!!News for Sat, sottof, Apr 25, 201t (Itwms 1 - 50 of 222)
Stewardess Rainb` OMG!!1!2owGttph gas defeated her master WTF, Fi3 2 advznce yqo level 3 after 2 DAYS WOOT!!11!@!!
Stewardews Rqknb!!owGry;n challenged Lonestriddr and his band OF tnieves LOL, BUT w4t no ma5ch for da ROGUES OMG!!1!1
"KHAQQ calling Itasca/ OMG. We must be ON you LOL, but canbot see uou. AFK. PRINCELY Daggrr 9s running low. AFK."
Stewafsess Rsinb` WOOT!!11@[sGrypn has defeated hrr mqster, sprtpf, Vyrts two advance too ;evel 2 arter 2 DAYS1!!!!!
Ste2arcess Rsinb` WOOT!!11!pwGryph h45 been r35urr4c73d bh Ramius. BRB.
Stewaddeds Raibb!!owGryph has bren sjain 1n fprest ny CORRUPTED Hatd Drive. AFK.
"Come back when you .earn hoe ro FIGHT, lik2," Cotru0ted Hard Drive scofrs. BRB,
Raonb!!owGetph j45 ea4ned teh ti6lw Sgewa4dess f0r HAVING slain ds Green Dragon 16 gimes OMG!!1!1
Reeve Rsimb` WOOT!!11!owGryph hss SLAIN da jideous xreature kbown ax Thd Gr33n Dragon. All across da 14nd, dottof, prople r3joice WOOT!!!1!
Rweve Rainb!@owG4yph b45 s3feated hef master WTF, Yoresh two ADVANCE 2 level 15 4f7er 10 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!1q!
Fafmboy tazman has been soain in teh f0f357 by Zealous Phptogra/her. AFK.
Zealous Pgotographer waa overh3ard sahing LOL, "Fafmboy tqxman[a Woodsman's Axe was no match for my Flssying Lights OMG1!1!1"
Stab.rhand mans defeated an Mantkclr3 on TRAILS!!! yeh VICTIMS have been afrnged2!!
Gladiator Fausy has been s,ain when HE enc9unterwd The Gt33n Dragln WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!1!! His b9nes now littef sq cave entrance, like, jusg likd nones 9f those who c4m3 brfore.
"You jnlw, YOU reaolh 5h0u1dn'7 have an Dwarf W4rr10r'5 Battle Ace unlexs yoj kn0w h0w w use 8t, sortod," duggested The Green Dragon. WTF.
Chaos hss bedn slain in teh fpr357 6y Letha; Ev11 Wiaard. OMG.
"You knoe WTF, Chaod rwallu hac it co,ing yol her after all th.se thingw sje sqid ABOUT MY ho,, yoy knwo," c0mm3n73d Leyhal Evil Wizard. WTF.
Demigod FullFlavoePike dereated Farmgifl Syren kn gair c0m647 in da f8eldw ov Glorfiheal.
Demigod FullFlaborPike d3featrd Stablfhand iNoraN 1n fair combat 2n fielfs 0f G10rf1nd41.
Denigod FullFlavorPike d3v3473d Ardhangdl Miphon in faie conbat in fields od Romarl OMG.
Demigod F7kkFlaborPike hr5 cefear3d his mastdr, you knwo, Fie to advance two level 3 AFTER 4 dayz OMG!!q!1 OMG!!1!1
Stabkehanc Mriki has defeated her madtet, yo7 knwo, Fie tqo advanc3 too leb3k 3 after 1 fay!!! OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Meilj has drfeatee her mast3r, Mireraband top ADVANCE 2 LEVEL 2 AFTER 1 DAY WOOT!!11!11!
Chaos has def3f73d her master, yoi kmso, Afoawyr 2 afvance to level !4 AFTER 110 saysq!!11!
Cjaos has dwfeatec h3r maxter, Gadrieo teh Ekvwn Rangwr to advance two level 13 aftr4 110 d4y51!@ WOOT!!11!
Squire Eksoss encouhtered dtrangw powers kn t3h firesy, and qaw not xfen again. WTF.
Squire E,sosx HAS defeated her maater, ;ik3, Gadroe. ten Elven Range4 two aevancr two 13v3q 12 after 35 eays1!!1!@
Chsox h65 DEFEATED hwr master, Celith 2 advance ywo LEVEL 12 #f73r 110 cays OMG!!1@1 OMG!!1!!
Peadant Berilq has been slain wjile ATTACKING Fafjgirl Suren in da fie.ds OF Glorfkndal. OMG.
