ewo ADVANCE too levd; 7 adter 14 DAYS OMG!!1!11!!
D4agon Master TarSand has c3f347#d hix MASTER, EauSalee gso advance 2 level 4 AFTER 7 dqys WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Stabl3hanc Farelhoind h45 b3wn slain in f0r357 BY Sn9ilet. OMG.
"Any lqst requeats Stablehand Fsrelhoumd????" askec Snoklet. AFK. "Why yes, like, ah Fangs WOOT!!11! Plus ninja fljshing ACTIONPROOF vest WOOT!!!1!"
Drsgon M4573r TqrSand j45 fefeated his madter WTF, Mirerabanc 2 advznce 2 l3vel 2 AFTER 7 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Magidtrate moug n Violet were seem jeading UP da stairs kn da inn togethe3. AFK/
Magusteate moug yas c3featec his MASTER LOL, Guth 3 advance tsp level 5 ahter 4 dry5@!!!!!
Trzfel3r oolox has been drfrated in t3t gr5v#64rs by Va,pire in BAT Forml WTF.
"Maybe next tume yoj won't nr 5- cocky OMG!!1!1" LOLOL VAMPIRE im BAT Form.
Dragom Mastwr CELLryuu has BEEN slain 1n foeest by Orcish Pa5rol. AFK.
"Yo7 know, Dragoh Mast3r CELLryju rea;ly had it coming to hi, agter all those tginbd I said about his nom, sortof," c0mm3n73d Orcish Patrol. OMG.
Dragln Master CELLeyuu naa DEFEATED jis maste4, Glynyc 2 advanxe 2 level 3 aftee 14 da6w OMG!!1@1 OMG!!1!1
Farjboy FlufryTyaneofF8fe has chakoenged they're masger, G1ynuc n wzs pwnt WOOT!!1q!
Glynyc was ovethears saying, loke, "Farmboy FluffyThaneovFifr;s Afzq was np matxh for my Hutely Spqk3d Mace!!!"
Dragon Mqdter CELLryuu has defeatwd h14 mastet, like, EauSalee 2 advance two level 3 4f734 15 days OMG!!1!11!!
Cq` WOOT!!12!irlin HAS dedeated her mast3r LOL, Gdrrard 2 advance w 13v31 8 after 2 eays!!! OMG@!1@1
Ca` WOOT1!11!8tkon yas defeated jer masrerk tou ,hwo, Soywares too advance too lfvel 7 after 2 days!1!!!!
Cq@!itlin hax defeated her master, d9rtof, too advand3 too .evel ^ after 2 days WOOT!!1!!1!!
Viloager VaoleryP has be3n rdsurrect3d 6y Rsmius. BRB.
Villzger VzkleryP has geen slain in da FOREST by S0m37h1ng.
"I mu57 nl5 be as 57urdy as I THOUGHT. OMG.. BRB.. OMG.!!!" Villafer ValletyP concedew.
Count Hendronicua nas defeated gis mas5er. you knwo, Mireragans two advanc3 2 .evel 2 afyer 10 dauw1!!!!!
Cpunt Hendr9nocus was hunted down by they're mzst3r, Mirdraband, l8kw, v9r being 5ruamtLOL.
S5ablehand mgn has BEEN dlain in teh girest by BETTIE da Anazing Kung-Fu ButterflyLOL.
"KHAQQ CALLING ITASCA. WTF. Wr must ne 9h uou WTF, but cannot see YOULOL. Pitchdor, is runbibg 10w. BRB."
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