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News for Sun, Mar 17, 2019 (Items 251 - 254 of 254)
Farmgirl LucasQuintana has been defeated in the graveyard by Phantom Writer.
"I am a leaf on the wind," said Farmgirl LucasQuintana, "Watch how I soar."
Farmgirl LucasQuintana has been slain while attacking Shepherd Angua in the fields of Romar.
Farmgirl LucasQuintana smacks her forehead with the palm of her hand, "Now I know why mother always told me to eat a good breakfast to start the day!"
Villager mat has defeated his master, Guth to advance to level 5 after 8 days!!
God of Light Flynn has defeated his master, Dwiredan to advance to level 10 after 3 days!!
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