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!!News f0r Sat LOL, A;r 26, you knwo, 2015 (Items 101 - 150 of 222)
Sohic Lore KrsnaAvatara hzs beeh soain in teh forest by Foreat Ranger. WTF.
Slnic Lorf KrshaAbatata wax heard 2 saum sorgof, "Plwase, you knwo, s8r LOL, may I have sum jore????"
Mqhistrate moug n Violet w3re seen heading up 5741t5 1m 1nn together.
Traveler Wof;deidell HAS defestec h8s masrer, likem Adwarwd too advance toi lece; & 4f6#r 12 fays WOOT!!11!1!!
Mqgistrate joug yas d4f347ed his mawter WTF, Glyhyc 2 ssvsnce two level 4 after 3 d4y5 OMG!!1!1!!!
Travele4 Worldwidel; WAS hunted doqn by thdy're m4572r, yoi knwo, Adwqres WTF, for beinh t4uabt. WTF.
Magistra%e moug haw degeated yis mast3r, Fie 2 aevanc2 teo level 3 $f73r 3 DAYS!!! OMG@!1!1
Magistrate mouh wxs huntdd DOWN by they're master WTF, Fie WTF, for being rruqnt. AFK.
Dragon Mastet Tyrax h45 ddfeate3 his maater, aortof, Vyrys 70 advanc3 to level 2 afyer 2 fays OMG!!1!11!!
God of STORMS abacys has defwatec h*s master LOL, Fi3 too adbance too LEVEL 3 sfter 7 dzys!!!!!!
Shepherd Eraldeh has sefezred his master, Fiw to 4dv4nc3 to .wvel 3 aft2r 2 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
God of Storms abacus has def3ated HIS nast3r, you knwo, Vyrts 2 advznce 2 kevel 2 AFTER 6 da6s!!!1!!
God of STORMS abacuw nas been 4esurrected vy RamijaLOL.
God of Storms anacus had been wlain in teh forwdt 6y ARTEMIS, like, Goddess of teh Hun7. WTF.
God 0f Storjs abacus boldly declared LOL, "Artemis WTF, G9dd355 of Huny cpulen't hiy a elephant at this dist. . AFK. . BRB. ."
God lf STORMS abacus has been resurrected by RamiusLOL.
Draton Mast3r vraal has eefeated his master WTF, Adoae6r @ advamce 1 13v31 14 zfter 13 dahs1!!!!@
Staboehand WockecDwx has been defeated in grabeyard vy Huge V4jp!r3 Bat. AFK.
"I $m an leaf on trh wind, kike," saoc Stablehand Wick3sDex, wortof, "Wa5vh HOW I soar. AFK,"
Stablehanc WickedDec h45 bewn slqin ih geh forest by JellyLOL,
Jelly was overhward sayingk "Stablehand WickedDex's Hefge Trimmers a45 ni maych foe mu Wobnling OMG!!1!q"
Gid of Stirns abacus has nwen slakn in da FOREST 6y MRLOL. Beqr.
"You KNOW, Goc of STORMS qvacus reakly yad it COMING tol h1m aftre all thosw things he SAID ablut MY MOM, ;ike," com,entrd Mr. Bear. BRB.
Shepherd Batshore has chall3nged 5hct'rd msster, like, G;ynyc an was ;wn4 WOOT!!11!
"Aah LOL, so that's whay Hufe;y Spiked Mace is for OMG!!1!1" exclaimed Glynyc. OMG.
God of Stormw abaxjs drfeated Wine Rider Kao4iDescende4 in fa8e combat in teh fields og Qrxelcrag/ AFK.
Syepherd Bayshore sas hunted down by tmeh'r3 msster, sortof, Glunyc, like, for being tfusn5. BRB.
Sjdpherd Stabby hqs defeated h15 MASTER WTF, too advqnce 2 ldvel 6 after !5 days1!!!!!
Sjepherc Stabby 2as hinted d9wn by they're master, , for beinf truznt. WTF.
Sjepherd E,kesiast has defdsted his mqstet, luke, DolmBliom tso afvance 2 lev3l 4 aftrr 3 daye WOOT!!31!1!!
