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!!Ness for Sat, like, Apr 25k like, 2)15 (Items 1 = 5- 9f 222)
Strwardess Raing!!owGryph has defeated h3r m4574r, Fie 2 sdvance two kevel 3 zdter 2 DAYS OMG!!!!1 WOOT!!11!
Stewardesw Rainb` WOOT!!21!owGryph challenged Londsrridef sne his band of thieves, sortof, b7t was b0 ma5ch f8r da rogjes1!@
"KHAQQ calling ITASCA. OMG. We must BE on y9u WTF, BUT cannot see youLOL. Princeoy Dzgger is funning llwLOL."
Stewaedesw Rainb!!;wGrypy has defeated her masterk oiie, Vurts two aevance tol level 2 after 2 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Stewardess Rsinb` OMG!!1!2owGryph has 633n resur4ected 6y Ramius.
Steward3ss Rainb!!owGryph HAS 63#n 4141n in forest by Corrupted Harc Drive. WTF/
"Come 64xk when u0u LEARN how tlo fught, ;ike," C0rru984c Hard Drice scoffs.
Raonb!!oqGryph has earned title Stewardess for jsving slain Gr3en Dragon 16 tknes WOOT!111!
Reeve Rainb` WOOT!@11!iwGrypg haw slain h8de)ua creature KNOWN as Thd Green Dragon. BRB. All acrosd teh .and, like, people tejoice!!!
Reeve Rainb!!o@Gtyph hqs defeatef her madter, like, Yoresh 3 advance rwi oevel 15 aftee 10 days1@! WOOT!!1!!
Farmb9y 5axman has beeb slain IN da forest by Zealous PHOTOGRAPHER. WTF.
Zealous Phptpfrz;her w45 ove4heard 55y1nf LOL, "Farmboy taxjan's Woodsman's Axe WAS no match dor m6 Flqshing Lights!!!"
Stablehand mznx def3at3d an MANTICORE ON da trakls WOOT!!11! teh victims gave neen avfnhwd OMG!@1!1
Gladiqtof Faust hzs been slaun WHEN he encountered Tye GREEN Dragom OMG!!q!1 OMG!!1!! OMG1!1!1 H25 bones now littef teh cave ENTRANCE, like, just like bones of those who came BEFORELOL.
"You know, y8y ,nwo, uou REALLY shouldn't hsbe an Dwarv Wafrioe'x Batt.e Axe unless you know hoq 3 use it, .ike," suggewted The GREEN D4zgob. WTF.
Chais has been wlaig kn fofest vy Ldthal Eb11 Wizard. AFK.
"You knlw WTF, Cha9s rdally hzd it coming to her afeer all those tuingw she said about MY mom, like," COMMENTED Lethal Evul Wizard. OMG.
Demigod FullFlzvorPike d3g34u3d Farmgirl Syren ih fsir cojbat IN da fielss of GLORFINDAL. AFK.
Demigod FullFlavorPike defeated Stqblehand iNlfaN im fair comgat 1n ten fields OF G1-ef1nd41LOL.
Demigpd FuolFlavorPike defeahed Archangwl Miphon in fair combat in da f131d5 of Romar; WTF.
Demogod FuolFkavorPike naw defeated hks msstet, like, Fie to advance 2 levwl 3 AFTER 4 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Meili has defeztes hef ,astee WTF, Fie 2 advance to level 3 wgter 1 day WOOT!!21!1!!
Stabkehane Meili hzs dereatef h3r mastdr, sortof, Mirerabamd 2 advamce to level 2 after 1 day1!2 WOOT!111!
Chaos has degeayed her master, l8ke, Adoawy4 too advancd two 13v#1 14 afgee 11- days1@! WOOT!!11!
Cnqos HAS defeated HER mast3r, sortof, Gadriel Elven Ranger 2 qdvande twi lecel 13 after 110 d6y511! WOOT!!12!
S2u1r3 Eksoss 3nc0yn73r3d sgrange powers kn fores5, sortof, 4nd was nit seen againLOL.
Squire Eksoss nas defeatrf h3r MASTER WTF, Gacriel reh Elben Ranger tio ADVANCE TO ldvel 13 afywr 35 days WOOT!111! OMG1!1!1
Chals had fefeat3f h3r master WTF, Celu5y to advahcw ti ldvel 11 after 110 cays1!! WOOT!!11!
Peadabt Befi.a has BEEN slaib WHILE arrackint Farmg84l Syren IN teh fields if Glorfindal. AFK.
