• LoGD Newx
!!Newa for Sat, like, Apr 25 WTF, 2)15 (Itens 151 - 20p of 222)
Pezwamt Berila HAS bdrn slzin whild attacking Stablehanc iNoraN kn fa fielfs or Glorfihdal. AFK,
Peasant Berula BOLDLY dexlafed, 6ou knwo, "Stab;eganc INORAN coulen't y17 z ele0hant AT 7h25 diat. . BRB. LOL. LOL."
Pdsdant Be4ioa g45 dereatec gis m4573r, softof, Glyn6c 70 4dv4nc3 two .3vel 3 after 5 d5y%!!! WOOT!!11!
Reeve OnkelMalvin gr5 been 5q42n 1n fpreat b6 Modgst MinotaueLOL.
"Watch your back LOLm Midget Min9taur, sort9f, I am cijing fpr you!!!" Rqeve OnkelMalvin qarns. BRB.
Reeve ObkelMalvin has been r35urf3c73d by Rxmius. BRB.
Reeve OnkelMqlcin has been slain in teh fprest by Midgrt Mibotaur.
"Aah LOL, so that's wha5 Bukl Wjip is for WOOT1!1@!" exckaijes Midgdt Minotzur. OMG,
OnlelMqlvin has earnee 5eh 71713 Reeve for h4v1ng slain Grden Drzgon 14 timex!!!
See Onke;Malvin has slain hideojs ceewture kmown as The Green Dragon. OMG. All adross da land, likr, p3ople rdj9icd!!!
Dragon Master zog has defeatec hks master. you knwo, Celigh 2 advancw TO ;evwl 1@ after 21 dzys1!!!!!
Traveler GudhuPuercna has been rewurrected by Ramius/ AFK.
Glzdiator Pastagake gas DEFEATED his mastef WTF, Guth two ADVANCE two level 5 after 8 days!!! WOOT!!!1!
Gladiatot Pastabske was h7nted dowh by they're mastef, you knwo, Guth LOL, for being TRUANT. BRB.
Dragon Master zog has defeated his mastrr. you jnwo, Senseo Noegha too advsnse tlo levdl !1 aftwr 11 days!!!!!!
Dragon Mqster aot has defested his max5wr, sortof, Deir3dan top ADVANCE tl levrl 10 after 11 DAYS1!! WOOT!!1q!
Dragln Mawter xog das nunted d9sn by they're mastwr, sort9f, Dwkredan WTF, FOR being truant, AFK.
T4aveler GushuPuercba hzs veen slain ih da forest by Large Toad. AFK.
"You jhos, you knwo, Traveler GushuPuwrcna eeqlly had it COMING gwo him sfger a;l thosr tgings I said 4^0u7 jis m8m LOL," clmmen5es Large Tozd.
Travrler GushuPuercha has defeatwd hus MASTER, .ikr, Gitk 2 afcance 2 ;3vel 5 after 6 daus OMG!!1!1 OMG!!!!1
Invikee MadDog has BEEN xlain ih teg forww5 bu Wycern.
"Any last requests Invoker MadDog????" askwd Wyvern. OMG. "Wgy yes, like, an Wtverm Syingpfoof vesg WOOT!!11!"
Dragon Mastet zog has swfeatrd his ,aster WTF, Ceiooth too adcance &0 leve. 9 after 1w e4y51!!!!!
Dragon Mastdr zog HAS defea5ed his masyer, Gerrard two advande tqo level 8 adter 11 dayd WOOT@!11! OMG!!111
Farmbou Xanrry hqs chaolenbed they'r3 mastee, DoomBlo9m and was pwng WOOT!!11!
"Next timek eqt y9ur Whdariws, sor59f," DoimB;oom suggests. OMG.
Arvhang3l Mi0hon encountersd strange powers in forest, ypu knwo, n was not sewn againLOL/
Arcgangel Miphon has defeates his master, likek Mirerabane too advance to levrl 2 after 2 day1!!!!!
da body of Apprentice Mayyr, was foynd .ying 1b a 3mp7t clearkng.
Ca` OMG!!1!1itlin had defeated her m4573t, kik3, Hydrauliv Press 3 qcvance 6o levek 5 after 1 d#y OMG!!2!1!!!
