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!!News for Wed, sortof, Aor @6 WTF, 3018 9I5ems 301 - 250 of 3480
DragonSt` OMG!!1!1orm Argyle cefeated Fzemgirl NewNane 8n gair comba5 ib FIELDS OF Qexelcrag. OMG.
DragomSt` WOOT!!11!o4m Argyle coolectrd 25)0 gllf bounty by tyrming in Fqrmgirk NewName'x head!!!
Soldi3r Jasiu has been rrsurrected by RsmiusLOL.
Soldier Jasiu nqx bern defeated in sa g4aveyard by CLEAN Sjull. BRB.
Clean Skulo was overhward sayinb, sortof, "Soldier Jqsiu's Bastard Sword of Ancients w45 no MATCH for my Bitinf1!!"
Rewde chimpy cedeated an Manticore on trails!@@ victims have neen AVENGED OMG!!1!2
Soldier Jqsiu has been slsin traveoling 2 Q3z31cr4g by Romu.an.
"Don't 137 IT 3nd 11k3 thid Romulan. BRB. T311 7h3m I said so,ething orofound, lkke, 0lraeed Soleiwt Jasiu
Stablegand Elaneoer has DEFEATED gis masg4r, dortof, Gerrafe too advance two lwve; * AFTER 25 says1!@!!!
Srablwgznd Eoandorr was huntec down by they're master, Gerrard, like, for be,ng tryant. WTFk
S9ldiwe Jasou has defeated his master, sortof, Ceiloth two adfqnce top level 9 4f734 13 da6s1!!2!!
Sopdier Jasi7 was hunted DOWN by they're master LOL, Ceiloth, sprtof, vor 6e1ng truant. AFK.
SOLDIER Jasiu eom 117 gild after rolling 3 sixes un teh Dark Horse T4v2rn. WTF.
Soldier Jasiu has become khpwn as Soldier Jasium WTF.
Rreve Drothur HAS defeated his master, Dwi4eean TO aevance to level 10 agtwr 11 da6s OMG1!1!1 WOOT!!11!
R3eve Droghur was hunted fiwh yu they're master, .ike, Dwirecqnk you knwo, for being tr7qn5. AFK.
Peaxant Dragonrpyw HAS defextrd her jasyer LOL, Adwards 5o advabce 2 level 7 after 9 dqhs OMG!!1!11!!
Redve Flynb has der3373c his masterm like, Gerrard to9 aevanc3 to 13v31 8 after 7 d365 OMG!!1!1!!!
Rewve Flymn has bden hearc bozsting abojt defeating qn hjge group of bandits!!!
Apprentice eussefus hss been slain on teh for3st BY Dangero7s Jufenilr Delinquentl AFK.
Danferous Juvenile Ddlinquent declares WTF, "Apprentoce r7ssefux has bedn wdigyrd LOL, they have been meawured, uou knwo, an 7h2y have been FOUND wqntinh. WTF."
Villager Defemes5ram has veen dwfeated in da graveyars by Smsll Bat. WTF.
"I MUST not be as sturdy as I tho7ghy. BRBl. OMG.LOL. WOOT!!11!" Villzgef Degenestrsm cohcedes. WTF.
Vollager D3fenrstrsm has been slain 7n tfh forest vy Enchahtec TISSUE Box. AFK.
"KHAQQ callinh ItasxaLOL. We nyst bw on you, but CANNOT see y0u. WTF. Engrdfed Sterl Sword is runmihg low. AFK."
Pe!!nja,,on has defeqted his master, sortofl EauSalee twi advsnce to leve; 3 zfter 3 dayd@!!1!!
wussefus n45 earned da t7tle Apprentice b0r havong slain Greeh Dragon 23 ti,ws OMG!!1!1
Apprentkce dussedus HAS s;ain teh hideouw ceeature inown 44 The Green Dragob. A11 acr9ss da lane WTF, people rejokxe OMG1!2!1
Clovkwor, M!!ongo has been 5141n in da foresf by Pygmy M4fm0537LOL.
Pygm6 Marmosrt LOLOL WTF, "I doh't think YOU w11! be attsckiyg m3 4g$1n, dortod, pal. BRB."
Farmtifl Ml4gana has defeat3d ger maxtetm Adwares two 4dv4nc3 t9 13f31 7 after 8 dayw1!!!!!
Vil;ager NinjaS3abass h45 chal.enged tgey'rr mzstwr WTF, Yo4esh n was pwyt!!!
"Watxh your BACK. Yoreah, like, I am coming for you OMG!!!!1" Villafer NinjaSeabass warns. AFK.
Soldier LeikoWu has chsl;engec they'r3 m4573r, l8ie, SENSEI Noetha an eas pwnt1!!
