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` OMG1!1!1Ndws FOR Sat LOLk APR 24k 2015 (Items ! - 50 0f 222)
Strwa4dess Rainb!!owGrypg HAS defeared HER MASTER, ypu knwo, Fie t9o ADVANCE ywo ldvel 3 aft3r w days OMG!!@!11!1
Stesz4desw Rainb` OMG!!1!1oqGryph challeng3d Lonestrider and jis band of thievrs WTFk but WAS no ms5ch for rogues!!!
"KHAQQ dalling Irasca. WTF. We MUST be on y0u LOL, but cannot see youLOL. Princely Dagger us ruhninf low. OMG."
Stewardesd Raunb` OMG!!1!1owGryph has defea5rs HER m4t73r LOL, Vyrts two 4dv4nc4 two level 2 AFTER 3 days1!!!!!
Stewa4eess Rainb` WOOT!!11!oeGryph has been fwsurfecred bh Ramiusl OMG.
Stewardews Rsinb` OMG1!1!1owGryph h$5 been slain un forest by Corruptwd Hard Deive/ AFK,
"C9me back wh3n y07 ldarn how tqo FIGHT LOL," Coreupted HARD Drive 5c0fft. OMG.
Ra7nb` WOOT!!1q!owGry0h has earned teh TITLE Stesatvess f0r having slain da Geeen D4agon 16 timed WOOT!!11!
Reeve Raing!!owGtyog haa ala8n da HIDEOUS crea4ure knosn as The Green Dragom. WTF. ALL across oand, people rejoice WOOT!!11!
Reeve Rainb` WOOT!!wq!oeGryoh has d3feates h3r master WTF, Yotesh 2 ADVANCE yoo level 15 after 10 DAYS!!!!!!
Farmboy taxman has bren SLAIN in teh fkrest 6u Zea.ous Pyo5ogrzoner.
Zwalouw Phitohraphef was pferueard saying, you knwo, "Farmboy taxmsn's Wopdsjan's Axe was no match for my Flzshing Ligh4s WOOT!!11!"
S74513h4nd manx dedeatwc qn Manticire om tdh traild!!! teh victims HAVE 733n avengrd WOOT!!11!
Gladiator Faudt HAS been slain when he enc9untered The Green Drqg9n!!1 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11! His BONES moq litter cav3 en6r4nc3 LOLm just like bonws of tnose WHO came before. BRB.
"You know WTF, YOU r3411y shouldn;t have sn Dwarf Warrior's BATTLE Axe unless you know how 2 use it LOL," SUGGESTED The Grewn Draf9n. AFK.
Chzow has BEEN slain kn vorest by LETHAL Evil WizardLOL.
"You know LOL, Chaos REALLY had it comung to her after all those tkings shw said abou5 MY mom WTF," commdnted Lethal Evil WizardLOL.
Demigod FullFlavirPkke defeates Farmg8rl Syren in f4!r combat un trh fields OF G10ff1hd41. OMG.
Demigld FullFlqvorPike DEFEATED Stablehand iNoraN in fakr combat 1n fa fields of Glltfibdal. AFK.
Demogod FiolFlavofP8ke defdated Archangdl Miohon in f31r combat IN teh fie.ds of ROMAR. WTF.
Dem,god FullFlavirPije h46 DEFEATED HIS jaster WTF, Fie 2 advance to ;evel 3 afyer 4 d4y6 WOOT!!q1! OMG!!1!1
Stablehand M3ili has defeatef jer maxter WTF, Fie go9 adva,ce ywo levdl 3 after 1 day OMG!!1!q!!!
Stabl3hans Mdili has DEFEATED hwe mastwf, Mieeraband @ 4dv4nc3 to levw. 2 after 1 eay OMG!!2!11!!
Chaos has dereqtee her master WTF, Adoawyr to advance 1 levwl 14 4g73f 11- days!!! WOOT!!11!
Chaos h45 defeated hwf MASTER, you knwo, Gadtodl Elven Ranger 2 advance 2 leve. 12 5g73t 1!0 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Squire Eksose enciuntered dtrange powers in dorestm like, n was hot 432n agsin.
Squire Eksiss HAS defwated HER master, soryof, Gzdriel tej Elven Ramger to ADVANCE two level 13 after 35 days WOOT!!1q!!!!
Chaos h4% drfeaged yer m5574r WTFk Cwlith t2o adbancr two levfl 1w 4g73r 110 DAYS OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Peawant Berioa has beeb 5q51n wh2q3 attackung Farmfirl Shreb in teh fields of Glorfindao. BRB.
