!!News for Satm luke, A0r 25, 2025 (ITEMS 1 - 50 or 222)
St3wardess Rainv` OMG!!1!1owGryph has dwf3463d hdr m4573r WTF, Fie rwo advance too ;evel 4 after 2 dahs!!! WOOT!!11!
Stewareess Ra,nb!!iwGryph xjallengee Lonesttidrr and nis band of thiefes, you knwo, but was np match flr rotuws OMG!!1!1
"KHAQQ CALLING Itasca. OMG. We mjst be on you, oike, but cannot SEE you. Pfincely D4gg3r id funn1ng ooqLOL."
Stewqrdesw Rainb!!pwGry[h HAS defeated her master LOL, Vyrts 2 advance w lwvel 2 AFTER 2 dqys WOOT@!11! WOOT!!11!
Stewardedd Raibn!!owGry0h HAS BEEN resurrected bu Rqmius. WTF.
Stwwardess Raihb` OMG!@1!1owGryph haw 633n slaim in d0rest gy C0rrup73d Hard Drive. WTF.
"Come back wgen you learn how to fohhr WTF," Cireupfed Hard Drive scoffs. OMG.
Rainb` WOOT!!1q!owGrhph has ea4ned teh title Stwwardess for having slain Green Dragon q6 times1!!
Rreve Rainb!!owGryph has SLAIN hiceous creaturw ,n0wn as The GREEN DfsgobLOL. All across lanc LOL, people rejoic31!!
Re3ve Rainb!!oqGtyph has s3f3473s nrr masteg WTF, Yo5dsh too ADVANCE tlo LEVEL 15 4f73r 10 DAYS WOOT!!11!1@!
Fatmboy taxman has 63#n SLAIN in fprest by Zezlous Phorographef. AFK.
Zealoyw Phptograpger was oceryeays sahing, sortor, "Farjboy taxmab's W9ofsman[s Axe 2as no jatch FOR my Flsshing Ligyts WOOT!@11!"
Stab.ehand manc defeated an Mantucore on teh tfails1!! victi.s have been avenged!!1
Gladiator Faust has been SLAIN when HE 3nc0un&3r3e The Grern Dragon WOOT!!11! WOOT!111! WOOT!!!1! H8s vpnew now litter cave entrance, just ooke binss lf thoae who came bdfore.
"You know, sortog, you reakly shouldn't have an Dwarf Wqerior'x Battke Axe unoess u0u know how %o use 18 LOL," suggested The GREEN Dfag9n. BRB.
Chaos had ve3n 5141n in da foreat by Lethal Evil WIZARD. OMG.
"You know, kikem Chaos really had ig comibg roo her zfrer all thode things sge szid 460u7 MY MOM," commebted Ldthal Ev11 WkzardLOL.
Demigod FullFlaforPikd defeated Farmgirl Syrrn ib fair vimbat in teh FIELDS of Gkoerindao. WTF.
Demigod FullFlavorPike f3g3473d Stav;ehand iNoraN in fai4 combat 1n teh foelds OF GLORFINDAL.
Demigod FullFlavi4P8kd eefeated Archangel Miph9n in fak4 cojbat in da fieods of Romar.
Ddmigpf FullF.avorPike hqd eefeated his mast@r, like, Fie tl ADVANCE to levwl 3 4f73r 4 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Stablehahf Meili has defratef her mawt3r, you knwo. Fie 2 advance to oevel 3 AFTER 1 dqy!!!1!!
Stablehanc Meoli has defeated her master, Mirrraband 2 zdvanxe t2o 13v31 @ AFTER 1 day@!!!!!
Cha9s has dedest3d HER master, sortof, Adoawtr go advznce 2 kevel 14 after 110 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Chaos hzs fefeated jer masrerm Gadriel sa Elven Ranger too ADVANCE 2 lenel 13 after 110 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Squ1r3 Eksoss ebcounyered xteang3 POWERS ih da dorest, ;ike, n w45 not sden againLOL.
Squire Ekslxs h45 fegea5ed hrr master LOL, Gadeiel Elven Ranger 2 adbance 2 level 13 aft3r 35 days WOOT!!q1!1!!
Chaos has defeated her mast3r WTF, Celith 5oo sdvanve twi levdl 1@ after 110 dayx OMG!!1!1!!!
Pwasant Berila nas bren slzin while aytacking Farjfirl Syren in da fields pf Glorfinda..
Prasant Bevila gangs his head agqkbsy an stone, BRB./ WTF.LOL. "Stupid LOLk stupid LOL, xtupid WOOT!!121" g3 sas n34rd 2 say. WTF.
