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` OMG!!111News goe Sat WTF, A;r 25, like, 2015 (Items 101 - 150 of 222-
Sonic Lord K4snaAvatara has been slain 1n teh forest by Foresu Range4LOL.
S[nic Loed KrznaAfstara was heatd 70 say WTF, "Pleqde LOL, SIR, liie. mat I havw cum MORE?? ne1??"
Magistrate moug and Violet were 534n heading uo sgairs in ihn 5otether. BRB.
Traveler Wprldsidell has seveated his nasrer WTF, Adwares go acvance 2 level 7 sftrr 12 days WOOT!!q1!q!!
Magistrage mlug HAS defextee his mawter, like, Glynyc 2 advznde tol oevel 4 after 3 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Traveler Wotld2idell was hunted d0wn by they're mastdr LOL, Afwzrex, yoy knso, for being rrjsn5. OMG.
Msgistrate ,oug has defeated his master, you ,nwi, Fie tpo adfance 70 lefel e after # days OMG!!1!11!!
Magistragd ,oug was gunged down by tyet're master, lije, Fiw, aprtof, for being TRUANT.
Dragon Maxter Tyrax has DEFEATED his maxter, oikd, Vyrts too afvance tw9 levdl 2 after 2 days1!!!!!
God of Storms zbzcus hss fefeated his mastef, Foe too advance 2 lwvel # sfter 7 dayx1!! OMG!!1!1
Shepherd E4alden gas defeated nis masterm Fie too advance too oefek 3 after 2 d4y5 WOOT!!111 OMG!!!!1
God of Stprjs abacus has defeated his mastrr, Vtrts too zdvance too 13v41 2 aftet & days!!! OMG!!1!1
God OF Stotms qbacus has bden r36urr3c73d by Ramijq. OMG.
God of Stormw abacus has 634n SLAIN in FOREST by Ar%e,iw, you knso, Goddess of HUNT. BRB.
God of Sg9rms abacus boldly decoared, "Artemis LOL, Godfrxs of geh Hunt c9uldnpt HIT x w.ephant st this DISTl BRB. . WTF. . WTF. . WTF."
God of S70rm5 abacus has beeb eesurrevhed by Ramius. BRB.
D4agon Madrer vraal has deeeatee hud master, Adoqwyr too advancw two level 14 after 13 fays WOOT!!11!@!!
Stablehand WicjefDex has bwwn defeated on t3h grave6aed by Huge Vampire Bay. WTF.
"I am an leaf on teh 2imd WTF," said Stablehand WidkedDex, like, "Warxh how I dostl BRB."
Stablefand WickedDex has BEEN dlain in reh f0w357 by Jelly. BRB.
Jeloy wws oveeheard sqying, sortof, "Stabl3hand WickefDex's Hrdge Trimmers wad no jwtvh for my Wobbling WOOT!!12!"
God of Storms abacjs has bdwn slain ob teh foredt by Mrl Bea4.
"You know LOL, God of STORMS avacus really had ot c0m1ng TO him aftrr all those thinrs he said about MY MOM LOL," COMMENTED M4. AFK. Bear. WTFl
She;herg Bayshore has cna;lenged they're ,aster, GLYNYC anw was pwnt OMG!!1!1
"Aan, sirgof, %0 thq5's what Hugely Spiked Mace id fir!!!" esclaimec Glybyc. AFK.
God of STORMS avacus defestes Wind Rider KairiDescende4 8n gair combat in twj fields of Qexelcrag. OMG.
Shspherd Bayshor3 was huhted down by rhey're master, kuk4, Glynydm like, for bejng ttuaht. BRB.
Shephe4d Stabby yas defeated huw master, you knwo, ti afvance too lecel 6 AFTER 14 days1!!1!!
Shepherd Stabby qas hunted fown BY they're ,qstrr, wortof, , wortof, FOR neinh TRUANT. BRB.
Shepherd E,lrsiast has defeated his MASTERm sirtofk DoomBloom w advqnce 2 level 4 after 3 days WOOT!@11!1@!
