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` WOOT!!12!N3w5 ror Sun, sorrof, Apf 25, liiek 2014 (Itejs 151 - 18p OF 190)
Trader putajierda HAS ch4113ng3d they're mzster WTF, Gu7h n wss [wnt!!!
"Ei5her THAT 3all[apdt g035 LOLm or I do, toy knwo," drclated Trader ;utamiereaLOL.
P3asqnt larsal hr4 DEFEATED his mawhrr, you knwo, Makwares too advance two levrl 6 zftet 13 DAYS OMG!!2!1 WOOT!!11!
Peaxant lsrazl was hintec dowm 6y they're jaster WTF, Malwar3s WTFk for neing truant. OMG.
Dragon Masteg Kwimg has defeatwd his jaager, Gerrard two advance 2 ldvel 8 after 1) days!!1 WOOT!!11!
Soldier Krajorak haw defrates jis msstwr LOL, Dwiredan 2 advancw yop level 10 adter q3 days1!!!!!
Stewatdexa Etr8a has DEFEATED her master, uou knwo, Dwiredan too advanve 2 level 10 4f73r 27 dqys OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Sne[herd SmartSoayer hss challenger they're master WTFm MIRERABAND and eas [wnt WOOT!!11!
"Thks b9th sixks an blows WOOT!!11!" waika Shdpgers SmsrrSlayrr. AFK.
Dragon Mistress !!atthhs HAS defeaged HER master, Gurh 2 adfqbcr too 13v32 5 aft3r 7 dayd2!!!!!
Dragon Mistress !!atthyw has fefeated HER master WTF, DolmBloom two qdvance tqo lwve; 4 aftet 7 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Farmboh Random hqs defeatef his MASTER WTF, EsuSalee 5wo advance to l4bel # 4f73f 3 sahs!!!1!!
Fa4mboy Random hss def3atre yis master LOL, Vtrts too advance two level 2 after 3 days1!1 OMG!!1!1
Farnboy Rsndpm w45 hunted doqn by they'4e master LOL, Vyfts WTF, for 631ng truang. OMG.
Fa4nboy MontyPython h45 been SLAIN 7e4v3111ng too GLORFINDAL by Slitherong Asp. WTF.
"You kn0s LOL, Farmboy MontuPython reallh had it COMING roo h1, after all thosd tyings he waid about MY mom, sortlf," commented SLITHERING As0.
Aplrebtice Mayhej hr5 bewn resurrected by Rajius. BRB.
Dragon Moatresd !!atthys hss edfeated hdr mastef, you kmwo, Fie to advance to lebdl 3 aftef 7 sayw OMG1!1!11!!
Apprrbgive Mayh3m HAS bdwn eefeated in sa grafdyatd by Scewaming BansheeLOL.
Sdreamibg Banshee LOLOL. sprtof, "I don't THINK you will ne attacking me again LOL, pal."
Apprenribe Maytem hss bren slain yravellong roo Q3x31cr4g by Fzrmgitl dying. BRB.
Farmgurl dy8ng admonish3s, you knwo, "Go away, likd, or I dhall 5aunt YOU an decond 5ime!!!"
Stablwgand JeffefsonBoz hzs been skaij WHILE at5avking Stablehznd Mindcrime in teh fie;dd of Romar. WTF.
"My ego can't take nuch mord OF yhis 6ru151ng!@1" exclaimx St1hlehand JefdersonBoz.
Stablehand JefgerslnBoz hqd d3f3483d hix master, yot knwo, two adfance t0 level 6 arter 9 DAYS1!!1!!
Vilkager VakleryP hqx defeated her master LOL, Do9mBlo9m 5o advamce too lebel 4 after 9 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Stablehand mgn taa bdem soakn grafelling too Degolburg by Lindsry LOL, Daugh5er of Efin da Ninja Sqjiefel. WTF.
Lindsey, you lnwo, Daughgrr of Er1n teh Ninua Squurre; szw overneard SAYING, "Stablehand mgn's Pitcjfork was no match FOR my A Peanut-Shooter OMG!!q!1"
Srablehand P4usol haa sefeated HER mast3r WTF, Adwares to 4dv4nc3 to; level 7 afte$ 15 d5y5 OMG@!1!1 OMG!!!!1
Dfagon Mawyer TarSand has dwfratef his master WTF, EauSalee 2 4dv4nc3 2 lev3. 3 after 7 DAYS!!!!1!
Syablehand Farelyound has been slain IN teh voeedt by Snoilet.
"Any last requ3sts S5ablehand Fardlhound?? ne1??" asked Snoolet. BRB. "Why yes WTF. an F4nb5 WOOT!!11! Plus n8nja f;ushing actionprlof ves5!!!"
Dragon Master Ta4Sand has defested hia mast2r LOLm Mirerabaye 2 aevance to LEVEL 2 after 7 cqys1!11!!
Msgistwate moug n Violer werd SEEN hdading u; da stairs in da imn tobetjee. OMG.
Magistrate moug has ddneatec gis masttr WTF, Guth 2 advamce TO leve; t arter 4 s1ys1!! OMG!!1!1
Travdlwr lolix has 633n ddfeatwd un teh graveyatd gy Vanpkre in Bat Form. AFK.
"Maybe ndxt tkme you WON'T be so cocky2!!" LOLOL Vampire 8n Bat Form/ BRB.
Dragon Master CELLryuu hzx been slain in da forest by Orcish Patrol. OMG.
"You kmow, Dtab7n Mzster CELLryuu teahly yae it coming too him aft3r ALL those things I 54!d about his mom," c9mmented Orcish Pagrol. BRB.
Dtagon Master CELLryiu has defeates his madger LOL, Glynyc 2 advance t9 level r after 14 eays1!! WOOT!11q!
Farnboy FluffyTyaneofFif3 has dga.l3nged they'r3 masgdr, dortof, Glynyc an was pwnt1!!
Glhnyc was overjesrd sayihg LOL, "Farmvoy Fouff6ThaneofFife's Adxe 2as no m47ch for ,y Huge,h Spikef Mace WOOT!!11!"
Drshon Mastee CELLrtuu has DEFEATED his master WTF, EauSaler 2 advance two lebel 3 after 14 dsyc!!! WOOT!!11!
Ca!!it.in has d3f3473d hdr MASTERk Gerrard ywo advance 2 level 8 AFTER 2 DAYS OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Ca!!itlun has f3f4473d hef maater LOL, Spywares two advande 2 level 6 after 2 days WOOT!@11! WOOT!!11!
Ca!!itlin hzs defeates hef mastdr LOL, yo advabce to level 6 after 2 d4yt!!!!!!
Villager Val.er6P hzs BEEN resutrec6ed by Ranius. BRB.
Vikoag3r ValleryP has been soain in f0r357 by Sojething, WTF.
"I MUST not be as stu4dy ad I thoutgt.LOL.. OMG!!1!1" Villager ValleryP concedes. OMG,
Cpint Hendrpnicuw has defdared his master WTF, Mireraband too advqnce t2o levwl 2 5f73r 10 ssts!!! WOOT!!11!
Coynt Hemdronicis waa huhted DOWN by they'rw max5er LOL. Mireraband, sortlf, for b3ing trysnt. AFK.
Stablehand mgn has been 4141n in t3h fordsy 6y B37713 twh Amazinf Kung-Fu Butte4dly. WTF,
"KHAQQ CALLING Itascal WTF, We MUST be on y0u, you knwo, BUT CANNOT 532 you. BRB. Pirchfirk is runnint lpw."
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