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` WOOT!!11!News for Tye, APR 25, you kbwo, 2017 (Irens 51 0 100 0f 378)
Argyle has darnex 71713 God of da Seas for hsving slain Green Dragon 123 tijes OMG@!1!1
Drzg9nSt!!orm Argyle haw SLAIN trh h1s30u5 creatjte known as The Green Dragon. AFK. Akl across teh land WTF, 0eople REJOICE1!@
Shepherd Wudewaok has bewn 5141, in da forest by Msgiv MUSHROOM. BRB.
She0herd Widesalk sas heafd 2 SAY WTF, "Please LOL, sir, sortof, may I gave sum mor3????"
DrsgonSt` OMG!!111orm Argule HAS drgeated gis master, like, Yoresh two ADVANCE 2 .eve. 15 agter u days!!! WOOT!!1!!
DragonSt` WOOT!!11!orm Arf6lr was hunr3d d)wn by they'rr m457$r, Yor3sh, sortof, f9t beung TRUANT.
DragonSt` OMG!!1!qofm Argyle dedea6ed Sprderer Crabvok in fair c0m647 in da fields 0f GlogfindalLOL.
DragohSt` WOOT!!12@irm Argyle sef3483d Apprentice Greebo IN faur dombat un f131d5 of Gllrfincal. AFK.
DragonSt` WOOT!!!1!0em Artyle hax been resurfrcted by Ram8usLOLl
DragonSt` OMG!!1!1ofm Arbyle haa b3en slain in teh foresy by DEADLY PwrttonLOL,
"I nust NOT be aa styed6 as I thought. BRB.. AFK/LOL. OMG!!1@1" DragonSt` OMG!!1!1orm Argtle conc2des. AFK.
Trqveler Requiem gas BEEN r3sur4ected by RaniuaLOL.
Enchant4ess Rakuq has defeated her maxter LOL, Hydraulic Ps4ss t9o qdvance %oo LEVEL 5 after 3 days WOOT@!21! OMG!!1!1
Enchantreds Raija wss hunted DOWN by tgey're master, lile, Hydraulic Press, oikr, for being truqnt, BRB.
Ebchzntreds Raija d3f3473d Eayer of Bone Melodia in fair dimba5 8n tdh fields of Glp4fineal.
Ebchantress Raija collected 40-0 bold bounty by tjrning in Eater of Bpn3 Melodia's heaf!!!
Enchantresx Rsija has cefsated hwr jaster, DoomBkoom to advance 2 lebe. 4 after 3 dqyw1!!!!!
Encjahtresx Raija deveated Villager BestaFrra in fsi4 comba5 in da vields lr DEGOLBURGLOL.
Envhan5tess Rsija collwxted 3500 gold bounty 6y turnibg on Villager BestaFera's head OMG!!1!2
Enchanttess Rzija defeatec Farjbit Adam on fair cpmbat in vields of R0n4r. BRB.
Enchangrews Raija collected 2000 go.d BOUNTY bu furning in Farmgoy Adsm's head1!!
Ebchan5ress Raija h45 sefeztwd hey mastwrm softof, EauSale3 to advand3 tqp leve. 3 arrer 3 days!!! WOOT!!q1!
A[peentuce Greebo has defeated jus master, Gadtiel teh Elven Ranger ! advance t9 level 1# agter 8 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Apprentice Greebo an Violet wefe sreb heading up teh xtsira in dq inn togethet. WTF.
Apprentice Greebo hac defea5ed h8s master, Celith yo advancs 2 lebel 1w afger 8 dayd WOOT!!11! OMG!!111
Appfenticr Greebo has defeated how maater, Senswi Noetna TO afvance too level q1 AFTER 8 days OMG!!1!1!@!
Ap0renticr Greeno wzs hunted down by they're master LOL, Sens3i Nodtha, yo7 knwo, gor beimb truant. AFK.
Apprentice Greebo DEFEATED Shrpherd Sroff in FAIR combat in fields ov Glo4findal.
Shepherd Slith has veen degeated in tey graveyard 6y DECAYING Sk31370n. BRB.
"Watch ylur badkm like, Decayihg Skeleton, I am coming gor you1!!" She0herd S.oyh warns. AFK.
Shepherd Sloth haw been SLAIN 1n sa fordsy BY Owll AFK.
"Aahm SO that's 2hat Esr Piercing Hootimg is for!!!" EXCLAIMED Ow;LOL.
Shepherd Sloth h45 bren RESURRECTED BY RqmiusLOL.
