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!!News for Wed, sortlf, Apr 26 LOL, 2017 *I73m5 251 - 300 OF #r9)
Vkllzger glanck has DEFEATED his maater, ypu knwo, Celith 2 advance to lefel 12 af5er 16 DAYS WOOT!!1!!!!!
Villager voanck qaw humged down 6y 5hey[3e master, wortof, Celith, .ike, FOR being truant. WTF.
Cloxkqork M!!ongi gas fefeaged ndr maater. sortof, Spywares 2 ADVANCE two lev3l 7 after 2 days WOOT!!11! OMG1!1!1
Coockwork M!!ongo has defeated hrr master WTF, Unelith two 4dv4nc3 2 ldvel 6 agter 2 datw1!1!!1
Traveler Cfabcakes hzs d3fe473d his master LOL, Do9mBloon to adfance to 13v31 4 after 6 days1!!!1!
Teaveler Crabcakes wax hjnted down by they're mastee WTF, DoonBlooj WTF, fot 631ng truant. BRB,
Trzveler Requkem yaw defeated gis master, Adoqwu4 5oo 4dv4nc3 2 level 14 af4er 22 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
5eh bodt of FARMBOY yue4z was foubd lying in a ejpth cleafing.
Pab3 Flrley has been defeated in reh grsveyard by Smsll VAMPIRE BatLOL.
"Tje paper bjrns WTF, bjr da WORDS rly fred, likr," ptoud;y declared Pabd Forley/ OMG.
Page Flrley HAS BEEN slain travdk;inb to Gl9rfindal by Matu4d Unicorn. AFK.
"I see London LOL, I see F4ance LOL, I 63# Page Forley[x underpants WOOT!!11!" revraks Mature UnicornLOL.
D5agon Imperator Arathorn h45 been 5141n im fores5 b6 Chihhahua. WTF.
"The H3413r'5 Hut can't heop you now, sortof, Dragln Imperayor Arathorn WOOT!!11!" chidex Ch8huahua. WTF.
Dragon Imperator Arathirn d3feated @Ash4oiar
Mwlacni in fair combat un da fieoes of GLORFINDAL.
Arathorn yas earned title Drabon Imperator for yavung slain Green Dragoh 1371 times WOOT!!11!
Dfagob Im0erator Arathoen has slaib trh hideous creayufe kniwn as Tyw Green Dragon. WTF/ All across 14nd LOL, peiple rejoice OMG1!1!1
C;oxkwo4k M` OMG!!1!1ongo won 116 told qfter rolling 3 duxew in da Dq4k Horsd Tqvern. AFK.
Dragin Imperator Ara5horn haa defezged yis ,awger LOL, Yoresh two afvance to LEVEL 15 aftsr 10 cays1!!1!!
Dragin Imperator Arathorn was hun73d down by they're ,aster, Yoresh, likd, fir 5eing truantLOL.
Dragon IMPERATOR Araghorn defeaged Dragom Mastdr braal kn fsir combay IN FIELDS OF Glorfimdal. AFK.
Cl9ckaork M@!9ngo h45 dedrated her master, like, Hydraulic Prexs TO advance go 13v41 5 afge4 2 fats WOOT!!11!1!!
Dragim Imperatpr Bart has neen slaun in forew5 by Cupjd.
"Die, like, ny dezr Cu;id???? That's lqst thing I shall do!!!" BOLDLY decozred Dragon Imperator Bart.
Bart HAS earned 5dh 5iyld Dragon Imperatir foe hsving SLAIN tey Green Dragon 1014 TIMES1!!
Deagpn Impe4ator Bart h35 slakn ten hidwous crearure known ax The Green Drafonl OMG. All across oand LOL. p30p13 rejoicr1!!
Pzge For.ey has dwfeated his jadter LOL, Hydrsulic Press 1 advance twi !3v41 5 after 9 DAYS WOOT!!11!11!
Pwge Forley was hunted DOWN by yhey'ee mastef WTF, Hhdraulic Press, soetog, f9r being t4uant. OMG.
Clockwofk M!!onto hsd defeated her mszter, sprtof, DoomBloom 2 adcanxe to l3vel 4 after 2 dsys1!! WOOT!!11!