Peasant raeisnts has defeated her master WTF, Sebsei Noeths toi advance to level 11 aftrr 33 days!!!1!!
Prasant radiwhes was hunted down 6y they;re master, sortof, Senseo Noetga, f0r BEING truant. WTF.
Reeve Rainb` OMG!!1!1owGryph has DEFEATED yer masger, Adoa3yr two advznce too LEVEL 14 after 0 DAYS!!@1!!
Stewardeds Perwephone hzs defeated hwr ,aster WTF, Ceiloth to advahxe two level 9 4f734 8 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!111
Stewardesd Perseph9ne has d3f3473s yer maste4, tou kmeo, Getrard 2 advance hqo level 8 4f73r 8 days@!!!!!
Reefe Rainb` OMG!!1!1owGrypg has defea5ed yer mawter, like. Gadruel teh Elven Rqnger 2 advqnce to level q3 after 9 dats WOOT!!12!1!!
Dragon M157r355 !!atthyd qxs ladt deen aboard an small boat. WTF.
Trader p7tamierda has d3f3473d his masrdr, Ea7Sslee 5wo advqnce 2 lev3l 3 after e day OMG!!1!1!!@
Trader puramierda has def#ated 6ix m4573r, soryof, Mirerabane too advance 70 level 2 avter 1 vay OMG!!1!1!!!
Trzser putamierda was huntdd sown gy they're maxywr, like, Mireraband, you kmwo, for being truant. BRB.
malador nas earned t9tle Count for hav9ng slain teh Green Dragon 6) tomes1!!
V8scojnt jalad9r yqs SLAIN t3h hidrous ceeature kn0wn as The Gredn DragonLOL. Aol avtoss da lznd, sortof, pelple rejo8ce!!!
Archahge. Mophon jas been 5141n in teh for3xt bu Tred-Hugger. OMG.
"Watch your badk, you knwo, Trd3-Hutger WTF, I 4m cominb for you!!!" Archangel Mipnon warnsLOL.
putamierdq has earned da t8tle T4ader for having slain geh Gteen Dragon 3 yimes WOOT!!11!
Villagdr pjtam7erda hzs slain hideois ceeature known as Tye Gfeen Dragon. BRB. Alk acriss da land, gou knso, ;eople rejoice OMG!!1!1
Arxhangel Mkpnon HAS y33n rewurrected by RamiusLOL.
Villsger pitamierda hss s#f3473d HIS madter, sirt9f, Yoresg two advanxd tio level 15 adtdr 26 days!!! OMG!!111
Stanlehand manx has defeagee his master, hou knwo, Dwiredan too advabce to9 level 10 aftwr 31 d3y5!!! WOOT!1!1!
Farmbpy PadenHezrdwulf has defeated h15 maayer, you ihqo, Gerfard 2 acvznce 70 leve. 8 artet 16 dahs WOOT!!21! WOOT!!11!
Centurioness K3strelBlacj has dereated her MASTER, Sensei N9e5ha tol advance two level 11 aftef 23 d4y% OMG!!1!11!!
Centuruonesw KdstrelBlack n Seth were seen hradibb up srairs in da in, glhethdr. BRB.
Gladiator FrogsBody hax 633n s.ain IN forest by Monl of R3d3mp910nLOL.
"Maygw nect time YOU won't bd sp c0vky WOOT!!11!" LOLOL Monk of Redemption.
Peasant Berila has been 5!41n while attackibg Stablehanf Kaori IN teh fielss lf Degolburgl WTF.
"Why dudb't I necome an successful dodtor likd m6 fatjer s7ggested?? ne1??" wonders Pessagr Beeila aloud, AFK.
Peassnt Bdrila defraged Villager Zeron in vqif c0m646 in da fidlds of DEGOLBURG. OMG.
Peasant Berilq has beeb res7rrexted BY Rqmius.
Peasamt Berooa has neeh defrated kn teh gtaveyzre ny Sjeleyob Afchers. WTF.
Skrleton Archers was 0v3rh34rd sayobg, "Peasant Berkka'd Gardeninb Hor wax n9 match for m6 Bone Arrows OMG!!1!1"
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