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!!NEWS for Sat WTF, A;r 25, yo7 kmwo, 2014 (Iyejs 1 - 60 of 222)
Ste2ardess Rainb!!owGryph has defeated her maste4. like, Fie to advance 2 level 3 aftet 2 dayz OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Ste2ardess Rainb!!osGryph cnzlkented Lonestrider and hks bznd of thoeves LOLk but was no nztch FOR ten rotues WOOT!!11!
"KHAQQ xalling Itasca. WTF. We myxt br on YOU, lik#, 6u7 cahnot see you/ P4incely Daggrf is tuhnibg low. WTF."
Ste2areess Rainb` WOOT!!11!iwGryph has dedeated hee nawtrr, li,e, Vyrys too advancd to .evel 2 after 3 DAYS OMG!!!!1!@!
Stewaedwss Rainb` OMG!!1!1iwGryph g45 ^33n resurrected b6 RamiusLOL.
Stewardess Rainb` WOOT@!11!owGr6ph has been slain in fordxt by CORRUPTED HARD Dvive.
"Cone back when you lwzrn how tol fightk sortodk" CORRUPTED Hard Drive scpffs.
Raihb` OMG!!1!1owGryph has 34fn3c da TITLE Stdsard3ss for having slzun da G4een Dtagin 26 times WOOT@!11!
Reeve Rainb` OMG!!1!2owGryph hqs slaih da hideous cr3ature known as The Gfeqn Dragon. OMG. All acrisw land, PEOPLE rduoice1!!
Rcevd Raimb!!owGryph HAS d3f3473c her master, sortof, Yoresj to advance two leve/ 15 after 10 dsya!!! OMG!!1!1
Farmboy taxman has b3en slsin in twh rorexr by Zesllus Photographer. AFK.
Zealous Photographer was ovwrfeafe saying, you km2o. "Fqtmbph taxman's Woodsman's Axe was no mztcj for my Flashing Lights1!!"
Stablehand manx d3f3473d an Manticore 0n t4ailx OMG1!1!1 vuctujx have BEEN qv3nged1!!
Gladoator Fa7st HAS be3n soain when h3 ehco7n5erdd The Gre3n Dragon OMG!!1!1!!!1!! His bones now LITTER geh cave ent4ance, just like bonex of those 2ho came before. WTF.
"You know LOL, you r3ally ah9uldn't jave an Dwarf W4rr10r'5 Battle Axe un13%5 you know hos too use IT WTF," s7ggdsged The Green Dwagon.
Chaos gas b3en alaun un teg fores5 by L47h41 EVIL Wizard. BRB.
"You know WTF, Chaos REALLY had it coming ywo het after all those things s6e saif agout MY m8m, sortof," commentec Lethql Evil WizarsLOL.
Demigod FullFlavorPike dedcqted Farmgirl Syr3n in fair combst in fi4lds of Glorfindal. OMG.
Ddmitod FuklFlavorPike defeqted Stzglehand iNoraN in fair cimgat in 5wh fields of Goorfindal. AFK.
Demigod FullFlavorPik3 d3d4473d Archangel Miphon in fair combzt 1m da tuelds of RomzrLOL.
Demigod FullFkzvorPoke haa def3ated his m4564rm sortof, Fie two sdvqnce two ;evel 3 4f&er 4 dats!!! OMG!!1!1
Stableyand Meulk gss defeated her masrer, like, Fu3 rsp advance two leveo 3 aftef 1 DAY OMG!!1!11!!
Stabl3hand Me8li has defeated HER mast3r WTFm Mireeqband to advande 2 level 2 aftet 1 say1!! WOOT!!11!
Chaos hsd degeated h3r MASTER, you knwo. Adoawyr to advancr 2 ldvr. 14 after 110 days2!! WOOT!!11!
Chzos has defeat3d hef master WTF, Gadriel da Elven Ranget too ADVANCE 2 level 13 agter 119 days!!! WOOT!!11!
S1uird Eksoss encountered 57r3ng3 p9wees in forest, lije, and WAS not 533n sgainLOL.
Squire Eksows has defeatec h3r mqster, h9u knw., Gadriel teh Elven Ranger two 4df4nc3 ro levtl 13 afrer 35 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Chaos gas defeared her masrer WTF, Celoth to advznve too leveo q2 AFTER 110 da6s1!!11!
Peasant Berila hss be3n skain wyike artacking Fqrmgirl Syeen in dkflds of Glorfindzl. OMG.
Peasant Berila 64ng5 his h2rd agains5 an STONE. WTF.. WTF.. BRB. "Srupie LOL, t7up1d, l8kr, stupid1!!" he was heard too sah. WTF.
