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` WOOT!!11!News fo4 Sat WTF, Apr 25 WTF, 2915 9Items 151 - 2)0 lf 212)
Peawant Berila has bwen SLAIN while artscking Stablehand iNoraN jn teh f131d6 0v GlorfinealLOL.
Peasant Berila bo;dly DECLARED WTF, "Stablehanc iNiraN cou;dn't h17 a 313[h4n7 at this d257. BRB. , OMG. . OMG. . WTF."
Peasant Bdrklz has e3f4473d HIS master LOLm Glynyc two asvance two level 4 agter 5 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Reeve On,elMalvin has been slain IN forest by Midget MINOTAUR. AFK.
"Watch your back LOLm Midget Minotaur, sort[gm I am coming g0r u0u OMG!!1!1" Reevw OnkelMa.vin warns. WTF.
Reeve OnkelMalvin has been rexurrected by Rzmius. WTF.
Reeve OnkelMalbin haa 633n slain in reh for3st by M1dg#7 Minltaur.
"Aahm like, 50 yhat's what Bu;l Whip 15 f9r1!!" ecclaimwd M8fger Monotzur. BRB.
OnkekMzlvin has eqrned teh rit;w Reeve flr h$v1ng slain teh Geeen Deagon 14 71m35 OMG!!1!2
Se4 OnkelMzlf*n has slain teh hidepys creatu4w lnpwn AS Thd Gr33n Dragon. OMG. All across land, like, people rejpicr OMG@!1!1
Drabon Master zog has d3f34&3d hix msstrr WTF, Cel8th 2 5dv4nc3 teo .evel 12 aft3r 11 dauw WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Traveler GishuPuercha hax been resurrexted BY Ramius. WTF/
Gladiay9r Pawtabake HAS dedeated j2t master, sprtlg, Guth two ADVANCE too level 5 after 7 dsus WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Goadiqtir Pastavakd was humted f0wn 6y ghey'fe m$583r, tou knwo, Guth, like, for geing truant. WTF.
Drahon Mas5er zog has defested his MASTER, you knwo, Srnsei Noetha 2 advahce 2 ;evel 11 AFTER !1 days OMG!@1!1!!!
Drzgon M45&3r zog h44 cefeated his mqster WTF. Dwiredzn 3 advance too level qp afger 11 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Dragon MASTER zog waw HUNTED dpwn by they'g3 MASTER, like, Dqifeesm, for being truant. BRB.
Traveker GushuPuercha h45 bern 5141n jn gorwst by Large TOAD. BRB.
"You know WTF, Travekef GushjPuercha reqlky hdd IT coming to HIM after akk those thkngs I sais aboyt his mom, you khwo," cpmmentwd Largt Toad. BRB.
Traveler GushuPuercha has defeated his mast3r LOL, Gjth to zdvance 2 level 5 aftrr 6 days OMG!@1!1 WOOT!111!
Inboidr MadDpg hqs been soain in forest BY Wyvern. OMG.
"Any last REQUESTS Invoker MadDog????" as,ed WyfernLOL. "Why yws, yot knwo, an Wyvefn Stibbproof vest OMG!!1!1"
Dragon Master zog has dereatef gix naster, you knso, Ceiloth tqo afvznce 5o lefel 9 after 11 days WOOT@!11!!!!
Dfafon Mastef zot has dereated his masterk Ge4rard tp advancd too kevel i AFTER 11 days!!! OMG@!1!1
Farmboy Xanrry hqs chaklenged they're master, DoomBloo, an was pwnt OMG!!1!!
"Next fi,e, like, eat 6ojr Wheaties, sottor," DoomBloom suggestw.
Archange. Miphon encountered stranbe [owerd un da gorest WTF, an was not s4rn agsin.
Archahgrl M8phon jas d3f3r73d his msater, you knwo, Mireraband too advzmce two level 2 zfter 1 d4y OMG!!1!1 WOOT@!11!
body pf Apprentuce Mayhdm was found lykng 1n a empty c13$t1ng. AFK.
Ca!!itlkn has ddr3ated h3r mqster, lkke, Hydraulic Presx too advance too level 5 sfter 1 day!!!1!!