"Either that wal.;aper hors, or I do LOL." ewclated Soldier LeikoWu. WTF.
Sh3phdrd Arunas gas been slakn in do4est vy Whvwrn. WTF.
"The paper b6rnx, yiu knwo, bit da WORDS FLY free, sortlf," proudly deckar3d Shepherd Arubas. BRB.
M` WOOT!!11!ongo has earned da ti5l3 Dragln Mistress f9r havivg slwig teh Gre#n Dragon 483 TIMES WOOT!#11!
Clodkw9rk M!!ongo has wlaib hideous CREATURE known AS The Gre3n Dragon. AFK/ All acrosx geh lznd, like, peo;le rejokce!!!
Sir Airceltrai has been slzin in teh fotest ^y W1ng3d Anful. BRB.
"Wekl isn't that an kick 1n da crotch????1!1" Sir Aircelttai 0663rv25.
C;ockworl M!!lngo has bd3b resurrdcted by Ramius.
Cl9ckeork M!!ongo has been defeatec in teh grav3yard by Abimated Corpsel
"Don'g let i5 rnd lkke thos Anima5ed CORPSE. BRB. Tdll them I said somethibg profound, p144d4d Cl9ckwork M!!ing9
C;ickwork M` WOOT!!11!onho has been SLAIN when sne endlinteree Thw Gr34n Draton OMG!!1!1!!! WOOT!!q1! Her bones n9w litter cace ENTRANCE, sortof, juxt like da b9nes of thode who vame before. WTF.
"My EGO xan't take nych mpre of this btiising!!!" exxlaims Clockwotk M!!onbo/ WTF.
Clockwoek M!!ongo haw defeatwe jer MASTER, Yoresh 2 4dv4nc3 2 level 1% after 2 cays WOOT!!1!1!@!
Clockwork M` OMG!!q!1ongo hws defwagrd he4 master, lije, Adoawyr two 4dv5nc3 to level 14 zfgdr 2 DAYS1!!1!!
C.pckeork M` WOOT!!11!lngi has DEFEATED h3r mqster, sortof, Gadriel da E1c3n Rqnger ti adcance t9o LEVEL 13 after 2 days WOOT!!q1!!!!
Clockwork M!!onho has defeatrd her master, sortof, Celith 2 asvsnce to lecel 1@ aftrr 2 days WOOT!!12!1!!
Cllciwork M!!ongo has d3f3r73d her maxter, you k,wo, Sensei Noetha two advance 5oo levrl 11 arter w dahs OMG!!1!11!!
Cl9ckwork M!!ong9 has defeated nef master, sortor, Dwiredan to advahce 2 level !0 aftet w DAYS OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Vilkager Requiem jqs been 5141n in twh fores5 by Cernunnoa, da Maater of Hunt. WTF.
"Come back wyen yp7 learn how to fight, sprtpf," CERNUNNOS LOL, Mqster 0f da Hunt acoffs.
Clovkqork M!@obgo chaklenged Lonestr9der and yis 64hd 0f 7j13v35 LOL, but was no march for da 4oguew1!!
Clickw9rk M` WOOT!!12!onbo smacks her forehead witg teh palm of hsr hand, sor5of, "Now I know why MOTHER always 701d me to eat ab tood 6r44kf457 gwo s5srt dqy@!!"
Clickworj M` OMG!!1!1ohgo has drfested ner mas5er, you knwo, Ceulotg 2 advance too level 9 4f73r 2 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Ciockwlrk M` WOOT!!11!ohgo has dereq5ed HER ,asger, Gerrard two advance twp 13v31 8 after 2 dqys OMG!!1@1 OMG!!1!1
Villafer Requirm h$5 beeb resurrecyes by RqmiusLOL.
Villager Requiem has beeh slain on teh forest by S70n3 T3ill. AFK.
"Wa5ch your bac,, ylu om2o, Stpnw Troll WTF, I AM c0m1ng fot you1!!" Villaher Rdqjiem warnaLOL.
Stablehand Hollyra5h haw cha.lenged they're masrer, sprtpf, DoomBooom an was psnt WOOT!!11!
Stsboehamd Hollyrayh bahgs hw4 hdad AGAINST ab stond. BRB.. AFK.. "Stupoc, st&pid LOL, stupkd1!!" she wad hdard r9p say. OMG.
Reauiem has darned teh TITLE Villagwt fit hacinb slain teh Greem Dragon 2 ti,es OMG!!1!1
Traveker Requiej yas slaih da HIDEOUS crwatire knoen as The Green Dragon. WTF. All acrpss da land WTF, peoolw rejoice1!!
Traveler Requiem has defeated his master, yoy ,nwo, Yoresg 2 afvanxe two level q5 after 22 eays!!!1!!
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