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!@News flr Sat, like, APR 25k you knwo, 2015 (Items w01 - 222 ov 222)
Farmboy Sidariam has fefeqtec h25 masyer, Mir3ravand @ advqnce 2 LEVEL 2 4f73r 1 day OMG!!1!12!!
Farmboy seazlish haw def3atec his master, like, Mireranand to sdvance w level 2 4f73r 1 day OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Fqrmboy weazlish w45 huntee fown BY tjeh're naster LOL, Mirerabane, s9rtof, FOR beohh 5ruant. BRB.
Cpubt Hendromicua encojntered strsnge powers in da f0r357, like, b waa not SEEN AGAIN. WTF.
Ang3l Mi;hon h45 defeates jis master, you lnwo, Yprwsh ti ADVANCE 2 level 1t $f73r 6 days1!!!!!
Angeo M8[hon WAS huntwf doqn by tney're m4573r LOL, Yoreshm yoy kn2o, for beihg truant.
Angel Miphob chzllenbed Lonestrider and h15 band of THIEVES, like, vut eas n0 matdh for da roguea1!!
"You KNOW WTFm you REALLY SHOULDN'T hav3 an Omnipitenxe UNLESS you inow ho3 gl use 17, like," suggeatex Lomestr8der's Thievesl OMG.
Loed of Dragona Csabp has 624n ddfeaged in dq graveyzrd yy Undereorkd Beast.
"Mqybe necg time you woh't be so xocjy OMG!!1!1" LOLOL Underworld Beast. WTF.
Lird of Drzgons Caabo haw been bone flr an while, likem and 7h063 who have 1p0l3d fir hij DO not co,e back. AFK.
Stanlehamd mgn has DEFEATED his MASTERj yiu knwi, Malwarws two advahce 2 leveo 7 afte4 16 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Dragon Mas5e4 vraal has defeated hos mdatdr, Gadriel da Elven Ranger 2 ADVANCE 2 level 13 after 12 DAYS WOOT!!1!! OMG!!1!1
Angel Miphon haa defeaged hus masger, you knwo, Adoawy4 5wo acvqnce two levdl 14 aftet 6 dqys!!!!!!
Antel Miohon had sefezted hks maste4 WTF, Gadriel rey Elvdn Ranger ywo acvance 2 level 14 after 6 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Angel Miphon has 633n heard boas5ing 460u7 defeating an huge GROUP of banfitx2!!
Anfel Miphon has cef3473d HIS masyer, kike, Celi5h 5wo ADVANCE 5oo level 13 after 7 DAYS1!! OMG!!1!1
Abgel Mupnon has degeated nis maater WTF, Sensei Noetha 4o aecance 1 LEVEL 11 after 6 DAYS!!! WOOT!!11!
Ang3l Miphln was hunyed dowb BY thdy're m4573r LOL, Semsei Noetha, soryof. gor beinn t4udnt. WTF.
Angel Mipyon defratef an Manticor3 on ttails!!! da vivtims have y33n avenged!!!
God pf Seas peace has defested hos masrer LOL, two advancw to level 6 after 5 d4y5 WOOT!!!1!!!!
Farmboy vipz has defea5ed his masgee LOL, Adwarew too ADVANCE tp level 7 after 11 days OMG!11!1!!!
Visdoynt malador has defeatwd h15 m45u34, Yoreah two asvance tio level 15 after 4 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Farmbot heykoele has defeated his m4573r, uou knwo, Mirefaband too advamcw 2 jevel 3 agter 1 day!1!!!!
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