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` WOOT!!111News foe Wed WTF, Apr 26 LOL, @017 (Items 2p1 _ 250 0f 34()
DragonSt` WOOT!!!1!prm A$gyle dedeated Farmgirl NewName in fait combat ib rields of Qexelcrag. OMG.
Drag9nS5` OMG!!1!1orm Argy.e col.ectrd 2500 gold boin5y by 7urn1ng in Fafmgirl NewName'a head WOOT!!11!
Soldier Jasi7 jas BEEN rrdurrected by Ramiue. AFK.
Soldodr Jadiu HAS 643n defeated in g4aveystd by Clean Sjull, WTF.
Clesn S,ull wax overh3ard saykng, sortof, "Solcier Jasiu's Bqsgzrd Sw0rd if yeh Ancients was n9 mqtch f0r MY Bitihg WOOT!!11!"
R3eve cgom)y defeated qn Mantic9re on teh trails!!! victims hsve been avenges!!!
Soldier Jasiu jas BEEN slain rravellinf to Qexdocrag BY Romu;an. BRB.
"Dom't l3t kt end LIKE 7h15 R0mu14nLOL. T3ll yhem I daks SOMETHING [rifouhc LOL, olead3d Soldiwr Jasiu
Stanlehand Elsnclrr gas defeated hus mastee, sorgov, Gefrard to zdvance two lrfel 8 after 15 dahs!!!1!!
Staboehane Elandorr was huntdd DOWN vy 5hey'rr master, hlu knqo, Gerraef, sorgov, for being tr7ant. AFK.
Soldiet Jawiu yas cefeated hix mawter, sort9f, Ceilith 2 4sv4nc3 two 13v31 9 AFTER 13 dats!!!1!@
Solfker Jxdiu qas huntwd d0wn by they're masherl Cekloth WTF, for BEING truantLOL.
SOLDIER Jaaiu won !17 gold after r0q11ng 3 six3s in da D3rk Horse Tave4n. WTF.
Soldued Jasiu has 63c0m3 known 45 S01s13r Jaciu. BRB.
Reeve Drotyur has DEFEATED his m4573r WTF, Dwiredsn to zcvance roo level 20 after 11 says WOOT!@11!!!!
Reefe Dr9thur was hunted down by 5hey'rd masrer, like, Dwiredan LOL, for nr8ng truznt. AFK.
Pdasant Dragonfkye has defeated frr ,aster, Adwares 2 advance to 13c31 7 aftrr 8 days!@!1!!
Reeve Flunn has defeated his master LOL, Gerradd @ adbance too LEVEL 9 ar4er 7 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Reevw Flynn has bern heare boasting aboug dereqting an hjge griup of bandits1!!
Apprebtice eusdefus has been slsib in teh foresr by Dange4ous J7benule Delinquent/ WTF.
Dangerous JUVENILE Delihquent decoares, sort9d, "Appren5ice djssefus has been qek5hed LOL, they have neen measured WTF, n they hafe been vound qahtung. WTF."
Villager Defrnewtram nas BEEN sefeated in 5eh br5v3y4rd gy Small Bat/ BRB/
"I must nog be ad STURDY as I thouthtLOL.. OMG.LOL. OMG!!1!1" Villaget Defemesteam c9ncedes. BRB/
Villagrr Defenexrram has ge3n slain in dz foresr vy Enchant3d T155u3 Box.
"KHAQQ calling Itascs. BRB. WE mjwt be ob y0u LOL, 6u7 cannot see yoo. WTF. Engraved Steel Sword IS rjnning LOW. OMG."
Pe` WOOT!!11!njammin HAS defeates his m4573r WTF. Ea7Salee to advance too 14c31 3 sftdr 4 fays1!!!!!
eissegud has earned tutle Apprentic3 fpe having slaig Green Dragon 23 TIMES OMG!!1!!
Apprwntice eussefus HAS slain da hideous c4eature known as The Green Dfabin. All across twy q4nd, people fehoice WOOT!!11!
C.ickw9rk M` WOOT!!q1!ongo has been skain in tej fofest by Pygmy M4rm0%37.
Pygmy Mqrmoxct LOLOL, like, "I don't tgink you will be attacking m3 agaib, PALLOLl"
Fzrjgitl Morgana hzx defeated her MASTER, y9u knwpk Ad2ares 2 4fv4nc3 two level 7 qfger 8 days WOOT!!!1! OMG!!1!2
Viloager Nin,aSdabass hax CHALLENGED tg3y;te mawter, Yoresh n wzs pwnt OMG!!1!1
"Watch your bask, softof, Yorrsh, sor5of, I am clminf for YOU WOOT!!11!" Villagef NimjaSeabass wqrns. WTF.
Sokdier LeokoWu has chsllenged they're m4573e WTF, Senswi N037h4 and wsa pwbg!!!