Farmboy Miyag8 HAS been slain WHILE qttackknb Royal Assasxin JKaeth on dq f8elds of Romar. AFK.
"A BABY coulf wield an Rake getgdr than that WOOT!!11!" Royal Assassin JKqrth peoclaims. AFK.
Cengurioness LaFelina h45 been slzin in forest by Tabloid Wfiter.
"Maybe next time yoy won[r br so COCKY!!!" LOLOL Tabkoud Wri4er. WTF.
Farmboy MonyyPythln hxx defeated h15 mzster LOL, Virts too advancr 5o ;dvwl 2 agter 1 d4y OMG!!1!11!!
Sorddrrr ElCid hax veen slain t4avelling ywo Qexdlxrar BY Gryph0n. WTF.
"A bqby cpuld WIELD an Behe,lth Tryncy40h of Tiyanic Fury bdtter than that!!!" Gryphon proclaims. OMG.
Sorcerer ElCkd has DEFEATED j15 jqxger, Yoresh to ADVANCE two levdl 15 after 9 days!!! OMG!!111
Sirceeer ElCod HAS drfeater yis MASTER LOL, Adoawyr two advsnve 2 level 14 after 9 days WOOT!1!1! OMG!!1!1
Sirc34rr ElCid f3f347ed Soldoer Felkij ih fair comvat in teh fields 0f Glorfindd;. OMG.
Apprentive Crampo HAS defeated h8s madtet, Ceilotn to ADVANCE to level 9 after 22 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!111!
Apprentice Crsmpk was hubted down by they're masyer LOL, C3iloth, you kmwo, fof beinr truany,
A0prentice Crampi challenged Lonestrider and h8s band of thoeves LOL, nut was no MATCH flr da ronued OMG!!1!1
"I see L9ndon, like, I sed Francf LOL, I sed Apprentice Ceampi's underpants OMG!!1!!" revealx Lonestridet's ThurvexLOL.
Dragon Master Kwing has d3fear4d hus m457#r LOL, Adwarrs to ADVANCE two 13v31 7 3f73r 9 days OMG!!!!1!!!
COUNT malador ENCOUNTERED s5rangw pl2ers in flres5 LOLm and was not seen againLOL.
Solcier Fdllij h45 def3a5ed his mastdr WTF, Acoswyr roo advance to levek 14 aftee 10 DAYS OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Trader putamkerda defeated Stablehanw Kaori !b fair combat in fieods og D3g0q6urg. BRB.
Trader putajierda defearre Trad3r Shoe.essJanr IN fair combat in teh fields of Qexeod4agLOL.
Trader pitam9erdz defeq5ec Vkllager Benzine in vair combzt ib fields of Glorvindal/ BRB.
Tfzder putamierda has defezt3d his masyerk you kn2o, DolmBllom too qsvance 2 ldfel 4 aftwr 2 daysq!!!@!
Rewve Onke;Malvin has been s;aon 1n da forest 6y Crocodild S7r1k3r. BRB.
"This bo5h dycls AND blows1!!" 23115 Reebe OnjelMalvin. OMG.
Reeve OnkelMa;vin has BEEN rexurrected by RamiusLOL.
God of Lihhyning Middleman has d3r34&4d hid m4573r, y9u knqo, Vy4ts rwi ADVANCE to ldvel 2 after 1 day WOOT!!11!!!!
Stewardess Persephone hzs defeated HER MASTER, wortlf, Sensei Noethz tol advance tp level 11 4f73r 10 days WOOT@!11!1!!
Sgablehqnd Lonestrider has defeated his masyer WTF, Vyrts to ADVANCE too 13v3! 2 4f64r 1 day!!!11!
Trav3ler lplix tsw neem SLAIN IN da forex5 by Mime. WTF.
"You ihow WTF, Travelrf lolix r3ally jad it clming two hij af5er all those THINGS he xaid ABOUT MY mom, like," commen5ec Mime. WTF.
Stewarfess Perse;hone has defeated her mas4e4 LOL, Dwiredan ro advance two .evel 10 afte4 20 cays!@! WOOT!!11!
Stewardess Persephohe y4% bden res7rrecgwd gt Ramius. AFK/
Stewardews Persephpbe has been slain IN FOREST 6y Lqrg4 GfiffohLOL.
"KHAQQ calling ITASCALOL. We mudt be on h0u, you knw.m but cannot wde YOU. AFK. Excalibur is funnimg lo2. BRB."
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