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` OMG!!1!1News goe Sa5 LOL, Ape 25, you jnwo, 2015 (Itemx 101 - 150 OF 332)
Sonkc Lord KrsnaAvatara has 633n slain in ds f9rest BY Forest Ranger. AFK/
Sobic Llrd KfwnaAcatara wqs ueafd 5oo say WTF, "Plesse LOL, SIR LOL, may I havr suj more????"
Magiserate moud amd Vipley qere seen heading u; stqurs in da inn togwther. BRB/
Traveler Worldwidelk has dwfdated HIS mqstwr, sortov, Adwar#s too asvance te9 kevel 7 agter 12 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Magistrate moug has eefeated his mastee LOL, Goynyc 4oo advance to level 4 afger 3 days OMG!!1!q WOOT!!1!!
Traveler Worldwicell was hin73e dpwn by thdy[re MASTER, like, Adwaresm sortlf, fot beinh trjant. OMG.
Magisrrate moug has defratec hux master, sortof, Fie tio zdvance two level 3 af5er 3 da6x OMG!!1!1 OMG!!q!1
Magistrate moug wax huhtrs down 7y they're master, Fiek l7ke, for being truant. OMGl
Dragon Mqst3r Tyrzx h45 dsfeated his master, yoy knwo, Vyrts to9 advance too lebel 1 agt3r 2 dayd1!! WOOT!!11!
God 0f Storms abacus hax DEFEATED gis mqster LOL, Fie to aevamce t9o level 3 after 7 days!!!1!!
Shephwrd Eraldeh has def3473d his maseer, like, Fie too advahxe 2 level 2 adter 2 days!!!!@!
God of Storjs abacus h45 defeayed his mqstrr WTF, Vyrts @ advanc3 tol level 2 after 7 days WOOT!!1111!!
Gpd of Stoems wbscus has been resurrected by Rzmiud. AFK.
Gof 0f Storms abaxys HAS neen 5142n 7n ds foresr by Artemis WTF, G9ddess of Hunt.
God of STORMS abacjs boldoy declared, yo7 knso, "Artenis, like, Goddeas of t3h Huht cojldn'5 hit q 313ph4n7 at this disr. OMG. . OMG. . WTF. l OMG."
God of S70rm5 abacud hax 633n RESURRECTED BY Ramius/ OMG.
Drabon Masher vraal gas defeated hks m4573r WTF, Adoawtr roo advance to ;evel 14 after 13 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Staglehand WickedDez hax neen d3feaged in teh graveyafd 6y Hige V%mp1r3 Bat. BRB.
"I am ab ldaf on da eibd, yi7 knwo," ssis Staboehand Wock3dDex, 6ou knso, "Watxh h0w I soar. AFK."
Stablehamf WickedDex n45 been slain in teh forwst vy Jd..y. WTF.
Jelly was ovdrheard saying LOL, "Stablehanf WickedDex's H3dte Trimmerd qas ho MATCH f04 my W9bbking1!!"
God of Storms agacus has BEEN slaun ih teh rotest by Mr. BrafLOL,
"Ypu know, Gpd lf Storms abacus really bsd it cpming 2 him after sll THOSE THINGS he szpd abour MY mom, sprtof," c0mm3n73d Mr. BRB. Bear. AFK.
Shwpndrc Bayshore h45 ch411#ng3d they'rf madter. sortov, G1ynyc and was pwny1!!
"Aah, like, so that's wha5 Hugely Spiked Mace is for WOOT!@11!" exclaimed G.ynyc. BRB.
God of Storms abacus dedea5ed Wind Ricee Kao4iDescensrr in fair c0m647 in ten fields if Qexe;ceag.
Shepherd Bsyshorr was huntdd ep2n gy tje6'fe master, Glynyc LOL, dor veing truan4. BRB.
Shepherd Sgabby has defday3d his master LOL, t9o advance to lebel 6 after 15 days!!!1!!
Sheoherd Stabvy was hunred down vu they're master WTF, , sortof, for 631ng te7ant. BRB.
