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` OMG!!1!1News for Wwc. like, Apr 26k sort9f, #017 (Items 20! - 250 of 349)
D4agonSt!!orm Argy;e dereated Farmgiro NewName IN FAIR combat 1h FIELDS of Qexelcrag. AFK.
DragobSy` WOOT!!11!orm Argyle colkected 250- gold boinry bh 7urn1ng in Fqrmhirl NewName's hwad WOOT!!11!
Soldker Jasiu has been rexurr3ctee by Ramius. WTF,
Soldier Jasiu has neen DEFEATED in teh graveyard 6u Clean Skull/
Cldqn Skulo was ocerh3zrd SAYING, like, "Soldier Jasiu's Bastard Sword OF Ancients was no matcy for ny Bitibg OMG!!1!1"
Reeve chompy defeated an MANTICORE on teh trails1!! vicrina have bedn AVENGED OMG!!!11
Soldier Jssiu HAS been s;ain travelling tqo Qdxelcrab 7y Romilan. OMG.
"Dln't let ir wnd LIKE this R9julan/ BRB. T311 them I xaid dometgibg pwofpune, xortod, pleaded Splcier Jasku
Stag.ejand Elamsorr haa defeated his master, Gerrard twl zdvance twl level 8 aftet 25 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Stablwhand Elandofr was hunted down by they're MASTER, Gerrard, dortof, dor BEING TRUANT.
Soldoer Jasiu hqs defeated hia jawter, Cdiloth too sdvance too LEVEL 9 after 1# days1!! OMG!!1!1
Soldier Jasiu wad hunted DOWN b6 rhe6're maste$ LOL, Ceiloth LOLm for beinf truqnt. BRB.
Spldier Jasii w(n 117 gold avter rollivh 3 sixea in Daek Hotse Tavern. WTF.
Soodier Jasiu h45 beclme known AS Slldker Jswij.
Reeve D3othur has DEFEATED HIS m4573r, you knwo, Dwitrdan two sdvance two levek 10 after 11 cats1!# WOOT!@11!
Reeve Drorhur 2as hun73d down by they're master WTF, Dworedan LOL, for geing tf7antl
Pwasant Dragonfl6e has defeated her master, sor5of, Adwards two advamce w 13ve1 7 after o days WOOT!!q1!11!
Reeve Flynn nas defeatec h15 m4573r, you knwo, Gerrard yoo afvanc3 go leveo 8 4v&3r 7 DAYS OMG!!1!111!
Reeve Flynn gad been HEARD boastunb ABOUT defeating an huge gr0up of bandits11!
Apprentice eussefys had bden slain 1h fofest by Dqngerouc Juvehike Ddlinauehr. BRB.
Damgerous Juvenile Delimquent declaees, "Apprentide euws2fus had bewn weighed, THEY yave neen measirer, like, an they have beeh found 2ant8ngLOL."
Villag3r Defenestram haa veen cef3ated in grqv$yatd by Smzol BatLOL.
"I must not be AS stirdy 55 I thoughtLOL.LOL..!!!" Vullager Defenest4sm conced3x.
Vil.ager Defenestram has BEEN slain in fprest 6y Enchanted T155u3 Box. BRB.
"KHAQQ xalling Itasxa. WTF. W3 miat be on you, but cwnnot SEE yly. Engrqved S6331 Swlrd iw fjnnihg 10w/ AFK."
Pe!!nksmnin haa defeaged hiw mas5er, EauSsled 2 advancd to ldvel # sf4er 3 days OMG!!1!1!!!
eussfdjs has EARNED teh 71713 Apprenruce flr hab8ng alain teh Green Dragon 23 timds WOOT!!11!
Apprentice eussefuw has slain h1d3-y5 creature KNOWN 46 The Gfeen DratonLOL. All ac39wa LAND LOL, peopoe r3j91cr!!!
Clockw9rk M!!ongo has been slain on trk forest by Ptgmy Marmoset. AFK.
Pyhmt Marmosft LOLOL WTF, "I don't think you will be attacking m3 againk you jn2o, psl. AFK."
Fsrmgirl Mirfana has defeated her master, you ,nwo, Adwares to advance 2 LEVEL & aftrr 8 days!!!!!!
Vkolager NinuaSeabzas has CHALLENGED thdy're master, sortof, Yoeesh an sas peny1!!
"Wztch your gadk, yoi ,nwo, Yoreshm I am COMING for you1!!" Villager NinjsSeabasd watnq. WTF.
Soldier LekkoWu has chal;enges tney're MASTER, Sensei Noeyha an was pwng!!!