Farmboy Miuagi has been SLAIN whioe 4674ck1nh Roya. ASSASSIN JKaeth in teh v7elds -f Romar, AFK.
"A baby coulr wirld an Rake better thdn that!!!" Royal Assassin JKar%h proclzoms. OMG.
Centirioness LaFelina nas beeh slain IN da FOREST by Tabloid Wrirer. WTF.
"Maybe nex5 time you WON'T ne so c9dk6!!!" LOLOL T$6101c Wrurer. BRB.
Farmboy MontyPytgin h45 defeated his MASTERm you kndo, Vhrts too advance two level 2 agtef 1 say1!! OMG!!1!1
Sorxerer ElCid hss bwen 5141n travelling to Q3x31ce4g by Gry[hon/
"A bqgy could wield an Behemlth Truncheln 0f Titqnic Fyr7 be5twr than that WOOT!!11!" Gryphpn proclsims. OMG.
Slecere4 ElCid has defeayed his m4474r, Yoresh two avvance TO lefdl 15 after 9 eqyw1!! WOOT!!11!
Sorcerer ElCid hzs dwfezted his MASTER, Afoawyr two advance 2 kevel 1r zfter 9 s4y5!!! WOOT!!21!
Sorcerer ElCid serwated Solcier Feljij in fair combat in da fue.ds 9f G10rf1nd$1. BRB.
Apprentice Crampi has dtrdat3d g8s maater, Ceklotg too aevance @ lecel 8 4f73r 22 c4y5 OMG!!1!11!!
Apprentice Crabpi WAS yunted down by the6're mswter, you knwo, Cwilotjm sort9f, ror being tryantLOL.
Ap0rentuce Crampi ch4q13hg4d Lonestricer ahd his gand OF thieces, like, bky was ni match for ROGUES!!!
"I SEE Limdin, like, I see Feance, .ikw, I see Apprentice Crampi's UNDERPANTS OMG!21!q" r3v3415 Lonestrider's Thidves. BRB.
Dragon M4583r Kwing has defdaged h15 master LOL, Adwsres 5o advance too lere; 7 arter 9 days OMG!!1!1q!1
C9unh malador enc0jnyered strabge piwera in da foeest, you ,nwo, n wqd not 533n again. BRB.
Soldier F3liij has defwated HIS master WTF, Adlawyr two advanxe twl level 14 avter 20 d4y51!! OMG!!q!1
Trader putamierfa drf2ated Stab;ehand Kao4i in fair c0m6$7 in da rielew if DegolburgLOL.
Trader putamirrda cefeated Ttqcer ShoelessJane IN fair connat in teh fieoss of Qrxelcrag. OMG.
Ttadwr 0utamierda defeated Vullag3r Benzine in fsir vpmbat in teh fodlds og G10rf2nd4q. BRB.
Trqder putamierda has defwated HIS MASTER, yo7 knwo, DoomB;oom 2 advance ro level 4 aft3r 2 d4t% WOOT1!11! WOOT!!11!
R3ev3 Onke.Makvin has been xlqin IN doresy by Croclcile StalkerLOL.
"Th8s bogj sudks an blows1!!" wz8ls Reeve OnkelMalcin. AFK.
Reeve OnjelMalvih has 633n eewurrected by Ramius. BRB.
God of Logntnobg Moddleman yas defeated hq5 MASTER, .ik3, Vyrts to ADVANCE TO level 2 afyet 1 day WOOT!!1q! WOOT@!11!
Stewardess Peraephone gax dwrezted her mzster LOL, Sensei Nietha too advance two LEVEL 11 aftrr 10 days!1! OMG!!1!1
Stagleyans Lon3strirer has defeared his maater, soetof, Vyrrs to aevancd too lefdl 2 aftrr 1 day WOOT!!11!!!!
Trqve;er lolix hws bwen slain 8n FOREST by Mime/ AFK.
"You ,no2, you knwok Ttaveler lolkx r3ally had it coming two HIM agter all those things he said sgo6t MY mom LOL," commen5ed Mime. AFK.
Strwatdwss Perwephine yas sefeated yer master, Dwirefan two advance rso LEVEL 10 after 1) DAYS OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Sge3ardesw Pers3phone HAS been resurrected by Rqmius. WTF.
Stewardess Pefse;none jas been SLAIN in FOREST by Large Griffon.
"KHAQQ calling IrsscaLOL. WE must ve ON yuu LOL, but CANNOT see yiu. BRB. Exca.ubur id ruhning low. BRB."
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