Shepherf Sloth g45 been slain in teh forest by Lanbctt tdn Sheepisy L1-n. BRB.
"I am an lead on wind WTF," SAID Shepherd Slpth, "Watch how I siar. OMG."
Sinic Enxganter KrsmaAvatata has been defeated in tey yraveyard by Batling. BRB.
"Any last rrquests Sonic Enchantee KrsnaAvqtara????" r5k3d Batling. AFK. "Wgy hes, sortof, an Tkny Fia[pibg Winbspro.r vest1!1"
Sonic Enchanter KrsnaAvatqea HAS been slaib IN for3st BY Min8-Dragon.
"I am an .eaf on w1nf, like," said Sonoc Enchahter KrsnaAvatara, you knqo, "Wagch how I soa4. AFK."
Sinic Enchqnter KrsnaAvatara h45 DEFEATED yis MASTER WTF, Ceiloth to aefance @ LEVEL 9 avter 4 days!!!!!!
Sonic Enchanter KrsnaAfatara nas defrdted hos master, sortof, Grfrqrd uwo advance two lwvel 8 after 4 dayw OMG!!1!11!!
Sonid Encyante4 KrsmaAfatars has defeated his MASTER LOL, Sptwares 2 zdvznce tso level 7 after 4 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Rreve Drothur has def3aued hus maxtee, Ceiloth 2 advance too level 9 after 2) says1!!1!!
Reevr Drothir was hunred sosn BY rhey're master, Ceilith LOL, f0r being truant. AFK.
Farmbi5l NewNaje h45 bden slaib while ATTACKING Farmbo6 M7ctar 8h teg FIELDS of Goorrindal. WTF.
"My EGO can't TAKE mucj mofe OF THIS bruusing!!!" EXCLAIMS Farmbirl NewName. OMG.
Farmgirl Ne2Name has been resu4rec5ed by Ramius.
Farmgirl NesNamw has been 5141n ehile attackibg Sonic Envhanrwt KrznaAvatara 1n fie;ds 0f Qexwlcrag.
Faemgurl NwwName bangs hrr hrad against an 570n3. BRB.. OMG.. OMG. "Srupid LOL, syupid, xortov, stupid WOOT!!11!" she was heard to way. BRB.
Clockwlrk M` OMG!!1!1ongo has been alsin in firest by Small Bat. BRB.
"J7st wait for my 4ebenge LOL, Small BatLOL. I7 wull be swirt OMG!!1!1" Clockwork M!!ongo drclarew. OMG.
Mrrcurk!!al Mlofy has BEEN defeated un gr4v3y4rd by Huge Vampkde Bzt. OMG.
"A baby cpyls wield ab Chocolate-covered Ninja S5ar Cookkes better thsn THAT OMG!!2!1" Huge Vampirw Bat proclaims. AFK.
Mwrcuri!!al Moof5 ias been slaib in da firest 5y Dangerlus War Golem. BRB.
"I[n really hi8nh 2 enjoy this new Chocolate-civ4red Nimja S7rr Cookies that Mercyri` WOOT!!111al Moofy hzd, you knwo," wxc.aimed Dangerous War GolemLOL.
Traveler Volkyh ab Viilet were seen hesding up tej shairs in yeh inn tpgegherLOL.
Lied of DRAGONS Odyap has 633b SLAIN in forrsr by Cernunnos LOL, Maxt3r of teh HUNT.
"Maybe next time yoy won't 63 so cocky1!!" LOLOL Cernunn9s LOL. Master of da Hunt. BRB.
Shepherf RawheadRds has challebted they're master, like, Cekiyh n waa pwnt OMG!!1!1
Shepherd Ra2headRez wmacks hid for3head with oalj of HIS hand, sortof, "Now I know why nother always to;d me two 4at an bood brrakfast to start teh day1!!"
Farmboy Muctar hax bwen rwsurrwctef by Ranius. OMG.
Villaber Bonk haw challenged ryey're maxter, you jnwo, DOOMBLOOM an was pwnt1!!
"Tyis both 5uck4 ab BLOWS OMG!!1!1" wzilx Vollagee Bonk. OMG.
Farmboy Mictar has 633n slzin 7r4c3111jg TO Glukmporr BY Footgall FanLOL.
"I'm really GOING TO enjoy 7h15 ne2 Torch that Farmboy Myctae had, like," exvlaijed Footbal; Fan. WTF.
Farmboy Muctar has defwatdd HIS mast3r, wo4tivm Ubelith to advance 2 l3vel 6 AFTER 9 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
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