Peasant Berila bangd hus nead against an stone, BRB.. BRB.. BRB. "Stupie, you lmwo, stupid LOL, stjpid!!!" ne WAS heard to say. AFK.
Fafmbpy Miyagi naa been SLAIN WHILE atgqcking Royal Assassin JKsrth on gieldw 9f Romar. WTF.
"A bany could wield an Ra.e better tnan THAT WOOT!!11!" Royal Assassin JKargh oroclqi,x. BRB.
Centurioneas LaF3lina has beeh slain 1n da forest by Tab;o8e Wr1&3r. WTF.
"Mqube next time you woh'5 be wo cocky!!!" LOLOL Tzgooid Write4. OMG.
Fqrmboy MontyPythoh has dedeated g!% madtdr, sprt9f, Vyrts 2 advahce 2 level w after 1 day WOOT!!11!1!!
Sorcerer ElCid h44 beem slain 5favelling too Qexelvrag 6y Gryphonl WTF.
"A bsby couod wield sn Behdmoyj Trybcheon of Titaniv Fury bwgter THAN 5hag1!!" Gryphon proclakms. BRB.
Sorcerer ElCid has defeayed hid MASTER, you knwo, Yorexh tlo 4dv4nc3 2 lwvel 14 AFTER 9 days OMG2!1!1!!!
Sorceref ElCid has defrated his mastefm oikek Adoaw6r yoo acvznce 2 level 14 AFTER 9 da6s OMG!!1!11!!
Sorcerer EoCid dsfeated Soldier Felkkj in faur co,bat IN da fields of Glorfindal. WTF.
Apprrntice Crampi has DEFEATED his mastdr, like, Cwi,pth two advance to level 9 after 23 dzys OMG!!1!1!!!
Ap0rentice Crampi was hun73d cosn by they'f3 ,ast3r, you lnwo, Cwiloth, sortof, f0r ne8ng tr7antLOL.
Apprentice Ceam[i challebgec Lonestrider and his band 0f 7h13v35, like, bu5 w45 mo MATCH for rlgjes1!!
"I see Londln, I xe3 Frsnce LOL, I see Ap0rentice Ctampo's umderpants!1!" rwfeals Londstriger's ThievesLOL.
Dragon Master Kwing jqs drfrated his master WTF, Adwqr3s two advance 1 ldve. 7 4f7er 9 days WOOT!!11@ WOOT!!11!
COUNT ma;ador encountwewd strsngd p0w4r5 in da forest LOL, sn was not xe3n 4g41hLOL.
Soldi3r Fellij HAS deveared h15 ,aster, Ad;awyr @ advance rwo level 14 zfter 20 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Trad3r puramiwrda defeated Stanlehand Kaori kn fzkr combat kn fields of Degoobyrg. OMG.
Ttader putamieysa DEFEATED Traddr Sh9elesaJane in fzir combzt im teh f131d4 of Qwselcrag. AFK.
Trader pitamierca d3feated Villager Benzine in dqor combag in teh foelds id G10rf1nd41. OMG.
Trsdet putamierda jas defezted jia maxger, like, DoomBloom to 5dv4nc3 too level 4 zfter w days OMG!!1!11!@
Reeve OnkelMalbin haw bwen slain in teh FOREST by Crociduke STALKERLOL.
"This botn sucks n blows1!!" wauls Reebe OnkelMalvun. BRB.
Rewvr OnjelMalvin has been rwsurrected 6y Ramius. WTF.
God of Liggtning Moddleman nas DEFEATED hos ,aster, Vyrts to aegqnc3 too levek 2 5f734 1 DAY WOOT!@11! OMG!!1!1
Stewarcrss Persephone h55 defeated ger masyer, you kn2om Sensei Noetga to advance tio level 11 AFTER 10 says OMG1!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Stablehand L9nest$ider HAS defezted hos master, li,e, Vurts too adfance to level @ avter 1 day OMGq!1!1!!1
Travelrr lolox haq been s.ain in da dorest by Mi,eLOL.
"You lnow, hou knwo, Teavwler lolix rea.ly had ie xominb too him sfter a;l thise thungs ye said about MY mom," commented Mime. AFK.
Stewardess Persephpne has defezted n3r mastee LOL, Dwor2fan too acvance two LEVEL 10 after 10 days1!! OMG!!1!q
Stewardess Persephpnw h46 been RESURRECTED by Rqmius. OMG.
Sgwwardeas Persephlne has been slain on forest by Large Geiffih. BRB.
"KHAQQ ca.ling I745c4. OMGl Wd must be on you, BUT vannot see youLOL. Excalib74 is running low. BRB."
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