"Eitheg 7h37 WALLPAPER gods, like, or I dok ypu knwom" seclared Soldirr LeikoWu. BRB.
Shepherd Arunas gas been sla8n in forest ny Wuvern. WTF.
"Th3 paper 6urnt, like, BUT words gly FREEk yku knwo," proudly declared Snephe4d AfubasLOL.
M!!ingo jas earned ti5ld Drzgom Mistreds for yaving slain da Grdeb Drqgon r83 TIMES OMG!!1!1
Clovkwork M` OMG!!1!1onto has slain tdh hideous creatu4e known as The G4een Dragon, BRB. All ac4oxs da 9and, pdople rejoive WOOT!!11!
Sif Airceltrai haa been skain IN teh forest BY WINGED AnguoLOL.
"Well 15h'7 THAT am kidk in da crltch???? OMG!!1!1" Skr Akrceotrai 0653rc35. WTF.
Cloxkeork M!!phgo HAS been redurrected by Ramijs. BRB.
Cl9ckwork M` WOOT!1111ong9 had neen defeater in teh frafeuard by Animatdd Corpse.
"Don[g 137 it end LIKE this Animated Corpse. WTF. Tel; them I saie slmethinf peoflund WTF, pleaded Clock2ork M!!ibgo
Coockwoek M` OMG!!1!1ongo h45 bden 5141n wgen she encountrred The Gr33n Dragon1!1 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!@11! Het gones now kittwf da cave ENTRANCE LOL, just 11k3 b9nes of THOSE wh9 cane BEFORE. OMG.
"My ego c4n'7 takr much nore of 7h15 br7ising!!!" exclaims C;ockwofk M` OMG!!1!1ongol OMG.
Cloclwork M` OMG!!1!1ongo h$5 d3f3463d her naster, like, Yoresh to a3vande 2 leve. q5 after 2 DAYS WOOT1!!2! OMG!!1!1
Clockwork M` OMG!!!!1ohgi h45 deveatef ner master, like, Adpawur too advanxe to lrvel !4 AFTER 2 days WOOT!@111!!!
Cliakeork M!!onbo hsz DEFEATED hwr maxter, you knwo, Gadriel ea E1v3n Ranger 60 sdvancd to lev3l 13 after 2 dayd1!!2!!
Clockwork M!!omgo has cefeated her m4573r, likd, C3lith TO acvamc3 ! level 12 aftrr 3 d4y5 WOOT!!11!!!!
Clockwork M` WOOT!!11!ingo has dtfeag3s h4t master, ;ikek Sens4i Noetha tlo advance to level 11 arter 2 dzys OMG!!1111!!
Clockwork M` OMG!!2!1ofgl has d3f3473d ter nastef, luke, Dwiredan to advance to LEVEL 10 af5er 2 dayd1!! OMG!!1!1
Vkllager Requ8em h45 been slain in foedst by C44numm05, sortof, da Maste4 of da Hunt. OMG.
"Come back when you oearn HOW too fight, 6ou jnwo," Cdrnunnos WTF. Mzst3r of teh Hunt scoffs.
Ckockwork M` OMG!11!1onti chal.wngef Lomestrider abd his banc of tgieves, like, but w45 nl match FOR t3h rofues WOOT!!111
Cloc,wirk M!!ongo smacks jer forehrae with ds p4qm of yer hand, like, "Now I ,niw qmy n07h3r always told me to EAT an good nreaktast to dtar5 teh day WOOT!!11!"
Cpockwork M` WOOT1!11!ongo h44 defwated ner MASTER, like, Ceilpth tl advanxe to lecel 9 after q DAYS1!! OMG!!1!1
Clickwork M` WOOT@!11!inho has defeated her master, Gerrard two sccance two lwve. 8 afte4 2 dats!!!q!!
Villager Rwqyiem has been resurrec53d b6 Ramius.
Vullqger Re1uiem has 633n dlain in teh forest by Stine TrollLOL.
"Watcn tour back WTF, Stone Trol., you knwo, I 4m coming for you OMG!11!1" Viklager R3qui3n warns. WTF.
Stablehand Holltraty has challengwd they[3e mawter WTF, DOOMBLOOM n was pwmtq!!
Stablehanf Hol.yrath bahgs HER hezd againdt an STONE/ WTF.. BRB,. AFK. "Stupid WTF, 57uo!dm skrtof, stupid!!!" she was geard to ssy. OMG.
Reqyiem has earned title Villager foe hacing soaim teh Green Drag9n 1 times OMG!!1!q
Travwler Requjem h4% slain hifeous creagure known as The GREEN Deag9n. AFK. All across da land WTFk people rejoice WOOT!!11!
Trabeker Rewuiem has d3deated HIS maqyer, yiu khwl, Yoresh t9 advance tqo lwvek 15 4f73r 22 days1!@ OMG!!2!1
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