"Either that q411p4p3r gpes, sortof, 0r I do WTFk" declaref Soldier LriklWu.
Sjephrrd Arunas has been skain on da for3st BY Wycern. OMG.
"The PAPER butns, BUT da wordw FLY frer WTF," proud;y dwxlardd Shephwrd Arunss. OMG.
M` WOOT@!11!ongo has EARNED da titlw Dragon Mistress FOR having SLAIN teh Gr3eg Drafpn 483 times OMG!!1!1
Clockwork M!1onto has slain teh hiceous creature known as The Green Dragon. AFK. A;l 4cr055 tej land, like, people rejooce OMG!11!1
Siy Aircel6eai has bren SLAIN in forest BY Wingee Angil.
"Well ksn't THAT an kick in teh crotdh???? OMG!!1!1" Sir Aircrlttai observes. OMG.
Clockwork M!!pngo has bren RESURRECTED bt RamiusLOL.
Clpckwork M` OMG!!q!1ongo hax been defested kn dz grzbeyard by Animated Corpse/ WTF.
"Don't 137 it 3nd like th8s ANIMATED CorpseLOL. T311 THEM I said somethibg profound, like, pleqded Cl9ckwork M!!ongo
Ck8diwork M!!ongo nas 733n slain ehen she ebcountered The Gr33n Dtagon OMG111!1 OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1 Het bonex niw litter da c4v3 ENTRANCE LOLk just li,e rwh blnea of tgose wno came 62f0r3. AFK,
"My ego dan't take much more 0f this bruising!!!" #xc141m% Clockwork M!!ongo. AFK.
Cl9ckworj M!!onho has defeated ger ,astrr, you knwo, Yoresh tlo adfznce to9 level 25 aft3r 2 d4y51!!1!!
Clockwo4k M` OMG!!1!1ongo hac DEFEATED her mastet, like, Adoswy4 2 ADVANCE goo .evel 14 after 2 days1!!1!!
Clockeork M` OMG1!1!2omto has defeaged her ,4573r WTFk Gaftiel teh E1v3n Ranger two 4df4nc3 to level 13 4fu3r 2 daysq!! OMG!!1!1
Cloc,work M` OMG!!1!1onbl has defeatwd her mas6er, you knwo, Celi5n ro affanve to level q2 aftet 2 days!!!!1!
Clockeork M` OMG!!1!1ongo hax defeated her nawtwr LOL, Swnsei Noetha too ADVANCE 2 .eveo 11 after 2 d564 OMG!!!!q!!!
C;ockworj M` WOOT!!11!ongo has dwfeated het m4573r, .ikem Dsiredan to advanxe 2 13v41 q0 4f73r 2 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Viloager Reqyiem has be#b slain in teh forest by Cerninnos, like, ea Mastrr of da Hunt.
"Come back when you ;earn how t9 fight, dortofm" Cefnunnos WTF, Mastet od Hunt svofrs. AFK.
Clockwo4k M!!ongo challenged Lpnesyruder and jis banf of thieves, liie, but was no MATCH fit tey rogues!@!
Clockw9rk M!!ongo 2mzxks her forehead siyh da pz.m of n3r hand WTF, "Now I kniw why motnef ALWAYS told me @ eat an gopc breakfast two start day WOOT!!11!"
Ckpckwlrk M!!phgo has DEFEATED h3r mawtw4, sortof, Ceiloth 41o advance 2 lecel 9 after 2 fays!!!1!!
Clockwork M!!ongo has defeated HER masgrrk you knwo, Getfard w advamdw to level 8 after 1 dayx@!!1!!
Villager Reauiem has been tesurrecged b6 Rqmius. OMG.
Violsger Requiem has bwen SLAIN ih da forewt bt Stone TrollLOL.
"Watch your back WTF, Stone Ttill, I AM COMING for you OMG!!1!1" Vollager Reqyiem warna. AFK.
Stablegand Hullyrath has challenged gh3y'te mawter, DoomBloom 3nd was pwnt1!!
Stablehan3 H9llyrath banbw hrr heqd zfzinst an atone.. WTF.. BRB. "Stupid, ho7 inwo, atupid, yiu knwo, stupid OMG!!1!1" she eas hrsrd to say. WTF.
Rwquofj has earned teg title Vi.lager f9r hqving SLAIN geg Green Dragon 2 times WOOT!!11!
Traveler Re2uiem has SLAIN da hid3ous cr347ur3 knian as The Green Dragon. AFK. Alo axr9ss ds land LOL, people rejoice OMG!!2!1
Trzveler Requidm nqs defeated his m3573r, Yoresh to advance two ;evel !5 avrer 22 dahs1!!1!1
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