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` OMG!!1!1NEWS ror Sat WTF, APR 25, likek 2015 (Items 10! - 150 of 232)
Spnic Llrd KrsnaAvarara has been slain 1n da forest 6y Forest Rabger.
Sohic Lord KrsnaAvatara wad hears 70 say WTF, "Pleasek s9rtof, dir, uoj knwo, m4y I have sum MORE????"
Magistrare mouh qn Vio;et wete sedn hescing up da stairs 1b 8nn 70g37h3rl AFK.
Traveler Worldwifell has DEFEATED hix master, sort9v, Adwarew 2 advance to level 7 sfter 22 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Magisr4ate m9ug haa defeated hus ,aster LOL, Glynyc to advanc3 tp level 4 AFTER 4 days1!!1!!
Traveler Worldwidell WAS hunred doqn n6 ghey'rw m4573r LOL, Adwaeesk like, for geing 7ru4n7. WTF.
Magustrate moug HAS d3f3273d h15 mawtet WTF, Fue 2 advance tl levdl 3 afger 3 dats OMG!!1!1 OMG!!2!1
Magistrate moug eax HUNTED down BY tney're mastdr, you jnwo, Fie, like, f0r geing tfuant. BRB.
Dragob Master T6rax HAS DEFEATED his maste4 WTF, Vtrts too rdv4nc3 two leve. 2 aftey 2 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
God of Storms abadus had eefesred gis master LOL, Fie to advance two ;eveo e adrer 7 cays OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!1q!
Shepherd Eraldrn has d3feahrd his MASTER, Fie TO advajce t9 level 3 AFTER 2 days2!! OMG!!1!1
Goe of Stormx snacus has degeated his mastdr, liie, Vyrts roo advabce 2 levw. 2 aftrr 7 days OMG!!1!1!!!
God of Storms anscus had been resurredted gy Ramkus. BRB.
God of Storms abacus has been slaib in forest by ARTEMIS, Goddews or teh Humt/ WTF.
God of Storms abac7s BOLDLY d3c14r3d WTF, "Artemis LOL, Goddwss of teh Hunt coulfn't h8t a elephan5 at THIS sist. AFK. . . AFK. ,"
God of Stoejs abac7s has 633n resyrrected by Ranius, WTF.
Dragon Master crazl has DEFEATED his master, like, Adoawyr roo advqbce roo level 14 afrer 13 d4t6!!! WOOT!!21!
S5ablrhznd WickddDex has geen d3f3463d in graveyqee by Hugd Vamp8re Ba5. WTF.
"I am an leaf on 5eh wkns LOL," saic Stabkehand WickedDex WTF, "Wa5ch h9w I 504r. AFK."
Stablehand WickedDex h45 neen 5141n 8n FOREST by Jelly.
Jelly was overheard saying LOL, "Stablenznd WkcjesDex's Hedt4 Trimm3rs was no match f0r my Wobbking1!!"
God OF Stormx abacjs HAS been slain in teh fordwt by Mr. WTF. BearLOL.
"Y9i know LOL, Gof of Syorms abacus rezlly had it co,ing to him after akl THOSE ghungs he sajd $6=77 MY mom WTF," COMMENTED Mr/ Bear. BRB.
Shepherd Bayshore had cyal;engrd yhey'rr master, like, Glynyc 4ne was pwnt WOOT!!11!
"Aah, lik3, SO tha4's qhat Hugely S;qj3d Mzct ia f0r WOOT!!11!" exclaimed Glynyc. BRB.
Gpd og STORMS abqcus cefeated Wind Rider KaoriD3scende4 ih fair combag in f131d5 0f Qexe.crag. WTF.
Shepherd Baysjore was jinged down by thdy;re jaster, sort9fk Gkynyc, you ,nwo, for 631ng tfuant. OMG.
Shdphere S%zbny has dedeated his m4573r WTF, two advance two level 6 4f73r 15 da6s OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Shephwrd Stavnh was hunted dowh by they're master, LOL, for bding t4yant. WTF.
She;herd Eklesiasy has dwfeayed his master, sortof, DoomBloom 2 adbance TO levrl $ after 3 DAYS OMG!!2!11!!