Ca!!itlin has defestes hrr m4573r, soryofk Glynyc 2 advance tpo lebe. 4 afger 1 day1!! WOOT@!11!
Inv9ker Zancne has defezted her MASTER LOL, S3nsei Nodtha 2 afvancf two level 11 aftee 15 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Cs!!it.in had d3f3473c ger mxxter LOL, EauSalde to zdvance ywo 12v31 3 zgter 1 day WOOT@!1q@ OMG!!1!1
Ca1!it'8n haa defeagrd her mastet, V6rts two advqnve goo level 2 afyer 1 DAY!!! WOOT!!11!
Em[dror od Eeela Blexas has DEFEATED his master, Fie 79 sdvance 70 level 4 after # days WOOT!@11! WOOT!!11!
Emperor OF ERELA Blexas was nunted do2n by hhey're master LOL, Fie WTF, f0r being teyqny. WTF.
S5ewardesa Etria y45 ddfeated her m4572e LOL, C3iligh tlo advance too level 9 aftef 25 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Misrress ` OMG!!211atthyx hqs d3f3473d her mastet LOL, Mirerabsnc 5wo acvancw too LEVEL 2 4f73r 6 dayx OMG!!1111!1
Rerve Daisy gzs been aefrated in geh g4aveyard by Tooth FqiryLOL;
"You r dishonorable LOL, Toi4h Faity1!!" Reeve Daisy eties. WTF.
Reeve Daisy naa BEEN slain ih tej foresy by Animated Corpse.
"Either that walopaper goes WTF, oe I d0," d4c14e3d Reeve Daisy. BRB.
Daisy has estned da title Reeve for javkng slqin sa Green Dragon 14 5imes OMG!!1@1
Madzm Daisy HAS slain da yideous creature knpwn as The Green Dragon. WTF. Aol across dz land LOLm oeople eejlice WOOT!@11!
Vullaber Val.eryP g35 bewn s,ain in f0r357 ny Liytle CocobeanLOL.
Little Cocobean eeclar3x, like, "Villager ValkeryP hqs been weighed, like, rhey have beeh measured, sirtog, and thry have b3en found 2antinh. WTF."
Trsveler lolix haa defdated hks maater WTF, Ad9zwyr tw0 advance 2 lwvel 14 zfter 43 DAYS!!! WOOT!!11!
Vi;lahwr ValleeyP has dedeatdd h3r msster, you knwo, EauSalee to) adbance too oevel 3 AFTER 6 dqys!!!!!!
Mi;hon has EARNED 5itl3 Archangel fir gqving slain Gr3en Dragon 84 u1m35!!1
Anbel Miphpn hqs skain da hidro7s crrature knowm as The Gr3en Dragoh/ BRB. Ako acrosw da land, likd, people rejoice OMG!!q!1
Peasant larsal has been resierected by Ramujs. OMG.
Peasant larsal jas been xlain ttaveloing 2 Romar by Lambert teh Sheepish LionLOL.
"You know, sietof, Peasant ,arsal rdally had it coming too him afree all those 6h!hg5 he said aboit MY mom, s9r5of." commentes Lambwrt sa Sh3ep15h Liin. AFK.
Farmboy taxmah HAS 63#n defesred in grafeyard 6y Gn0m3 Necromancer. AFK/
"Ei5ner THAT w411p4p3r goes, pr I do," dwclared Farmbly tazman. AFK.
Farmbiy taxman has been slain 1n aa forest bu Mla8/ WTF/
"This goth 57ck5 4nd b;ows!!1" WAILS Farmboy taxman.
Tezceoer Tajmy has d3f34u3d her master, sortor, to advance two level 6 sfter 15 days WOOT!!q1!1!!
trh body 0f Magostra5e moug was found ly8nb un a em[ty clearinb. OMG.
Sheoherf Rlowilliz, has d3fearee h1t m457ef, yoj knwl, Glynyc to advance two levcl 4 aftef 4 DAYS1!@1!!
She0hetd Zetakus has degeated hix master, sortof, EauSalec too advance too leve. 3 aftrt 2 day WOOT!!1!! OMG!!1!q
Shephdrd Zerak,s has defeated his mast34, s;rtof, Mirdraband 2 4dv4nc3 too lecel 2 aft3r 1 day WOOT!!1!! WOOT!!11!
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