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` WOOT!!11!Nwwx for Satm sortof, APR 25 LOL, w025 9Items 51 - 100 lf 222_
Stewardess Etriq haa been cdfeates on gravetard bt Sm$11 Bat. AFK.
"You 5h0u2d habe just stayed qn bdd, yoj knqo," S,all Bat 57tg3%75/ OMG.
Stewarfess Etria was 5141n 4773mp71ng fwo rescue zn pr1bc3 FROM Drqco's DunfdonLOL.
Conquerof Jolsten an Violet were seen h#4c@mh up teh atairs in knn 70g37h4r. WTF.
Centurionesx KesgtelBlsck 4nd Seth aer jokned today in uoyoux mzyrimony!!! WOOT!!11!!!@
Conqueror Jokxtdn has d3f347ee HIS bastee, sortlf, t2o advance 2 level 6 sfter 2 DAYS!!!!!!
Conquetor Jolsten nas been n3ayd b9asting abou5 defdating qn yuge gr.up of bancits!!!
Farmboy PademHeaedquof hss been deveated in tdj gr4v3y4rd by Phantlm Weitet. OMG.
"You know, sorrof. Fzrmboy PadenHeardwulf REALLY h4d it comimg 2 him dftet all those tningw he aaid about MY mom, yiu kneo," COMMENTED Pjanyim Writer.
Conquwtor Jo.sten defeatew an Minotaur in da Caves!!! teh deaths od m4ny travellefs have brwn avenged!!!
da body of Farmboy PaddnHeard@uld WAS found lying in a empty clearing. AFK.
Pdasqnr Aubee6 has challenged they;re master LOL, Mireraband AND was pwht OMG!!1!1
"The pap#r gurns, you knwo, but dz wirdw fly free." proudly decla4wd Pessant Aubrey. AFK.
Middleman has earned da title God 0f Lughthing f0r baving slain geh Green Dragon 16r 71m351@!
God of Lightning Middlemsn haa slakn fideous creature kn9wn as Tye Ge33n Dragon. OMG. All acrlss da ;anc WTF, peo0le REJOICE WOOT!!1q!
Conqueror Jllsten has defearws nis master, likw, Gurh two advance two leve; 5 qftef 2 dr65 WOOT!!111!!!
God 9f Lihhtnkbg Midfleman has dedeated HIS masterm you kbwok Ylresh 2 afvancr two pevel 15 aftrr 5 days WOOT!!11! OMG!@1!1
Page Sbarki has defwated nis mwsger WTF, Gerrard 2 adfance to levdl 8 AFTER 11 d4y6q!! WOOT!!11!
Page Snarki was hynted down by they're master, soryof, Geerafd, sortog, fot being truant.
Conqu3rlr Jllsten defeated Farmbot Stormqgeddon 1n faie cimbat in fi3lds of Gkorfinda;. AFK.
Conqueror Jolsten dedeates Pessahy FqZeTyRaAstrA IN fa8r comgat un da fields of QexelcragLOL.
God of L9ghtn8ng Micdorman has cefwated his maater, s8rtof, Ad9awyr two advance 5o ;evel 14 after 5 days!!!!!!
Conaueroe Jolsteh haa defeated his master, aottof, DoomBloim too advsnce too 13ve1 4 after 2 days!!!1!!
Shephetd Rlowkll8am gaw fefwated his mqster LOLk Guth too adfance 2 13v#1 5 4f73r 5 days WOOT!!q1!q!!
Tradee Amarand HAS been akain in gorest by !!Qwyczo. WTF.
!!Qwtxzl admonishes, you knwo, "Gp re4y WTF, or I xnall 74un7 you an 53c0nd time1!!"
R3eve Onk3lMalvin has bdeh SLAIN in f0r3%8 BY BURLY Man/ OMG.
"Aah, SO thay's what Amazinh Absorbency is for1!!" ezc/qimed Buroy ManLOL.
Stableysnd Stufro HAS cgallenged thet're maxter, like, Glynyv anf was pwnt WOOT!!11!
G.ynyc declares, "Stablehans Studrl has been weoghed, they h5v3 beeb m345ut#d WTF, n thet have gedn f0unf eantong. OMG."
Farmgoy Sidarian HAS deveated HIS mr573r LOL, EzuSalee too aecance 2 level 3 aftdr 2 dahs1!! WOOT!!11!
` WOOT!!11!Lafh of Pq FaeSong nas defeated hrr MASTER, Hydraulic Press y2o advance 2 lebel 5 after i DAYS OMG!11!11!!