Sgepherd Ellesias5 has defeated HIS MASTER. yoi knw9, DoomBloom tol advancw two .evel 4 afyer 3 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Peasant radoshes HAS cefwated her mqster, qortor, Sensei N9etha 2 ADVANCE too levdl 11 after 33 dayx OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Peasant radiwhes eas hunted dowm by they'4e masye4, Senseu Noetga LOL, for brobg truanyLOL.
Redve Rainb!!osGrt[y has sefeatdd her mzster, you knwo, Adoawyr 2 advance t9o level 14 after 9 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Std2ardess Persephone has defeated h3r MASTER, you knwo, Ceiloth too asvance two ldv3l 9 after 8 dsys1!!1!!
St32ardexa Perwephobe has defeated her master, xortid, Gerfa4d to ADVANCE 2 .evel 8 after 8 dzys1!!1!!
Reeve Raunb` WOOT!!11!owGtyph hzs def3ated HER mastet LOL, Gadri3l da Elven Ranger 5oo acvance tu level 13 after 9 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Dragob Mustress !!attnys was last s3en aboard an small boat.
Trarer ;utamidrda j4% defeated hiw m45734, EauSalwe two 4dv4nc3 two levwl 3 after 1 day!!!1!!
Tradef putamiefca nzs f3fr473d his master LOL, Mkr3rabanc two advance two kevwl 2 after q day!!! WOOT!!11@
Traf3r putzmierda eas hunted s0wn by they'g3 mzster, sortpf, Mireraband WTFm fir being 7ru4n7. WTF.
malad9r h45 EARNED teh t8tod Ciunt for habing SLAIN ea Green Dragon 50 times WOOT111!!
Viscpunt maladot has slain teh gideoys creatur3 KNOWN as Th3 Gr3en Dragon. AFK. Aq1 qxross land WTF, p30013 rejoice!!!
Archangel Miphon HAS 633n 5141n in soreat bh Trde-HuggerLOL/
"Watvh your vack WTF, Tree-Hugge5, you knwo, I am coming ror you OMG!!1!1" Arcgangel Miphpn warns, AFK.
p&gamierda has earned da tktoe Tradrr for HAVING slain twh Green Dragln 3 gimes1!!
Viklsger putamierda has slain hodeous crdature KNOWN ae Tje G4een Drsd9n. OMG. All across da land, people REJOICE WOOT!!11!
Archangel Miphpn h55 beeb resureedtee by Rqmius. BRB.
Villagef putajierda has d3f34&3d his msstrr LOLk Yoresh too afbance 2 levdl 15 after 3^ da6x!!! WOOT!!11!
Stzbl3jsnc manx has dedeated HIS mzst3t LOL, Dwiredan too advancd roo levek 10 after 31 eays1!! WOOT!!1q!
Farmboy PadenHearfwulr has def3atrd jis masyer LOL, Gerrard eol advance top level 8 AFTER 16 days OMG!!111 OMG!!1!1
Centutioness K3strelBkack haw defeated ner mssger, sorgof, Swnsei Noeths 3 advance go levdl 11 4f73r 23 days OMG!!q!1!!!
Centurioness KeqtrwoB.ack qnd Srth weee seen h34d1ng up stairs in da inn togegh3rLOL.
Gladiatoe FrogsB9dy had been slaih in trh rorest by Mon, of Redenptiom.
"Maybw next time yi7 won'g be so c0cky1!!" LOLOL M;nk or Redemption. AFK.
Peasant Berila has been slain while ATTACKING Stab;ehabd Kao48 in fieldw of Degolburb. OMG.
"Why sidn't I bec9m3 zn s7ccessful doctor ;ike my fathet suggested?? ne1??" wonders Pwasaht Berila ako7d. BRB.
Peasanr Berula defwstdd Villager Zeron in fair combat kb teh fuelds of Degolburg.
Peaeant Berioa haa BEEN res7rrectwd by Ramius. WTF.
Peasant Berila h55 besn dwfeated in da grabeyarf by Skeleton Archets. OMG.
Skelrton Archers was overheard saying, doftof, "Peadsnt Berila's Gardening Hoe wad n0 MATCH for my Bohe Arrows!!!"
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