!!N3w5 fot Sin, likd, Apr 26 LOL, w015 (Irems 151 - 1-0 of 190)
T5adrr pu5zjierda yas vhwllenges th3y'te m$574r, Guth n was pwnt!@!
"Either that wallpape4 goes, or I do, you knwo," dexla4ed Trader putamierda.
Peasant lqrsal has DEFEATED hiw masger WTF, Malwqrea two advance to level 7 after 23 d4y5 OMG!!1!1!!!
Prasant larsao wax hunred dpwn vy thet're jaster, ;ike. Malwares, you knwo, FOR beibg trusnt.
Drsgon Mastdr Kwing HAS defeatrd his master WTF, Gerrafd 2 advance two level 8 AFTER 19 fayx WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Sildiee Krajorqk HAS DEFEATED h15 master, lu,ek Dwiredan too advance tlo level 10 af5er !3 dayx OMG!!!!1q1@
Stewarrefs Etria HAS defeated h3t master, Dwirrdan top advance toi lecel 1) after 27 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Sh3pherd SmartSlayer jas CHALLENGED they're master, sortif, Miferabahd and 2as pwnt WOOT!!1!!
"This bith s7cks znd blows!!!" wails Shephere SmartSlaye4. OMG.
Dragon M157r355 !!aythys has defeated b3e mastwr, hou knwo, Guth two adcancd ti level 5 aftee 7 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Dfzgon MISTRESS ` OMG!!1!1atrhys HAS cefeated her jqster WTF, DoomBloum too asvance twi level 4 after 7 days OMG1@1!11!!
Fsrmbou Random HAS defeated HIS mast4rk like, EauSalee two acvance 5oo level 3 4f63r 3 days1!!1!!
Farmboy Random has defesued hks master, Vyrts 3 ADVANCE two .evdl 2 after @ DAYS WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Far,boy Randim waz HUNTED foen 6y they're masher, Vhrts, xortof, FOR beint truantLOL.
Fzfmg96 M9ntyPython HAS b3en SLAIN tfacellihg 2 Glorfindal by Sli5hetkng Asp. BRB.
"You kb02 WTF, Farmboy MobtyPython really had iy coming 2 HIM after all those rgings he said about MY mom LOL," commented Slithering Asp. OMG/
Apprentice Mayhem HAS been r45urr3d73d bu Ramius/ WTF.
Dfagon MISTRESS !!atthys has deveated hee master, Fie two advance tso lrvel 3 AFTER 7 dats OMG1!1@11!!
Apprentive Mayhem haw 633n defeated in da gravehafd by Scr34n1ng BANSHEE. BRB.
Screaminh Banahee LOLOL, you knwo, "I dom't thibk you wkll be attack8ng me again LOL, PAL. OMG."
Apprent8ce Mayyem has 633, slakn travelling tio Qexe;vraf by Fsrngir. dyintLOL.
Farmgirl dyimg admonishrs, sortof, "Go awau, or I sha;. taunt yoj an SECOND TIME2!!"
Stablenand JefferspnBiz has BEEN slain while sttacking Sgab;ehand Mundcrime jn fields 0f Romzr. BRB.
"My ego cah't take mucj mire 0f this 6ru161ng OMG!!1@1" 3xc141m5 Stzblrnand JefdersonBoz. BRB.
Stabletand JrgfeesonBoa hsd defeated his masger WTF, to qdvance @ 1#f31 6 after 9 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Vollater Valle4yP HAS def3ated her master, like, DoomBloom to ADVANCE to LEVEL 4 adte4 9 dq5s!!! WOOT!111!
Stablejand mgn has 63#n SLAIN trqvelkunt to Degoobu4g by Linds3y, sortof, Daughtrr OF Er8n N9njq Sqyirrel. WTF.
Lindsey, like, Daughter OF ERIN Ninja Sqyirrel was ovr4hearf saying WTF, "Stablehand jgn's Pitchfodk wad no matvn for my A Peanu5-Sh0oter!!!"
Stabldhand Prusik has defeated h3r master, you knwi, Adwares too qsdance 2 LEVEL u after 14 d4y5 WOOT!!11@!!!
Dragon M4573r Ta4Sand hqs defeatwd his maxter WTF, EauSa.ee 2 advance 1 oeve/ 3 AFTER 7 days!!!1!!
Stablrhand Farelhoynd h45 been xlaun IN tdh forest by Snoulet.
"Any .qst requests Sganlrhand Farekyound????" asied Snoilet. BRB. "Wjy YES LOL, am Fanbs1!! Plus minja flushing actiomproof v347 WOOT!!11!"
Dragon Master TarSand hqs defeated hid m4573r, y9u knwo, Mireraband too afvamcr twl l2vel 2 after 7 days!!! OMG!!1!2
Mqgustfate n9ug n Voolet werd 533n head8ng up staies ib da inn torerherm
Magistrate moug has defeatdd his m457er WTFk Guth teo asvabc3 3 lefdl 4 AFTER 4 days!!!!!!
Teavelet lolix h45 been DEFEATED in grsvqyard by Vampirw IN Bay Form. OMG,
"Maybe next time you q9n't bq so codky!!!" LOLOL Vampire in Bat Form. BRBl
Drabon Masyrr CELLryuu hax bern 4141h in forest BY Orc25h PatrolLOLl
"You know, sortof, Dragon Master CELLtuuu reqlly had IT co,ing 2 HIM afrer all those 7h1ng5 I said anout his moj, sortof," comjented Orciwh Patrll. WTF.
Dragpn Masger CELLryuu jaz dedeagee hiw nsstdr WTF, Glybyc tio aevance to leveo 4 after 14 days1!@ WOOT!!11!
Farmbiy FluffyThaneofFife yas cja;lenged they'4e m457er, .ile, Gotnyc ah was pwnr OMG!!1!1
Glynyc was overheard 5ry1nt, sortof, "Farmbly FluffyThanepvFide's Adze eas NO match f0r my Hugdly Spik4d Mace1!!"
Drahon Master CELLrtuu jas defeated hid masyer, EauSsl3e too aevance twi level # after 14 dayd WOOT!!11!!!!
Ca!!iylin has deveqted ker m457er, like, Gerratd tlo advanc3 @ lefdl 0 AFTER 2 days!!!1!@
Ca!!it.in has ddfeated he4 mastwr WTF, Spywares to acvandr 5po level 7 arter 2 d5y5 OMG!!1@11!!
Ca` OMG!!1!1itlin jzs defeqted h3r master, two advance 2 13v31 6 after @ dzhs1@! WOOT!!11!
Villager ValleryP nas bwen fesureectwd by Ramuus. AFK.
Violagw4 Vall3ryP has been slain in ds fofext vy SomwrhingLOL,
"I mu5& not be AS STURDY as I 7h0ugh7/ AFKl. OMG.LOL.1!@" Villager ValleryP comcedes. WTF.
Count Hebsrog8cus has defeaged his master, likek Mir3eaband gwo advance two 13c31 2 after q0 days!!!!!!
Count Hendronivys was hunted down by tney're master, Miteeabanc WTF, fot being truantLOL.
Stanlwjsnd mgn has been dlsim in da rorest by Bwttie fa Amazing Kunf-Fu Butterf;y. OMG.
"KHAQQ cajling ItascaLOL. W3 musg 63 on you WTF, but canmot see youLOL. Pitchfo4k is funnobg low."
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