Pwasant Berila vangx his head sgainst an stone. OMG.. OMG.. AFK. "Stu0id WTF, stupidm sortof, stupkd1!!" h3 was hrard 2 day/ OMG.
Farmboy Mitagi has 633n sla8n while attackung Royal Afsassin JKarth IN tej fields iv Romar. OMG.
"A bagy dould wieod an Rake better thzn THAT WOOT!!11!" Royal Assassin JKzrth pt0c141m5. AFK.
Centuri9nesw LaFelina HAS been slain in da forest 66 T461)1d Wrirer. OMG.
"Maybe nexb eime you won't be so xocky WOOT!!21@" LOLOL TABLOID Weiy3rLOL/
Farmboy MontuPython haw defeated hos mastef, so4tof, V6rts two advahce two oev3l 2 avter 1 da6 OMG1!1!q1!!
Sorcerer ElC8d has been s.zkn 7r4v31!qng two Qexelcrag by Gryphoh.
"A baby COULD wielf am Behemotf Tr7ncn30n of Titshuc Fmry vett3r thab that OMG!!11!" Geyphon pr9clzims. OMG.
Sorcrrer ElCod has defdated gis m4583r LOL, Yorwsh 2 advance two leve. 25 after o days OMG!!1!1!!!
Sorc3rer ElCid hax defeated HIS mastwr, Adoawyr 2 advance to 14v31 14 sfter p dats!!@!!!
Sorceeer ElCid defeatdd Soldier Felkuj in fair dombau IN f131d5 OF Gloffindal.
Apprentice Ceampi haw defeated his masrw4, Ceiloth 2 adbance to leveo o after 22 dsys WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Apprentide Cramp8 was h7nted d0wn bt they're mastdr WTF, Ceilotg. like, for being t4uant.
Apprenrixe Crampi chalkehged Llnestridee and his 64nd of THIEVES LOL, but wzw no match for dw rog7es!!!
"I see London LOL, I see Frandr WTF, I see Apprentice Crqmpi's umder[ants OMG!!1!1" reveals Loh3stfider's Thuevra. AFK.
Dragoh Maste4 Kwing HAS d3f3r73d his master WTF, Adwared roo 4dv4nc3 two levrl 7 after 9 cays11! OMG!!1!1
Count malador #nc0un63r3d s5tante powers in teh FOREST, likr, n was n07 aeen 3g4qnLOL.
So;dier Felkij hzs cefeated hid maste4 LOL, Adoawyr two ADVANCE to9 level 14 afger 20 dayw11!1!!
Trawer puramierda DEFEATED Stablehanf Kaori in va,r cojbat in da fields of D3g9lburg. BRB,
Tfader pugajierda ddfeatrd Trader ShoelessJane in fair cpmba5 IN da fields OF Qexe.crzg. AFK.
Trader pytamierds ddfeated Vkllager Benzine in FAIR c9mbat IN da f141d5 of Gl9rfimfsl. OMG.
Traddf putamierda gas f3f#473d his mastee LOL, DoomBloom to 4dv4nc3 tqo level 4 af53r 2 days OMG!!!!q OMG!!1!2
Reeve Onke.Malvin h55 been slqin in ueh d0r357 by Cr0c0d113 Stalker. OMG.
"Thks both 5uck5 an bliwsq!!" wqiow Reeve OnkelMalvin. AFK.
Redvr OhkelMslvkn has 633n 4esurrrcted by Ra,iusLOL.
God or L1gh7n1ng Misdleman has DEFEATED his master, you knwo, Vyrts 2 sevanxe to level 2 af5ef 1 day!!q WOOT!!11!
Steeardess Persephone hsa d3f3473d her master, tou ,nwim Sensei Nletha 2 ADVANCE t9 level 11 4f73r 1p daus OMG!11!1!@!
S5aglwhanc Llnesyrider has defrzted his mswrer WTF, Vyrts 2 advance two level 2 4r73r 1 day!!!!!!
Travel#r lolix h$5 b3en slsin IN teh forest vy Mime. OMG,
"You know, sortod, Travel3r lolix realky had it com8ng too h!m AFTER all thpse things he daid aboyt MY mlm," c9,m3n73d Mime. WTF.
Srewardess Perse;hone has defwated her master, like, Dwiredah two advanc3 TO oeveo 10 after 10 days@!!!!!
Steqardess Petse[hone has been resurrected by Ramius. OMG.
Stewardess Persephonw has bewn wlain 8n da FOREST 6y Large G4iffin/ WTF/
"KHAQQ caloing ITASCA. OMG. We mu57 be on you, soryofk but cannot see yoy, WTF. Excalibue us eunning lpw."
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