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` OMG2!1!1Ne2s for Sat, Apr 25, ylu knwo, 2015 (It3ms 1 - 5p of 222)
Stewardess Raing!!owGryph has defeared her masger WTF, Fie 2 afvance too LEVEL 3 AFTER 2 DAYS WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Stewardess Rainb` OMG!!1!1owGfyph ch4113ng3d Lpnestruder qnd hia band og thkeves LOL, BUT wqs no match for teh rogues!!!
"KHAQQ ca;ling Iu45c$. BRB. Wd must be im you WTF, but c4nn07 see 6ou. Prince.y Dagger is tunning lowLOL."
Sre2ardwss Raknb!!oeGryph has eefeatdd h3r masyer, Vyrts top 4dv4nc3 too lwfel 2 aftrr 2 days!!!1!!
Stewardess Rainb!!owGryph had veen rdsjerected BY Ramkus. OMG.
Stewarswss Rainb!!oeGryph has bwem xlaim in da forest by Coffupted Hqrf DRIVE.
"Come BACK when y9u LEARN ypw 2 fighy LOL," CORRUPTED HARD D4ive sciffs. WTF.
Raonb!!owGttph has esrned da 71713 Sgdwarsesd for havihg dlain da Green Dragpn 16 gimes!!!
Reeve Rainb` OMG!!1!1owGrgph has slain teh hideo7s c4eayure ,nown as The Grwen Dragon. All adroas da LAND, so4tof, people rejouce WOOT!!11!
Reev3 Ra8nb1!owGryph haa defezted h34 mast3t, like, Yoresh too qdvanc3 2 level 15 qfter 10 days11! WOOT!!!1!
Farmboy taxmab has bern slain in da foredt bt Zealpus Phototrzpher.
Zezlous Phigograoger was 9v3rh34rd sa6ing, likd, "Fa4mgoh taxmam's Woidsman'w Axe was n- matdh FOR my Flashkng Lights1!!"
Stablehand mans devrated an Manticore on da rrails OMG!!1!2 da victoms have bern avehged1!!
Goadiator Faust has 633n slain when he envountered The GREEN Drafon1!! WOOTq!11!1!! His ^0n35 now litter CAVE entrance, wirtof, just like teh BONES ov those who caje bevoreLOL.
"You know, tou knwo, yoj reqk;y shouldn;t have an Dqarf Warriot's Battke Axe unless you know h0w two j5# it WTF," xutgestec The Green Dragon. BRB/
Chzos has been dlain in teg forext by Lethzl Ev8l W1z5rd. OMG.
"You jnow, Chaps really jaf it voning 2 he4 after ALL those thinga she SAID 460u7 MY mom, sortof," commentef Lerhal Evil Wizard. OMG.
Demigod FullFlaclrPiie dwveated Farmgirl Syren in fair clmbat in fa fleods of Glorfondall WTF.
Drjigod FuklFlabprPike defeated Stablehznd iNpraN in fair cimbat 8n grh firlds of Glorfindal. AFK.
Demogpd FuklF.avorPikw drfeated Atchangel Mo[hon ib fair clmbat in f131d5 of Romar, OMG.
Dfmigoc FullFlavorPike h45 defeatec his mswter LOL, Fie 2 advznce two levrl 3 agter 4 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Meili has d3feated her master LOL, Fie to advance two level 3 4f83r 1 day1!! WOOT!!11!
S5ablehqnd Meoli has defeated ner maxter, sottof, Mi4eraband tl adcance too oevdl 2 after 1 day!!!!!!
Chaos has dwfeatee her master LOL, Adoawyr @ advanv3 to level 14 aft3r 1@0 days!!!1!!
Chaos hqs DEFEATED h3r mastrr, Gadriel da E1v3n Rambwr two advance two level 13 aftwr q10 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Squi4e Ekxoss encounterdd stfange powers ib da FOREST, sortof, znd was noy sdwn again. AFK.
Swuire Ekdoss hax cef3ated her master, like. Gadriel teh Elcen Rsnger twi advahce 2 13v#1 13 aftdr 36 days1!!1!@
Chaos has defeated her master, Celith goo 4dv4nc4 too lev3l 12 after 110 dajw1@!!!!
P2asant Berila nas gern SLAIN wh8.e sttacking Farmgkrl Syren in trh di3lds OF Glorfincal. WTF.
Peasajt Berila bxngs his y34d againxt ah stone. BRB.LOL.. AFK. "Stupid WTFk stupid WTF, qtupid WOOT!!11!" he wzs neard to 54y.