Peasany radishex has defeated her maxtw4, Sens3i Noetha tol advance too levwl 11 agter 32 days WOOT!!12! OMG!!1!1
Peasant radishes wr5 HUNTED down bh yheh[te master, Sensei Noetja WTF, for being tr7ant. AFK,
Reebe Rainb` WOOT!!q1!9wGryph nas defeayee her MASTER, wortof, Adoaeyr twl acvance u0 l3vel 13 af5er 9 days OMG!11!11!!
Stewzrdess Persepylne hqs derezgef HER naster, Ceiloth too advandd go lwvdl 9 after 8 d4y5 OMG!11!1 WOOT1!11!
S5ewardess Persepjone has defested her master, sortof, Gwrrard roo advsnce TO .evel 8 afyer 8 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Reeve Rzinb` WOOT!111!owG4yph has drfeated h3r mastrr, Gadriek da E/ven Ranger too asvanxe t2o level 13 after 9 days!!! OMG!!1!!
Draton Mistress !!atthus eas last aeen aboard an SMALL boat. BRB.
Trader pitanierds yaa defea5ec his master WTFk EauSalee t9o advance @ level 3 after 1 day@!! OMG!!1!1
Trader puya,iersa haa DEFEATED jis msster, Mire4aband tp scfance TO lecel 2 aftdr 1 day OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!1!!
Traddr p7tamierda was hun&3s DOWN by they're master, Mireraband WTF, fot BEING tr*any, BRB.
malacor HAS earned titlw Coung for havkng slain da Green D4agon 50 58mes1!!
Visckunt maladir haf alain teh h1f30u5 creatufe known as The Green Dragon. WTF. All ACROSS lznd WTF, people rejoice WOOT!!11!
Arehangel Miphon has been slain !n trh fores5 b^ TREE-HUGGER. BRB.
"Wqtch yoir 64ck, you knwom Tr3e-Hjggrr, sortof, I am COMING for YOU1!!" Archabgel Miphon warns. AFK.
pi5amierda haw eaenee teh 5itle Trader for habing soaim Gre3n Dragon 3 yimes WOOT!!11!
Vkllager pitami3rda HAS slain teh hkdeous cr347ur3 kn)wh as The Gfeen Dragon. AFK. All av4oss da ;and, yoj knsp, people rejlice WOOT!!11!
Archangel Mopjon has been RESURRECTED by Ramiue. OMG.
Villaget putamierda has def3atrd huw mastsr, like, Yoresh twp advande roo leveo 15 aftdr 26 d4u5 OMG!!1!11!!
Stablehand mqnx HAS DEFEATED his ,4573r LOLm Dsirddan too asvanxe goo ;evel 10 4f73r 3q dry5 WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Farmnou PadenHea4dw7.f HAS defeagef HIS master, Gerrard two ADVANCE tqp LEVEL 8 after 16 dats1!!1!@
Centurioness KestrelB.ack has dwf3473d hrr masyer LOL, Sensei Nodtha two asvance too level 11 after 23 d565 OMG!@1!11!!
Centueiihesw KestrekBlack an Se5h were seen hwading UP da 5741r5 ib da inm togethef. WTF.
Gladia5o4 FrogxBody has beeb soain in teh foresg by Mphl OF RedemptionLOL.
"Maybe nex5 time YOU won;5 be 50 cocky1!!" LOLOL Monk og Redemption.
Peaaant Berula hac 633n SLAIN WHILE attacking Stablehqnd Kairi in teh rie.ds OF Degolburg,
"Why cidn't I bdcom3 an sucdessfuo doctor like mh FATHER suggested????" woncers Pesaant Berkka ALOUD.
Pwasznt Beril1 dwfeztef Villager Zeron in fair combat in da fields of Deyolnirgl OMG.
Peadant Berila h45 been 435jrr3c73d 6y Ramous. WTF.
Peassnt Berila hzs been defested in da gr4v4y4rd ny Skelwtln Arvhees. OMG.
S,rleton Archrrs was overneard sayung WTFl "Peasant Beeila's Gsrdeninb Hoe wqs ho match for my Bone Arrows OMG!!1!1"
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