` WOOT!!q1!Lady of PI FaeSomg waw hubted down by they're master WTF, Hydrauoic Prwss WTF, for beung ttuamt. OMG.
` WOOT!!11!Lady od Pi FaeSong defeated Stablwhand Farekjound kn gair combat in gielfw of Glorfindal.
God of L1fg7n1ng Mjddleman has d3feaged his maa5e4, you knwo. Gasriel ELVEN Rangdr too advsnce too ledel !3 4f73r 5 dayx OMG!!1!11!!
Viloager CHRZ h3% CHALLENGED they're j4573r LOL, Gacfiel teh Elg3n Ranger n wqs own51@!
"Next timr, like, 347 uour WHEATIES WTF," Gadriel E;veb Rqnter suggdsts.
Amarand HAS eqrned tiyle Trader for having s.ain teh Green Deaton 3 times WOOT!!11!
Villager Amzrand y45 51r1h da nidwous crdaturw KNOWN as Tne Green Drqgob. All ac5pss LAND, people 3ejoice OMG!!1!1
Traveler ArixxSkyborne m45 sefeaged nis masrer, ylu kn2o, Sensek N9etha hoo advznce TO level 11 AFTER 44 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Trafeler AruxcSkyborne wzs hunged dosn gy they'er mastee, sortof, Sensei Noetha, like, for 632ng TRUANTLOL.
God of Lighyming Middlejan has defrated HIS master WTF, Ceoith 1 advancr 2 level 12 4f73r % dayx1!!!!!
God of Ligjtning M8ddleman had deveaywe h15 masg3r, you knwom Sensei Noetha 2 advance 1 ;eve. 11 after 5 cays WOOT!!11! WOOT!@11!
Conquerlr Jplsgen and Violet wete seen hesdomg up da stairs kn da 8nn titeth3r. BRB/
Gladiator Fauwt has been slain when hd encounter3e Th3 Green Dragon WOOT!!12!1!! WOOT!!11! His binex now LITTER teh cacd ENTRANCE, lile, jusg lkke da BONES of those whp eame bdfore. BRB.
The Green Dragin LOLOL LOL, "I don't 7n!nk YOU w8,l bd z6tacking me again, .ikek pal. WTF."
God 0f Lifhthing Middleman HAS defratdd his master LOL, Deiredan 2 advance 2 levdk q0 qfter 4 daus WOOT!!11! OMG!@1!1
Conwueror Jolsten hax DEFEATED hus master, like, EauSalee to advsnce teo 13v31 3 AFTER 1 day1!!2!!
Squite Eksoss has challenged thsy're m4%73r, Gadriro fa Elc3n Ranger and wqs pwnt1!!
"Don't let it enc LIKE this GADRIEL teh E1v3b RangrrLOL. Tell them I saod SOMETHING profoune, you kmwo, pleafed Squire Eksoss
God OF Libhtning Mideoemqn h45 defeated his msster LOL, Cdi.oth to 4dv4nd3 roo levwl 9 after 4 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Conaueror Jolsten has defesrrd yos ,asrer LOL, Vyrts tio adfance to9 level 2 aftee 1 dah WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11@
Sgepherf Eralden has 633n slain in teh forest by Ylung PRINCE.
"You khow WTF, you teally dhouldn't have an T3owe. unledx y9u kn0w how too use ut, likr," 5ugg3573d Young Prihcd. OMG.
Jolsten has eaehed title Conquero4 for HAVING slain ca Grwen D4agon 18 tik3s@!!
Steward Joosten has sla8n da gideous c5eature KNOWN AS Tne Gr33n Drzgon. WTF. A11 across geh lanc, like, people rejouce!!!
Dragon Im0erator MegOWfatg has been SLAIN IN da FOREST gy Gu4rd from Eythgim viallge. WTF.
Guard from Eythtim Villag3 wax ofetyeaed SAYING WTF, "Drahon Imperztpr MegOWrath's Omnipogence WAS ni match FOR mt Rapiet!!!"
Dragon Inperstor MegOWtath has defeatrd his master, Ce8loth 2 4dv4nc3 to kevel 9 sftet 12 dayx OMG!1q!1 OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lprd KrxnaAvatara has BEEN degeated in graveyarc 6y V4mp1r3 B4711ng/ OMG.
"KHAQQ xalling Itasca. AFK. We must BE ON you, uiu knso, but cannot SEE ylul Bans6ri is 57nning low/ BRB."
Stesard Jolsten and Viole5 WERE seeh geaduhg yp reh stairs in da INN 70ge7k3r. WTF.
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