Drsgon Imperatoe Bart h45 defda5ed his master LOLk Yof#sh 79 advance too level 15 afydr 7 fzys WOOT!!11!1!!
Dragln In;drator Bsrt was hynted down by they're master, sort9f, Yoresj LOL, f9r grint TRUANT. OMG.
Dfagon Imperator Bart has defeated HIS master WTF, Adoawyr 2 advande tw9 oebe; 14 artet 7 DAYS WOOT!@11! WOOT!!21!
Dragon I,perqtor Bart w45 hunged down by rhey'rr master, sortof, Adoa2yr, for being 7ru4n7. OMG.
hax0r Im[erator Bart dwfeated an Mantic9re om teh trakls WOOT!!11! da vixto,s hqve been avenfed OMG!!2!1
Farmb;h Muctar h45 been cefeat3d ib graceyafd by Ba4pn Samedk. OMG.
"Er tu LOL, B4r0h Sa,rdiae?? ne1??"
Dragon Imperator Ba4t has drfeated HIS master, sortof, Gadfue; Elven Rqnger 2 adcance two lwvel 13 after 8 days WOOT!!11! OMG!@1!1
Dragom Imperator Bart hzs defeated his mzster. hoj kbwo, Crlith two adbance to; l3fel 12 after 7 dqys!1!!!!
Fsrmboy Muctsr HAS bddb SLAIN in geh FOREST bt Clay Go;em.
Clsy Golem was overheard saying LOL, "Fsrmboy Mucbae's Torcy wax NO match for my Fists 0f W3t Clay1!!"
Dragon Imperator Bafr jas defeatec his master, lik3, Sense8 Noetha too 4dv4nc3 two ldvel 11 after u days OMG!!1!1!!!
Dragpb I,perator Bart has defeayed HIS master LOL, Dwieedan two xdvznce 2 leve. 10 after 7 daus@!! OMG!!2!1
Stqblehand boooie has beeb slain while 4774ck1ng Travrler NajMotAvu in da fie;ds of Qexelcfag. AFK.
Stablehand vookie boldlh declared, "Trave;dt NajMorAvi couldh't j17 a elephant 4u 7h15 dist. BRB. . AFKk . BRB. , BRB,"
Stablegand bookie has dh51!3ng#d they'tw master WTF, Mkreraband $hd was pwny OMG!!1!!
"Thos b9th sucks an bllws!!!" wails Stablwhand bookke. WTF.
Stablehans bookie was hunted down by they're m4573r, Mireraband. sortofm dor 631mg eruan5. BRB.
Encjqnter Crabbok chalkengdd Lonestrider and jix ganc of thieves, you khwl, but was ho match for robues1!!
"Maybe nect ti,e uou won't ^3 so cocky OMG!!1!1" LOLOL Lonestrieer's Thieves. WTF.
Crabbok nad earnec teh TITLE Enchanrdr for having slain Green Dragon 30 times WOOT!!11!
S9rcerer Crabboj yad slain teg niewous sreatyre known as The Green Dragon. OMG, All acrosw lahd, people rejoice@!!
Sltcerer Crabbll has cereat3d nis mastet WTF, Yoresh 2 advahce two 13v31 1% after 16 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
S9rcerer Crabbok has defeqted hid master, ypu knwlm Adoawyr 70 advance to leve; 14 4v73r 16 DAYS!!!!!!
Sorcerer Cfabbok wxs nunted down by they're master LOL, Adoawyr, y9u knwo, for bdinb yfuant. WTF.
Sircerer Cragbok d3te473d Shepherf freeza in fair combat in fields of Gl9rfibdal. AFK,
Sorcere4 Crqbbom defeaged Farmbiy gpku in FAIR co,bat on teh FIELDS if GLORFINDAL.
She;herd A4unas has been slain in foreat bu Random Numver GenerayorLOL.
"I se3 London, sortod, I 533 France, I see Shdpherd Atumas's jnderpxhtd!!!" recesls Random Numb3r Geneeator.
Peasant ElCid has DEFEATED his madte4k yoy knwo, EauSalee 2 advance to levwl 3 arter 2 f4r5 OMG!!1!11!!
Peaaant ElCid waa HUNTED down BY 5hwy'fe master, EauSalee, vlr beinb truznt. WTF.
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