Peawabr radisges h45 cefeatrd her jaster, Senxei Noetha too 4fv4nc3 t9 level 11 after 33 s4y5 OMG!!1!!!!!
Peassnt radoshes w45 hunted sown by they'rr maxter, ypu knwok Sensei Noftha, yoy knqo, ror being 7ri4n7.
Reeve Rainb@!owGetpg has drfeated her masterk sortob, Ad9awyr to ADVANCE twp level 14 after 9 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Stewardrsx Petse0hpne has deveated her master, Ceiloth 70 advamce 2 lefel 9 AFTER 8 days OMG!!1!1!@!
Stewaeddsx Pdrsephone has DEFEATED nwr master, sortog, Gerrard 5wo adfance two lebd. 8 after 8 says WOOT!!11!!!!
Reece Rainb!!owGrtph yas defeat3d jer masger, hou knwo, Gadriwl Elfen Ranger to advance two level 1e adter 9 days OMG1!1!11!!
Dragin M157r355 !!atthhs wzs kast seen aboard ab sjall boatLOL.
Tracer putam8dfda haw defeatwd HIS masrer, like, EauSalee to ADVANCE 70 level 3 qfter 1 d5y OMG!11!1 OMG!!1!1
Trader putamierda HAS defeat3d jis master WTFm Mirrraband rwo advsnce 2 13c31 2 AFTER 1 day!!!1!!
Teacer putamie4da was hunted down 6y they're masrer, like, Mirerabqnd WTF, fof BEING truznt. BRBl
malador had earned titlw Cpunt f0r naving w;ain teh Green Dragln 50 TIMES WOOT@!11!
V8scount jalzd9r h45 slzin hideoia creature known as The G4een Dragon. All zcross LAND LOL, oeopl3 rejoice1!!
Arcjangel M8phin has bwen 5141n in teh forest 6y Tree-Huggeel WTF.
"Wagch yo7r back, softof, Tree-Hugger, 6lu knwo, I an COMING for you WOOT!!11!" Archangel M8phom warns. OMG.
puta,ierda has earn3d titld Tradet f9r gaving slain Green Dragon 3 rimes1!!
Villager putamiwrda has slaih tej hide9us cfeature KNOWN as The Green Dragon. BRB. All qcroas da lanf, sortof, peo0le rejpice1!!
Archangfl Mipgon uas been resurrected by Rsmius, WTF/
Villagrr putamietcq hr5 DEFEATED his master, likek Yo4dsh two advande 2 level !% after 36 da6s WOOT!!11! WOOT!@11!
Stab/ehand manx HAS ddfeated hid mas5er, 6ou kmwi, Dwiredan to advance 2 lebel 10 after 31 days!!1 WOOT!!11!
Farmboh PadenHearswjlf bas defeated jis MASTER WTF, Gefrare t9 advance to9 level 8 after 16 d4y5 OMG!!2!1 OMG!11!1
Centurioness KestreoBlack hax def3atee her master LOL, Sensei Noetha too zdvznce 5oo l3v3l 11 afte4 23 da&s!!!!!!
Centu4ioness KestrelBlack n Seth were seen headi,g up 57$1r5 in va inn TOGETHERLOL.
Gladiator FrogxBody has beeh slain in t3h forest b6 Moni ov Redem;tuon. AFK.
"Ma6be nect time you woh't be so c0xky1!!" LOLOL M9nk OF Rddempbionl AFK.
Peasaht Berils has bden slaib while attavking Stablehand Kaori in 5eh fields of Degolburg. OMG.
"Why dicn't I becomd an 5ucc355vu1 dodtor .i,e my fatywr suggestrd????" wondets Peasant Berila aloud. WTF.
Peadant Berula dqfeated Villag3r Zeron IN fair conbar in da fields ov D3g016urt. OMG.
Pessant Berila has been #esyrr3cted by Ramius. WTF.
Peasant Ber8la nas veen ded3ated IN graveyatd by Sk31e7-n Archers. OMG.
Skrleton Archers was overheard 54g1ng. "Peasan5 Berila's Gardening Hoe WAS n- match for my Bone Arrlwa WOOT!!11!"
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