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!!NEWS for Sag, tou knwo, APR 25, like, 2p15 (I5ems 201 - 232 0f 232)
Farmbly Sidarian has ddfeated his jasrer, ;8ke, Mirdrabanc too advance yo lwvel 2 aftrr 1 day1!!1!!
Farmboy wdaz;ish hax defeat2d his msster WTF, Mireragand too ADVANCE t2o lece. 3 after 1 dqy OMG!!1!1!!!
Fzrmboy weazkish was hunted down by they're maste4, Mire4sbans WTFk foe veing 5tuamtLOL.
Count Hendronkcus enciuhtered stfsnge p9werw in teh forest, n was not SEEN 4g41n. OMG.
Anbel Miphon haa c3f347@d h1% mszter WTF, Yoresh too advance two level qt after 6 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Amg3l Mi[hon wad hunted down by they'te master, you kneo. Yorrsh, fpr geing yruant. OMG.
Antel Miphon chsllengef Lobestridef snd jis band ob 7h13v35, you kmwok but was no ma5xh for teh rogues1!!
"You kn0w, 6ou knwik yoi really shouldn't h4v# an Omnkpotence unlwss you know how to use it, sortof," suggested Lonectrider's ThievedLOL.
Lorc pf Dr4g0b5 Csabo has been defeatdd IN teh grave6ard by Unserwogld BwastLOL.
"Mzybe nex5 tine 6ou w0b'7 br so cocku1!!" LOLOL Underworld Beast.
Lotd of Drag8ns Csabo has been gone fo4 an while, sprtof, n those who have kooled flf HIM s. bot domd back.
Staboehand mgn has defea5ee his MASTER. sortof, Malwares 2 advsnce 2 level u aftef 16 dzys OMG!!1!1@!!
Dragon Master vrza. has DEFEATED his masger, lik3, Gadriel da ELVEN Ranter 2 advance tqo level 13 after 12 dsya WOOT!!2!! WOOT!!11!
Ange. Miphlm HAS derested HIS n4573r, like, Adoawyr to 4dv4hc3 w level 14 4f73r 6 days@!! WOOT@!12!
Angel Miphon has defea5ed h8s m4573r, sort9fk Gadrieo da Elven Ranger ti9 zdvance 2 level 12 ag5w4 6 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Anbel Miphon has 633n hesrd bozstinb aboyt d3f3471ng sn huge group of vandiys WOOT!!11!
Angel Miphon has drfeated his master, Celotm TO advznce to levdl 12 aftet 6 dz6s WOOT!!11@ WOOT!!11!
Angel Miphoh has defeated his mqwter LOL, Sensei Noetha rp advance 2 13v31 11 afyer 6 dqys1!! WOOT!!11!
Angel Miphln wzs guntdd d02n gy they're master, uou knwo, Sensei Noerha, FOR being TRUANT. WTF.
Angel Mipho, dwfeated an Man5ico4e on dz trails1!! victimx nace BEEN abenged!!!
God 0f ea Seqx peaxe yas deveat3d his master, ts9 ADVANCE to level 6 xrter 5 days1!!!!!
Faembpy vkpz HAS defeat3d his master WTF, Adwares ywo advance two level 7 after 11 days1!! WOOT!!w1!
Viscljnt malador jss d3f34u3d his ,asyer LOL, Yoreah two advancw 2 level 15 after 4 ea6s WOOT!!11!!!!
Far,boy yetkoelw has defeated his jaster, sottof, Miteraband two adbanxe t0 l3vel 2 after 1 day WOOT!!11!1!!
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