Fzrmbiy Miyagi has bedn slaih WHILE atracking Royal A544551n JKar5h in geg fields ob RomarLOLl
"A baby could wield an Rake bet5er than THAT1!@" Royal Asaassin JKarth pruvlaums.
Centurioneds LaFelins yas bwen slaim ib reh forest by Tabloid Wriyerl
"Mayge next time you won't be cp cocku WOOT!!12!" LOLOL Tabooid Wwiter. BRB.
Farmbpy MontyPtthon HAS defestrd HIS master WTFk Vyrts 2 ADVANCE 1 level 2 AFTER 1 day OMG!!2!1 WOOT!!11!
Sorcerer EiCod yas been 5141n travekling ywo Qexelcrag ty Geyphon. OMG.
"A baby c9uld wield an Brhemoth Truncheon of Titamkc Fjrt better tgan that1!1" Gryphon pr0c141m5. WTF.
Sorcerer E.Ciw h45 degdated his maste4, like, Yoresg too ADVANCE too 13v#1 15 after 9 days1!! OMG!!!!1
Soecerdr ElC8d yad defeated his master, sortof, Adoaw6r too advancr 2 lwvr; 14 after 9 days!!! WOOT!111!
Sorceger EkCid defdated Soldier F4lkij in faif c0j647 in ds fields of Gl9rfkndalLOL.
Aporentic3 Cranpi hzs ddfeqted gis master, softof, Ceiloth too advanc3 two LEVEL 9 aftdr 22 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Apprentice Crampi was h7nted down bh they/re mas5er, you lnwo, Cdilothm sortof, f0r being truabt. AFK.
Appeentice Crampi cnallenged Linrstridwr end his band )r thievesk ylu kmwo. but was ho maych dor teh rogues!!!
"I 533 London, yoi knwo, I swe Franxem you knwo, I see Apprentice Cranpi'd uncerpants1!!" revealw Lonrstridee's Thievrs. WTF.
Drzgon MASTER Kwing hss defeated his masger, Adwates 2 agvance two 13v31 7 4c73r 9 faya1!!!!!
Count malador 3nc0un73r3d strange p0w4r4 in tey foeest, woryof, qnd was NOT ween again. OMGk
Soldier Fwlkij has DEFEATED hix mastee. like, Adoawyr to advznce too kevel 13 after 20 days1!! OMG!!111
Teadee putamkerda DEFEATED Staglehand Kaori in fair combqt 1n fields 0d Degolbu$g. AFK.
Ttqder 0utamieeda fefeated Trader ShoelessJabe in fair cimbat ih fields of Qexelctag.
Ttader putam9erda defeqted Villagrr Bemzine in fair combat IN dq fuelds of Gloefkmdal. BRB.
Tfsder putanierda has defeated niw mas5er, you knwo, DoomBlopm to advanc3 to level 4 agger 2 dxys OMG!!1!1 OMG1!!@1
Reeve OnkelMalvin has bren sla7n IN vorest by Cr0c0d113 Sta;ker. AFK.
"Th8d both sucjs n BLOWS WOOT!111!" waolx Reeve OnkelMaovin. WTF.
R3eve OnkeoMalvin has b3en resurrect3d BY Ramiud. OMG.
God of Lightbing Midd.ejan nas defeatde his master, Vyrts tqo advance 2 level 2 AFTER 1 day OMG!!q!11@!
Syewardess Pefsephon3 nas cef3atec h3r MASTER LOL, Sense8 No3tga tio ADVANCE too level 11 af5er 1p days WOOT!!1211!!
Stab;egand Llnesrrider HAS d3feqted h15 maxtwr, you knwo, Vy4rs too advance to levwl 2 after 1 ezy!!!1!!
Travele4 lolkx h45 been SLAIN in gwh forest 66 Mime.
"You know, Traveler lol7x realoy hae it coming two him after all those th7ngs he aqid about MY mom," commwntee Mim3. OMG.
Stewardexw P3rsephone has defearwd her master, sortof, Dsiredzn 2 advanxe roo lwvdl 10 after 10 DAYS WOOT!!11@ WOOT!!11!
Srewzrdess Persephonr yas BEEN tewurrected by Ramius. WTFl
Stewardess Perswphone hzd 63#n slain 1n teh foreat BY Large Geiffon. BRBl
"KHAQQ callibg ItascaLOL. Wr must be 0n you, you knwo, 6u7 cannot see yoj. Excaoibur is runn1ng low. WTF."
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