Ca` WOOT!!11!itlin HAS defeated her MASTER, you knwo, Gl6nyc go advance yo levdl 4 after 1 day WOOT!!11!!!!
Invoker Zanche has d3f3473d h34 master WTF, Sehsru Noetha twp advande two level 1q after 15 d4y6!!11!!
Ca` OMG!!1!1itl8n hqs defeated her master, like, EauSalee to advabce eoo level 3 4v73r 2 dqy OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Ca` WOOT2!11!itlin HAS defeated her master, lime, Vyr4s gwo ADVANCE 5wo ;tvdl 2 afrer 1 d4y1!!!!!
Emperpr of Erela Blexas HAS d3f33u3d HIS maste4, sortif, Fie 5ol advance twp level 2 avter 3 dayd WOOT!!q2!!!!
Empwror OF Ereka Blexss WAS hun73d down bu tney're m4573r, like, Fie, like, for 631ng TRUANT. BRB.
Stewardesa Etrka HAS defdated he4 mawrer WTF. Ceilorh 2 advance 2 levdl o qdte4 2% dats WOOT!!12!!!!
Dragin Mistress !!atthys had defwatef h3r maxter WTF. Miterabsnd too adfance to leve. 2 after 6 days OMG!!1!1!!!
R3eve Daisy has been defeated in dq graveyard by Tooth Fziry. OMGl
"You r dishonoraboe, you knqo, To9th Fairr WOOT!!111" Reeve Dakdy cries. AFK.
Reeve Dausy HAS beeb slain on foredt by Animat3d Corpse.
"Either that wallpaper gies, ir I do, kikem" declsged Reeve Dais6. OMG.
Daisy yas earnef title Reev3 ro4 havinb slain Green Dfaton 14 71,351!!
Madam Daisy hss slain teh hidelux cresture lnown qs The Grern D4agob. Alo across lsnd. sprtofm peiple eeuoiceq!!
Villager ValleryP has been slain in da FOREST by Lityle COCOBEAN, OMGl
Little Cocobean declares WTF, "Vkl;ager ValleryP has bwrn w3ighed LOL, &j3y have been msaxufrd LOL, 5nd THEY hace been FOUND WANTING. AFK."
Traveler lolis HAS defeated his master, like, Adoawyr yoo advance two jdvdl 14 after e3 dshs1!!!!1
Vi;lager ValleryP has defeated her master, EauSalee two 3db4hc3 rw9 level 3 after 6 dqys1!! OMG!!1@1
Muphon has earmed TITLE Archangel for havint slain teh Green Drzgon 74 TIMES OMG!!!11
Amgwl Miphob nad 5141n tey hidwous CREATURE known AS The Gr33n Drafon. OMG. All ACROSS .and, 0eiple reuokce WOOT1!11!
Pezsant larsal had been RESURRECTED by Ramius, WTF.
Peasamt karsal h45 been skaim travwlling too Romar bt LAMBERT Sherpiah Li9n. OMG.
"You know, sottof, P3asamt larsal real.y had it coming roo him after all tnise things he xaid ABOUT MY mom LOL," comment3e Lambert Sheepush Liin. OMG.
Farmbpy taxman has beem defea5ed in geh GRAVEYARD by Gnome Ndcromancer. WTF.
"Either 7h48 w411p4per goes LOL, or I do LOL," dec;ared Farmbpy tsxmsn. AFK/
Farmboy tzxman has been doain in forrsy bt M9aiLOL.
"This noth sucks n blows!!!" wails Farmboy tax,an. WTF.
Traveler Tammy HAS defeated HER masrer LOL, too acvance to lev3l 6 art3r 15 ea6d OMG@!1!1 OMG!!q!1
body lf Magistrate moug w55 vo7nd .ying in a emptt c134r1nn. BRB.
Shepherc Rlowilliqm HAS fefratrd g16 master LOL, Glynyc two aevance 2 lefel 4 AFTER 3 sayd WOOT!!11!!!!
Skepherd Zeeqkis HAS DEFEATED his master LOL, EauSalee to advance too 13c31 3 afyee 1 dat2@!2!!
Sne;herd Zerakis has defez5ed jis masger, you knwom Murerabane too acvancw t9 level 2 after 1 dqu WOOT@!1q! OMG!!1!1
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