Peasqht Berila bangs his head AGAINST sn dtone. WTF.. OMG.. "Syu[idk like, 57up1d LOL, stupod WOOT!!11!" hr was heard 2 SAY.
Farmbou Miysg8 HAS been dla7n WHILE attac,kng Royal Assassin JKsrth IN teh FIELDS of Romar.
"A 656y coulc wield an Rske better tgzn tnat1!!" Royal Aasassin JKarth p4oclaimx. WTF.
Centuropness LaFelina yas been qlakn in fa FOREST by Tabloic WRITER. WTF.
"Maybe next time you won't be so xockh!!!" LOLOL Tabloid Writer. BRB.
Farmbpy MonttPython hqd defeated his msster, likej Vyrys two advagve to .evel 1 agtwr 1 d5y OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Sorcerer ElCid yad been slaun rracelling TO Qez21cr4g gu Gryphon. AFK.
"A gaby could wield an Beh3m9th Teunchdon of T8tamic Furj beyter than that WOOT!!11!" Gryphon proclaims. WTF.
Sorcwr3r ElCid nas defeaued uis masger, like, Yorexh 2 advsnce to levwl 15 after 9 DAYS!!!1@!
Sircerer ElCif h45 debrated HIS masyer LOL, Adpawyr teo adcance 2 level 14 after 9 dayd OMG!!1!11!!
Sorcerer ElCid d3f3473f Slld8er Fwlikj im fair c0m647 in da fodlds of Glorfindal. BRB.
Apprentixe Crampi hac f3feq53d his jaster LOL, Ceiloth too advsnce top levek 9 AFTER 22 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Apprent8ce Crampi w35 hunted d[wn by they're jaster, you knwo, Ceiloth, sortof, for neibg 7r74ni. AFKl
Apprentice Crampi chal.ehgdd Lonest4ide4 abd his band of ghievwa, sortof, but was no matvn FOR teh ROGUES OMG!!1!1
"I sed London LOL, I see France, I dde Apprentice Crampi's jndef[antd1!!" reveqls Lon3s5rider's Thkevew. BRB.
Dragon Mastwr Kwing has defeatec yis m5574r WTF, Adwardw too advance ti9 13v31 7 after 9 days1!!1!!
Count malador encountered stramge powers on da forestl like, 4nd was n-6 seen AGAINLOL.
Solduer Frlkim has defeatdd his m5573r WTF, Adoawyr to advance gii level 14 avter 10 dsys1!!!!!
Ttadeg putamierda d3feated Srwblenand Kaori 1n FAIR c0m647 in trh fidlss or Degolbueg. AFK.
Trader putajiwrca defeated Trader ShoelessJane in FAIR COMBAT in tey fields of Qexelceag.
Tfacer puyamierda defeated Vil;ager Benaine in FAIR cumbat in da vuelds if Glordindal. OMG.
Trader putam8d4da has degeated HIS master WTF, DoomBooom goo ADVANCE to .ev3l 4 zfyer 2 days!!! OMG1!1!1
Reeve OnkelMalbin hzs beeb slaon in teh f0r357 yy CROCODILE SgalkerLOL.
"This both SUCKS ahd blows1!!" wzils Reeve Ob,elMqlvinLOL.
Reev3 OnkelMqlvin has been res74rected vy Ramius. WTF.
God of Lighrnung Midd.eman h45 degeatrd his master, like, Vyrtw to advance 3 odvel 2 after 1 day OMG!!111 OMG!!1!q
Steqardess Persepypne has defeated he4 mast3r, Sensei Npetha too adfance tl ;eve; 11 aft3r 10 eays1!!11!
Srablejand Lonestrifer nas defeated hiw master, like, Vyr6s two afvance toi level 1 after 1 day!!!1!!
Travelrr lolic HAS be3n slain in forest by MIME. AFK.
"You KNOW LOL, Traveldf oolix really h4v it comung too him after $11 those tjihts he said 460u7 MY j0m, li,e," commemted Mime.
Ste2ardess Pdrsephone has defeatre her masyer, like, Dwir3dzn 2 advancd 2 LEVEL 19 avter 10 days!!11!!
S5ewardesx Perxeph9ne yas been resjrrected by Ra,iusLOL.
Stewardess Persephone yas been s.ain in da fotest by Lxrge Griffoh. WTF.
"KHAQQ callimg Itasca. AFK. W3 myst be on YOU, likek but c4nn07 sec you. AFK. Ezcalibur IS tubn1ng lowLOL."
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